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N-dolls-- Miso and Miru discussion part 1

May 11, 2006

    1. I'm getting high heel feet for both my girls.. and some heels too.

      There are high heel optional feet, new sexy high heels to go with them,
      And.. Bad Girls-Good Girls is available from this point on.


      And one of the shoes... torture, this one. I must have them!!

      And these special black and white outfits are now for sale:

      you can see the new default facepaints here:
      "Natural" and "Drama" are available for both Miso and Miru.

      This is a review of two N-dolls, the first to have arrived from Korea ever. There are no box opening shots, so please don't move this to Arrivals (please?!?) They are not for sale- we purchased them from the artist to see before we start her international sales. Everyone always enjoys first reviews, so here is mine.


      Here they are in their box lids. First impression: they are about an inch shorter than Narae, and they are even more slender than Narae, particularly in the waist and hips. When placed next to a Unoa 1.0 girl, they seem very waiflike, with much less volume in the hips, waist, and thighs. They have pronounced hip bones and a graceful stomach curve around the belly button. Their heads are a touch smaller than Narae. I think the sizing might work for Orientdoll Tae.. we will have to do some measurement comparisons, but N-dolls would definitely look more in proportion to his size than Unoa or Narae. In general though, they look adorable with Narae or Unoa girls... almost like a little sister : - )


      Miso has a tooth plate, and a tiny suggestion of teeth and opened mouth. As always, you can move the tooth plate up and hide the teeth. The opening is so small, we weren't even sure at first she had a toothplate. Very versatile for those who don't like open mouths. Easy to close it if you want to.


      Poseability is great-- they have no snappy legs or arms. Heads move in a whole circle and stay where you pose them. Hands and wrists are great-- you can even pose a wrist up or down and it stays. Very stable and can stand nicely on their own. Crossed legs, all kinds of posing possible. I was very impressed with them. They remind me of the dolls from N-dolls' teacher, Bimong!


      what do they fit? Since the waist and hips are more slender, they can't fit bliss jeans or jeans skirts without some taking in of the waist. Shirts and skirts are fine, since they are stretchy. Shoes can be those for Narae or Unoas. Ditto socks. Wigs: will fit a 6/7 like Narae, but a bit loosely. I tried a Hermione wig on one of them, and it was slightly loose, but if you put velcro on the head you're fine.


      Hope you enjoyed my review... ^_^ now ask away if you have any questions.
      First, you can have your dolls painted by the artist. But it is possible to order blank dolls like this.

      News about N-Doll:
      * New web site in English

      If you want to chat about them, this is the place.

      N-Dolls are 43cm sized girls, Miso and Miru.



      They come with either a small or large breast part. Or you can order two breast parts for an added charge.

      YES, they will fit bliss clothing. But because they are slender, the jeans will be too big in the waist unless you take them in.


      ......Mod Note......

      N-dolls-- Miso and Miru discussion part 1:

      N-Dolls (JeongYun P.) Miso and Miru discussion part 2:
    2. Boys? Gee, that is something I don't know. I'll bet she could make some pretty cute boys though : - )

      I'll give you a little scoop.. Limhwa is just finishing up her 43cm boy, Limho.
      I think it means "lion of the forest." Limho is a mature 43cm boy, even more mature than Limhwa 43. I'm dying to see what he would look like next to the other mature 43cm minis.

      When he is ready to show, I'll be sure to post some pics of him. Limhwa is very good at making extremely handsome boys. You know! Really yummy!

    3. These girls are really lovely. Will they ever be available in other skin tones as well as the gorgeous pinky white?
    4. Right now just this skin color is available. I think with the artist-studio dolls, they start out really simply with just one skin tone and a doll or two. I am also asking her to limit sales to only what she can complete comfortably each month. It's not a lot! : - ) But this is how the artists launch their careers and are able to support themselves.

      So she works on her doll orders, and then the rest of her time can be spent creating new dolls and working on her exhibition artwork. The Korean doll artists absolutely adore exhibiting their work and entering in contests.

    5. Do you know about how much they'll cost each with the extra breast part? ^^;

      I've been wanting both of these girls since they were first found by the forum. ^^ I think they even have the same measurements as Unoas, maybe off by just one centimeter for each measurement?
    6. Hi Shana,
      They seem a little more petite than Unoas.. but perhaps a bit less slender than Narae. I ran the measurements through the Googlish machine and here is what I got:
      === body size === 41 cm
      + head circumferences: 15.3 cm (6 inches)
      + necks two [ley]: 6.7 cm + girth: 15.5 cm + waist water scoopers: 12 cm + hip circumferences: 18 cm + fleshy inside of the thigh circumferences: 10.4 cm + kicks: 5.5 cm

      I know "kicks" are feet : - )
      waist water scoopers is a new one to me LOL.. I really should give this to my translator now but this will be a good start I think.

      **Note: I just took a look at the measurements of Miso and Miru compared to Narae, and they are definitely more petite than Narae 43 (they are shorter and more petite overall, though same shoe size I believe). Therefore, I think they are more petite than Unoa as well. It would be nice to have a listing of Miru/Miso, Unoa and Narae side by side, so we can see how they *pardon the pun!* stack up! I'm actually pleased that this artist did a doll which has different measurements, because that way it will give us more variety in our doll families... not having them all exactly the same size! I like it!!

    7. I was taking my measurements off of this:


      Assuming that the measurements go from the head down, then that means that the N-Dolls are only .5 cm difference on the chest, a 2 cm difference on the waist, and a 1 cm difference on the hips. So they'd be thinner, but I wouldn't think by too much. <3

      And I can only assume that those measurements for the N-doll include the small bust and not the large bust.

      Either way, I'll still adore them. But I can only assume that they'll fit fine in things that are sized for unoas. ^_^
    8. The N-dolls are also 41 cm, whereas Unoa and Narae are 43cm. Actually I think that is going to be nice to have some size variety. I think they will be very close to Unoa sized clothing, so I would not worry... main thing is, they are not bigger than Unoas! that would be the hardest.
    9. Boy Catrina these gals are cute! I'm so glad they come with smaller boobies, I'm really turned off by big boobie dolls. Also thanks for showing them without wigs, their faces are gorgeous.
    10. OH I realize why I was so confused reading replies in this thread! They're 41cm and you mention that too, but on the front page (original post) It says they;re 43cm dolls! >O<
    11. Yeah, I know.. I think of 43cm dolls as a sort of category (think: MINI!)
      But among the 43cm dolls, some are 44 cm (Narin) while Narae is 43 cm, and others are around that height but not exactly.....So n-dolls are 2 cm shorter than Narae. I really can't wait because I think they will look really cute in my doll group. If they were all exactly the same height it would be a little less realistic I think :D
    12. *shifty look* *pokes you* please please post pics!

      meanwhile I really really like miru. but I've heard a lot about french resin yellowing, and never paid that much attention before. Is it really that bad?
    13. Ah! *feels stupid* D:
      I never thought of it as catagory! Thanks for clearing that up~
      Yeah, it's nice to see all these different types of dolls :D Each one is so unique <3
    14. Is there anyway we can see them without faceup? That always helps me decide.
    15. this might be a little off topic, sorry ^^;; but for those that were wondering about the clothes, the style is alot like 5deng's clothes: http://www.5deng.net/

      these two are so cute! I'm not usually fond of the smaller mature girls, but those pouty little lips.... they're gorgeous.... o_o;;
    16. Thanks-- I did see 5deng's clothing, and they are so cute! Seems like Aimee ordered some of them, so I wonder if she liked them? I think that N-doll makes her clothing in stronger colors than 5deng. N-doll sews everything herself, so we'll have just a few things rather than a huge lot.

      That's something I learned about Korean artists. They make things in very small batches. :- ) They don't mass produce anything.
    17. Hey! I was randomly looking at this site -- http://www.cyworld.com/leeyounjoo -- for more pictures of LimhwaDoll ForYou and in the gallery, I think I stumbled upon pictures of the Dollkot-style Miso. I'm not sure if it's the same one as the one in Catrina's first, but I think that's a Miso.

      To access the site, you need to allow popups since this homepage is in a popup. ^^;

      To access the gallery:
      There's a series of tabs on the right. Click on the third from the top.
      Now on the left, you'll see a series of text links. Anything above "..........." is not what you want. ^^; You'll want the links below it.

      EDITED: Ok, I'm able to access the page on this computer! Underneath the first "..............."
      3rd link (it has N-doll in the title lol) - 4 pictures of Miso. Comparing them, it is the Dollkot-style Miso from the first post in this thread.
      5th link - That's Miso to the far right.

    18. Those wigs are lovely! Do they fit Narae?
    19. These dolls are so beautiful! I think I'm in love with Miso...

      About the large bust, the original large bust picture posted on the news page for these dolls looks somewhat smaller than the one on the ordering site and the arrivals on this thread. Which one is being used?

      I love big boobies :P
    20. Nah, optical booby illusion I guess... they are one and the same. :D

      If you still need pics, I got two extra bust parts from the artist so I could do a side by side for you.