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Nabarro’s Boys discussion thread - Part 2

May 11, 2019

    1. I am glad to see another head from Nabarro.
      I had no new dolly plans, but ... :sweat


      * DoA database: Nabarro's Boys
      * Resin color comparison by Nabarro here and here.
      * Resin color and size comparison thread here.
      * DoA Wiki: Nabarro's boys

      Previous discussion thread:
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    2. How wonderful to see a new Nabarro thread.

      Yeah, with Nabarro even if you don’t have a plan with the head it is better to just buy it. The prices can really be crazy second hand.
      Did you order white or pink?
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    3. Oh, a new thread! I also ordered a Kalan head in pink (oriental skin). I don't know what I will do with him, but I'll figure out in these two months of waiting!

      Btw, today I asked Nabarro if there's still some Kalan heads left, and yes. It is on stock. Please hurry up if you want a head!
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    4. Part of me wants one, but I'm also in the middle of paying off a big doll purchase and I don't have a plan beyond "Nabarro sculpt pretty"
    5. I don't have a plan per se...or I also now have 2 very different plans...
      I'll just have to see what happens when the head arrives! :chocoheart
    6. @Prinsessen I agree with you. The second hand market is definitely going to take advantage of a new head being out. I ordered mine to be safe.

      I have a few ideas of what I would use my Kalan head for. I'm leaning toward a warrior type character.
    7. The new photos of Kalan are wonderful. It makes me wonder what the faceup I ordered will look like.
      anyone care to share their painted men with a default face?
      :cake: I have cake
    8. I was so excited to see the painted photos too!!! It made me come up with...a third idea. Ahhh, I'll have to wait till the head arrives to see what I end up doing. :doh
    9. Took a photo of Julien today. He's keeping me company while I ignore my shoulder. Lol.
      Hope everyone is doing well! ^___^

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    10. He's beautiful! I like how enigmatic your photo is.
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    11. @Lady Ravenswood He is gorgeous! He had such an intense stare. I love his faceup and styling.
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    12. Looks amazing!
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    13. @ZennoSaji
      Ah, thank you. I'm so happy with how the photo came out. Julien seems to have a personality that just wants out, hehe. He was my D&D NPC. :lol:

      Hehe, yes, he is intense as a character. :sweat
      And I'm so glad you like his styling! I have a lot of fun with him. :chocoheart

      Thank you!! :D
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    14. I got a shipping notice for Kalan! :sumomo:
      So excited.
      Anyone else get good shipping news too?
    15. What good news! I came here to see if anyone had a notice. I have a face-up on mine, so it might take longer although N said 2 months.
      Do you have a body for him yet? @Lady Ravenswood

      I love the minimal version faceup with manly lip color that isn't red and shiny like most male face paints. Volks, can you hear me? wonder what I'll get? there wasn't a choice.
      Looks like there are heads still for sale. unusual for Nabarro, isn't it?

      :cake: waiting for notice. have some cake.
    16. @petiteballerine
      I don't have a body specifically for him yet, as I haven't decided what I want to do exactly with his character. Or...I have too many ideas and I need to pick one. :sweat
      So I'm going to wait until he arrives and see what speaks to me. Hehe.
      I'm very curious to see what the faceups from Nabarro will be too!

      This is the largest order Nabarro has done for heads, isn't it? There was also a long break between when the last head was released and this head. I was wondering about there still being heads available too. I hope they all sell and Nabarro can continue to make more heads.
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    17. I got a shipping notice for my head too! Looks like we are both eagerly waiting now @Lady Ravenswood XD To think that he will be here in a week or two has me jumping. I'm going to try my head on a demiurge body I got otherwise it will be time to hunt.

      @petiteballerine I hope your head gets shipped soon too. With all the blank heads going out then Nabarro can focus on your faceup at least :3
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    18. Me and my friends also got shipping notice. I can’t wait to see him irl and try bodies on him. I have a clear idea of his character and already has his outfit home, but I am still unsure of body.

      @Lady Ravenswood Yes, it is the largest order. Kalan has 100 heads and Sumner is second place with 80 heads. The orders seem to get a little larger every time - probably in an attempt to meet demand but still not make a crazy amount of heads that cannot sell.
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    19. I just ordered Kalan, he will be my first Nabarro boy.
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    20. @DominiqueB congratulations! Have you thought of what you will style him as?