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NABIYETTE fairy - 5.5cm

Sep 18, 2010

    1. She's a new tiny 5 .5" in height, perfect for a dollhouse. Her knees are double jointed, so they pose beautifully, and no kickyness!

      Head circumference: 10.2cm (4")
      Eye size: wearing 8mm acrylic
      Comes with default faceups

    2. Hi Ashley. ^_^ Is the body available separately? Do you know if any existing doll clothes fit her?
    3. I can see if anyone wants the head, I may be able to sell the body to you later on. Most clothing for Banji, Moona and elf doll tinies should fit. :)
    4. Thanks for the quick reply. :3 A couple more questions for you... Do you know if a BBB/RS tiny head would fit your body? Also, are you only selling her in the colors listed on the order page, or are the Dark Tan/Chocolate, Sky Blue, Red, and Grey also available?

      I made a hybrid with my Nabiya body and an RS head and I just love her! Really happy with her body and would love to get a new body for my little one from you too. :3 Not that your heads aren't adorable (they are!), they just don't fit my characters. >.<;
    5. Actually, you can preorder those colors, but they will not be in stock. It's only available for preoroders. I'm sorry, but I don't have any BBB/RS tiny heads to fit, but I can ask if they do for you tonight and I'll get back to you as soon as I get an answer.
    6. They are absolutely beautiful! I love the downturned ears. How much will you be selling them for?
    7. Oh cute! Great job!
    8. Glad you like her! Thank you!
    9. Well...it's not likely to happen...but I am REALLY hoping to scrounge together the money to order one of these darlings before the pre-order is over! Yep...trying to scrounge $180 in 5 days..not likely, but a girl can hope, can't she?
    10. I put a dark tan Nabiyette on layaway today!! My Bracken and Catsy will have another playmate.
    11. Divadionne: Please, be sure to share lots and lots of pics when ever she gets home! Especially for those of us not sure we can actually afford this little lovely at the moment. ^-^
    12. I definitely will. I am so excited about her. She is so cute!
    13. sorry to be late with answering questions. I asked Denis, but he hasn't answered back yet.
    14. Hi Raesha,
      I got the reply back from Denis. No, they will not match. He said Nabiyette bodies are thinner (skinnier), and neck will not fit the socket of bobobie's tiny. As for the skin tone, yes I can order any colors you want.
    15. I just placed my Nabiyette order! I'm SO excited! The names I'm toying with right now are Sweetpea and Foxglove. I want her to have a purple wig, and sparkly purple eyes...and I'll be adding purple to her face-up, too! I'll also be making her some wings, and clothing out of silk flowers and ribbon! So much planning to do, and so many materials to gather before it's time for her to ship!
    16. I'd *love* to get a nabiyette... I'm hoping I can order her for Christmas. She's so cute.
    17. Oh, that surprises me. ^_^;; I thought they would work together. Thanks for inquiring about the fit, I appreciate it. :3 I found another head for her anyway, though. I've got a SleepingElf Coco on order, also in dark tan. I'm going to swap their heads and have a fat Nabiyette and a skinny Coco! XD
    18. Well, we are now in November, so I'm REALLY hoping these little lovelies are shipped out from being cast on time! Im getting VERY excited for my girl to come home!

      Edit to add: I hope their 3/4 size wigs will fit, too! Seeing as I already bought one for my girl! It's a faux fur, and so soft and pretty! I hope it fits, and looks as gorgeous on her as I think it will!