Nakana Workshop Discussion

Dec 7, 2022

    1. I know there is a waiting thread but I thought this would be friendly, too.

      Nakana Workshop

      They also have an Etsy, and the usual social media offerings.

      1/3 Bust stands (male and female)

      1/3 heads (various) - Liv, Liv (sleeping), Panya, Yvonne, Cassia, Lina, and Arlo

      56cm "femal" body - I'm going to assume they meant female there

      I just ordered a Lina head so I'm excited! Would love to see owner pictures. I have seen some around the gallery over the past year or so, hopefully some of those people still own their lovelies.
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    2. I don't own one yet, but I have future plans for a Yvonne head! Lina has also stolen my heart, but I don't know what I'd do with her, I don't have an open place in my plans for another big girl, but there's just something about her face that really piques my interest. I'll be looking forward to lurking around in here and seeing your Lina when she arrives! Are you going to make a post in the unboxing section?
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    3. I recently found them and I’m sooooo in love with the classical faces :D I’ve only just started dipping back into 1/3 dolls after the first few I owned were wildly different sizes and they didn’t really fit together- No plans to get one of those beautiful girls, but all the same I’m eagerly waiting to see how they look next to other dolls!
    4. Ive been considering buying the male bust stand to hold a temp head until i can afford his body, and maybe get Arlo to stay on the bust stand afterwards. He’s very handsome and i keep finding myself drawn to him.
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    5. I don't think I've ever done an unboxing, but I'll certainly post photos when she arrives. Since I heard Nakana resin trends yellow I ordered the (old) white. So not the paper (new) white.

      I actually reached out to the artist before I ordered and they said this back to me:

      "I'm glad to know that you like my work!
      The normal skin tone is indeed close to the skin color of volks, and the white is close to the white of the older version of volks.

      By the way, maybe for reference. The tan skin color refers to soom's light tan, but slightly more yellowish"

      So something to keep in mind for people who want to hybrid!
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    6. They’ve mentioned they are in process to make a male body. I decided to wait on that and got male bust stand for my male head:3nodding: I have Yvonne in NS, closed eye Rati in NS and open eye Rati in W. I just love them so much.
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    7. Oh good, I was hoping they’d make a male body. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news! And your collection sounds delightful as well.
    8. Has anyone ever ordered from them off Etsy?
    9. I ordered my Yvonne and body from Etsy before I knew they had their website. :) Did you have question about it??
    10. just wanted to know what the experience was like, I’m contemplating getting one of the heads in stock instead of ordering from the site
    11. Ah gotcha. They put a clear note that they are all made to order. You can't list nonexistent product on Etsy. But they do ship one fast if they happen to have a product actually "in stock" :)
    12. I generally try to order from sites directly when I can, too, since Etsy takes a cut of what goes to the artist. They get more money if you buy from their own site.
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    13. Me too :3nodding:
    14. I got a male bust stand for my male head. They said they are working on male body so he is gonna sit on the sand for as long as it takes. I have a high expectation for their future male body for looking realistic, mature (built but not overly muscular) all without being too tall to match my other Nakana dolls. Bust stand already has the physic. I'm planning on making him something to dress over the bust stand meanwhile :)
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    15. Hi! I am considering getting their 1/3 body for a hybrid with a MDR Fang head. How do you find its posing to be? Do they sit well?
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    16. So, I would suggest comparing neck sizes. I have an Yvonne and a MDR Olathe. My Olathe has a rather tiny neck hole and just barely works with an SD10 Suwarricco body I have her on. My Yvonne, on the other hand, has a massive head. It fit the impldoll and supia ballerina bodies really well. My Olathe basically sat on the neck holes of both.

      Not sure how Fang would compare, but definitely wanted to give you a heads-up!