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Name an item you wish you got before it was rare or not as expensive

Jun 19, 2021

    1. For me personally I wish I got into the hobby sooner than now. For some reason I am OBSESSED with finding the Halloween devil 2014 wings. I don’t mind them being expensive,. But finding them is very hard. Typing a lot or things with bjd sometimes doesn’t register in Google. Which sucks.

      what about you? What sculpt or accessory you wish you were around for or bought that you cannot get now
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    2. I am so regretful that I didn't get a Dollzone Gill when I got my Dollzone Ina before the big discontinue. They belong together.
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    3. I wish I had gotten the Delf Moon T0T He was a basic doll, but then he got discontinued, and is hard to find now. And when you do find him, he is either in poor condition, modded, or has a gorgeous but very specific and unique faceup that would be a shame to wipe ( a faceup that does not remotely suit the character you'd want for him).
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    4. Feeple Sionna. Fortunately I got her after a while. But the one im obsessed with is minifee Siean…, Hopefully some day I’ll find her.
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    5. IOS Sebastian (Black Butler). . . Did not even know he was a thing until after the second pre-order was completed and they have not made him available since. Finding him secondhand is almost impossible and I bet his asking price would be too expensive for me to justify anyway.
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    6. I wish I'd been able to pick up the Dolls House itabag for BJD's! I'm keeping an eye out for any resales, but AFIK it was a pretty limited run. If I'm gonna spend that much on a clear-front bag, might as well use it to show off my favorite things, yk?
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    7. I took 8 years off from this hobby and during that time Amadiz Beauty/Studio came into being and I missed all their wonderful clothing. Especially the Marie antoinette lingerie. Ugh.
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    8. Black Box Foo Dou.

      Found out about this one at the end of the ordering time. But I had just payed for a customised art doll.

      Not gonna lie, I rather have this art doll and I would never ever trade it for anything else... but I would LOVE to own a foo dog BJD for years. And I never thought a company would make foo dogs. And then Black Box randomly did. Just not at the time I could afford them.

      So this one is kinda frustrating for me.
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    9. I would love to have a limited Soom or Gem of Doll. I absolutely love fantasy dolls but I always seem to miss when they are selling the ones I want and it's so hard to find them second hand cause they sell so quickly. I've been on the hunt for Soom Roxen and Mylo for years now but can only find them as humans without the fantasy/missing fantasy parts. :/ Breccia would have to be my holy grail. <3 I just recently found Gem of Doll and holy moly they are gorgeous. I haven't looked at all their dolls but their Gem 27 Toby is so pretty and the eyes! <3 Too bad I just put a different doll on layaway. T^T
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    10. DD Rin Kagamine used to sell for under her Volks price unused on Mandarake. I didn't have an income then so I didn't buy her.
      She's like double Volks' original price now that I have an income! I think Volks finally ran out of them. I'm not that desperate so I'll keep admiring from afar, but some kind of a rerelease isn't impossible either.
    11. I joined the hobby very late, but that would be most of Volks dolls.. Alice for sure that I still didnt get her yet and another Shinku :aeyepop::aeyepop::aeyepop:
      Also, souldoll Tarot 17 Star Charlotte not even I can see owner pictures :nowords:
    12. Ringdoll Sigrdrifa full set. I wasn't in the hobby when that came out so I missed it, and now the sculpt is discontinued before I could afford it too! Sad times. :sigh
    13. Luts released zuzu delf Journey to the West dolls when I was taking a break from the hobby, and I'm gutted because that's one of my favorite stories and I've never seen any of them for sale on the secondhand market anywhere.
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    14. Soom sard w/ animal parts. :u
    15. I hope so too!! :D
    16. I fell you on the Sionna. When she came out, I looked at her, thought she was pretty, but also that she was so stylized I wouldn't be able to do much with her. It was only after looking at a lot of owner pics, long after the ordering period was over, that I realized yes, I do have ideas for what to do with her if I got one. But by then it was too late.
    17. Doll Chateau Jodie. When I ordered him, DC informed me that he was discontinued.

      I'd been putting off ordering him for months, as there was no sign of any dolls on the DC site being discontinued, and other things (wigs, eyes, shoes) kept swallowing my doll money. If I'd known, I'd left some of my other dolls barefoot and bald and I would have ordered him in time!!!

      Actually so far I've been really lucky finding dolls I missed out on, but so far Jodie has escaped me. :XD:
    18. For me, it’s clothes. When I started the hobby, Tripp style pants and wide leg jeans were in. Now most of what I find is skinny jeans, which are good for most of my crew, but I have a girl now who wants the wide legs jeans and flare jeans, and a boy who would totally wear Tripp pants. They’re so hard to find and I regret selling all of mine ages ago.
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    19. Doll in mind Bellosse and pretty much every dim sculpt ever :(
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    20. Apparently Dollmore used to sell coffin shaped doll carriers back in the day and hnngh that would've been so perfect for my guys. The closest I can find now would only fit my 1/4s after I pad them out, but man I wish I'd been around for all the "goffik" stuff that the hobby was swamped in.
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