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Naming and creating characters, how does it work for you?

Dec 22, 2010

    1. Hello,

      I would like your thoughts on character creation and naming.

      Would you, if you had just one doll, but a few different styles of wigs, name each character (doll + one of the wigs) with a separate name?
      Or are you more for naming the doll and letting the wigs be accessories?

      The reason I'm asking is because I own one doll, but feel like with every different wig, they style of clothing/character of the doll would be different. Thus it could be possible to give multiple names to one doll, depending on the wig she is wearing.

      Please discuss freely, the process and guidelines for naming you use.
    2. For me, each doll is an individual, and this doesn't change if I change their wig or clothes. I don't think I'd be able to bond if the doll itself didn't have a set personality. Now my dolls do have individual styles and things they will wear/not wear, and if I deviate to far from that it will feel out of character. Sometimes it also takes awhile to figure out 'who' a doll is, and I have several that have been several different people since I've gotten them because I haven't figured it all out yet. Likewise, I may choose to let a character go after awhile in favor of using the body for someone else.

      So the upshot is that it's one personality per doll at a time, but over time it is possible for the personality or character to be changed.
    3. I agree with Taco.

      For me, my doll has his set character. Some things appeal to that character and some things do not. Just by changing a wig, for me, his character is not changed in the slightest and I usually end up going back to his original wig because that is what I picture when I think of him.

      But again, this is my preference. It all depends on your own views of characterization.
    4. I've given different names to one character before, but I find that somewhere, they all become different facets of that same one character. Different wigs and eyes can radically alter a dolls appearance though, and I have to say, it is a pretty interesting idea. For me personally though, my dolls would eventually revert to the character they started off as- it always happens because my dolls tend to be the characters. The resin just makes them tangible. Still, it does make pictures fun, and certain story-lines are possible that way that wouldn't be otherwise.
    5. @ Taco and VirteousSanity13
      Mmm, I see your point. It's like people, who wear costumes, are still the same person inside.

      @ Teruchan
      I guess I'll be testing out the different wigs until I can decide on the look I like best. Tho I am afraid I'll just end up developing a cosplaying/wig loving character out of her <<;
    6. In my cases they definitely have a set name and character, but I would certainly say it could be possible to have a doll with more than one personality. Or to have one that enjoys cosplay and wigs! I do have one who changes his appeareance frequently, so he has a lot of wigs, and will end up with two default sets of eyes :sweat. But underneath he's the same guy. :)
    7. For me, it'd be one and the same character, no matter what hair / eyes / face-up they are wearing.
      Mostly it's because they are shape-shifters to begin with (apart from two dolls), but also because I tend to experiment with the looks when the doll first arrives until I find the perfect one. During this period, the doll can change eye color and style (normal or fantasy eyes), hair color, wear different types of clothes etc. So even if I change the doll's appearance after a while, I still consider them the same character.

      OT @ Teadesu: You're from the same country as I am ^___^
    8. @Lady-kitsune , also OT !! Oh Hi! I have noticed you around in the forums! Couldnt decide if I should message you and say hi or not. n_n;;

      On topic- Yeah, it's my first doll ever. I mainly want to name her since I feel silly referring to her as just "doll" or "she". I wanted a name that would represent her well enough. But then I got thinking about the different looks one can achieve with one body and different accessories.
    9. If you want your doll to have different names with different wigs or
      outfits/costumes then don't worry about how other owners name
      their dolls XD I think it's perfectly acceptable, because it's your doll,
      to give her multiple identities etc. Your doll could, for example, be an
      Actress thus taking on different personas. It doesn't quite seem that
      your doll has a "set" character yet? Most of the comments saying no
      they can't imagine having different names are from owners who have
      a set character for their doll, often the character came long before
      they found the right doll to fit it, so it makes sense they wouldn't want
      to give their doll more than one identity.
      The main point of our dolls is to enjoy them! So if giving your doll more
      than one name or character makes sense to you then you should do exactly
      that. :D
    10. @ Lula78
      Yeah, you caught me! I haven't got a character made up for her at all. I have been a fan of BJD-s for years, and I love the "making clothes for them" aspect the most. So I didn't focus on thinking up a character before buying her. I mean, I did look at which doll felt the most sympathetic and inspiring, but I didn't limit my search with personality or specific traits.
    11. I think it can work. I've seen people develop stories where a single doll has a kind of multiple personality thing going, complete with a new look with each new personality. Also, I think it would be really interesting to try having multiple, completely separate characters inhabit the same doll body, almost like a method actor becoming different people. Imagine a Minimee of Johnny Depp being a Mad Hatter one day and Captain Jack the next, all depending on the costume (and the owner's mood). ;)
    12. Katyok, I know this is out of topic, but what you mentioned really reminds me of a manga/anime called "Glass mask".
      I am sure it is possible to make separate characters, at least at first. Once I know every angle of the doll, I'll surely find what kind of a range of emotions she can have. Which will help deciding on the main character elements. n_n
    13. As a writer, my "important" dolls are based off my established ocs, and I always feel the need to create a new character if I consider a doll that I have no predetermined character for.

      On the flip side, I would really love a bjd I could just "mess around with," and not care about what the character would want. Buying whatever clothes I think would look good on it, whatever wigs, constantly changing the look, etc etc.

      So I totally think a doll could be multiple personalities at once, depending on it's look. You don't even really need a character for her if you're not that kind of person. A lot of doll owners just happen to be writers or artists who have ocs, but that doesn't mean everybody else has to. :)
    14. In Kori's case, the wigs are mostly accessories. He's still the same character for me through it all, whether he have short blue hair or long caramel hair. Sometimes he'll seem a little "different", but its not a complete character change. If that makes sense..I've been thinking of changing his eyes but I have no idea if doing so would affect his character at all.

      Kori's my muse though. He changes and evolves just like I do.

      On the flip side though, I do have set in stone characters. Like Paris and Robin whom I write/draw with. Their characters developed in my mind and as such their doll forms will fit those characters, not changing much at all over time. Same eyes, same hair (unless a story line involves some crazy hair cut of some sort), same style.
    15. I've thought about this before, since years ago, when I first decided I would definitely have a doll some day, I had a character in mind. As the years passed, I've had several, and by the time I ordered my first doll, I was no longer sure who it was meant to represent, so I 86'd them all out of my head and just let the doll become it's own character in my head, ordering several pairs of eyes and wigs along with him. Now, with the help of some idle day-dreaming, Tevy has taken on a personality and a background, and there are surrounding characters that are demanding their own doll forms. It happened rather organically for me, despite the fact that I did fret in the beginning over having a doll that was more or less a hollow shell. Tevy does have a wig that is all his. I have a few others that I pop on him now and then just for the hell of it, but none bring him and his character to life for me the way his core wig does. I do have plans to get him a fur wig of a similar color and length, so that I'll have something more malleable to work with -and also so that I can get his hair out from over his right eye for a change. >_<- But I have no doubt in my mind that he will always be a red-head with green eyes. Unless Tevy, the character, decides to put in contacts, or play around with hair-dye.

      As for Isshi, he is a LE full-set, which, surprisingly reflects his character. I had a vague outline of what his character would be like in my mind before making my -impulse- purchase, although I had no idea that it would be the right shell for him. As it turned out, the character developed in a way that reflected the mold, possibly as a result of buying it in the first place, and I couldn't be happier. Some aspects of the mold actually added to the possibilities of the character, and without them, I don't think he would've turned out half as interesting. To be honest, I do plan on keeping everything he came with, since he is a limited edition, and I definitely want to keep his face-up, but his clothes have already been changed, and I plan on getting him a wardrobe sooner or later. And his wig that he came with is perfect for him, except for an attachment at the back that just sort of puts me off. So I plan to find him a wig that is very similar, only without that piece. At the core of it, I suppose I am definitely one of those who feel like one character should belong to one doll.
    16. I guess for me, i see wig swapping and eye swapping as kind of alomst like a preson coloring their hair or getting contacts since my dolls embodie oc's of mine. They're still the same character, they've just gone and gotten a "dye job" XD
    17. With mine, each doll gets one character, and thus one name. I don't really change eyes, but wig changes don't change my dolls' personalities.

      I do have a faceplate that I pretty much just got to play with, though. She's got a name, but gets dressed and faceupped to suit my mood, so I can have her cosplay whatever character I like at the time.
    18. Vince's character is pretty set. He has a main wig, but he wears other wigs without major changes to his personality. (he's kind of a wig-thief, he's already borrowed Maurice's only wig, and tried on one of my sister's...)

      Of course, Vince is into dressing up, so having/wearing a bunch of wigs really goes with his character. Some of my planned dolls only have one wig that would really be in character for them, or a couple in the same colour so they could have a 'haircut' or a different style, without changing their overall look too much.

    19. When I get a doll I don't really say, "what do I want this girl to be." I've noticed that people like myself who do face ups have a signature look in their art. Little tweaks here and there but ultimately the same foundation (no make up pun intended). Kinda like you can tell it's a Surat vs. a Vangough.

      On the character........ It's like what Mr Miagi said to Daniel Leruso. Cutting Bonzai.... it's not about what you want the tree to be but what the tree tells you it is.

      So when creating a custom art piece, it just happens for me. The clothes and hair are just accessories. They are tertiary to the overall look I'm doing.

      The name is the same. I just name them. Usually the trend is a play on words combining some of my favorite things: figure skating, gymnastics, and food.

      Maybe it's because I'm hungry and haven't eaten all day or it's because figure skating and gymnastics have over loaded my dvr and are playing in the back ground whilst I face up.

      Here's a name I gave one of my custom blythes

      Salé Chow - (MOd MOlly Custom)*
      This time it's a figure skating, food, triple Jump; combination. *
      Named after the famous Canadian pairs figure skater Jamie Salé and a pun on words (the figure skating jump called a Salchow invented by Ulrich Salchow)
      I created her during Halloween so it was kinda serendipitous since petits fours "salés" means salty or Savoury In French


      Lucinda Roux Who (5StarDoll Mia)

      Named after Lucinda Ruh, the famous Swiss Figure skater and my personal favorite. Even though she didn't win a medal in a World or Olympic Championships, she stole my attention with her flexibility and spins. *She set a Guiness Book of world records for doing the most spins on one foot (115 revolutions).

      The Who is well.....because she's from Whoville *or at least looks like Cindy Lou Who

      My spelling of Roux is a cooking term. *It's fat or butter used as a thickening agent for stews and gravy. Asians use Cornstarch

      So in short everything crazy happens after I create. *
    20. But I never change their names just their clothes and hair. Some have gotten a new wig, reroot, or set of clothes or new face up, and body.......... But their names remain the same (I don't wanna seem Bipolar or pull a Wynonna Ryder).

      I think though, I try to make it as elusive as possible. I think great art has no specific character. I love looking at pics of dollies like the Mona Lisa. I like saying what was he thinking when he did that? What was his mood? She looks happy or does She looks sad?