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Naming dolls and keeping sculpt names

Feb 10, 2019

    1. I was feeling curious and I’m not sure if someone else’s has posed this question, but I figured I’d give it a swing! But when naming dolls, how many people will give their doll the name of the sculpt? Or are people more inclined to give their doll a personal name? I’d love to hear some opinions! :3nodding:

      For me, I have named the dolls I bought something unique, except for when I ordered Clover and Ruby from April Story, for some reason I couldn’t separate the names! (Due to April Story controversy I probably won’t recieve them unfortunately, but I still hope to find them secondhand maybe, but I feel like I would still keep the names!)
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    2. I've never kept any sculpt names for my dolls. I feel that they need to have personal names to really be mine, if that makes any sense. Also, a lot of the sculpts I have, have weird names, so I just can't bring myself to keep them.:lol:
    3. I usually name mine, nut I have one doll that is a one off fullset so I kept the sculpt name for her ^^
    4. One of my dolls have kept the sculpt name because he looked like the original name. He had a different name in my stories, but I had to change it. All the others have a name I've given them.
    5. A few of my dolls have kept the sculpt name, so far. I collect dolls more because I like the way they look. They’re like art pieces to me, not really characters, so often, I don’t really find a name I like as much. The only exception is when I think the name is too strange. For example my Pong2 and Nanuri17 both have unique names because their sculpts were more like descriptions as opposed to names, imo.
    6. I always give them their own names, it makes them more unique that way.

      Except for the last doll I got, I kept her sculpt name as it seemed to fit her personality.
    7. Sometimes a sculpt has a name I really like and I’m tempted to keep it, especially since it takes me forever to choose names & I spend MONTHS referring to them by their sculpt, but some part of me feels wrong about it. Not sure why.

      And at some point I was planning a character named Luka (which I dropped & never got a doll for), and I was thinking of a unoa girl at first, but then I realized minifee luka would be a good pick and I really really didn’t like that xD
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    8. Unless I've picked out a name long before it comes home, the poor doll is forever stuck with the company name because that's what I've been calling it in my head for months. On the other hand, if I've already named it before it comes home, that's the one it keeps - to the point where I sometimes eventually forget the original sculpt name. :sweat
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    9. I always name my dolls - it makes it feel like it's my personal doll rather than just any [insert sculpt name here]. I also really enjoy the hunt for the perfect name when I find a new doll. I have a list of names I like - when I manage to match one to a doll it makes me more excited about them.
      The only time the sculpt name would be kept is if that the doll fit a already named character and it just so happened to be the name of the sculpt too.
    10. I'm terrible at names and it takes me forever to find the right one, but still my dolls never keep their sculpt names. When they're nameless I just refer to them as "The Narae" or "My Mousse," that sort of thing. I guess I tend to view sculpt names as more like descriptors than names in and of themselves. Currently I have more nameless dolls than named ones, but I'm working on getting individual names figured out for everyone. A slow process but a rewarding one in the end. (For instance "my mousse" is currently having "Amanita" and "Morel" thought over, while other dolls have longer lists of potential names in the running still.)
    11. I've given mine their own names. Though my Rens I was going to keep her name Rens until I got her custom accessories, then her name came to me. There's nothing wrong with keeping sculpt names though if you think it fits them :)
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    12. My dolls have personal names, but I was very tempted to actually call Dollchateu Colin by sculpt name. The name suited him in my opinion and I had no previously existing character for him. He was impulsive buy -- to buy a doll without long planning is unusual for me.
    13. I only kept one sculpt name, my Granado Michael. I feel it suits him, and his character is an angel, so...

      All my other dolls have names I chose for them. Well, I do have a couple unpainted floating heads I call by their sculpt names, but when they get bodies and faceups, I'm sure their true names will come to me.
    14. I kept the sculpt name for my first doll because I had no character in mind for him. He's a Ringdoll Carlos but most of the things I have named have always had Latino or Hispanic names, so it just seemed to work for him.
    15. My dolls get named as their original sculpt names are often strange. Naming dolls is a big part of the fun of getting a new doll. Unless something pops into my mind, I find myself searching names associated with certain nationalities until one calls to me for a specific doll.
    16. Usually, I have named characters way before I have the doll to represent them, so I've never kept a sculpt name. Most often, I start thinking of them as the name I give them the moment I decide to buy. Occasionally, I've come up with a character for a sculpt during the wait for them to come home.
    17. I might keep the sculpt name, it’s Chloe and I like it! But I have been looking up similar names or names with a similar meaning just in case I decide not to keep the name.
    18. I think in my case it would be odd to keep a sculpt name. My first BJD would otherwise have just been named Hound, which would probably be a bit silly. :)

      My Williams is probably the only one that got close to his sculpt name; he ended up being called Willington, or just Will for short. And funny enough, after he had a wig change, he looks not too unlike Captain Harlock, just with both of his eyes, so he did end up retaining some of the "pirate" persona, just in a different fashion.
    19. My Angel Fantasy Alice kept her sculpt name because the name just fit. I was also tempted to keep my Minifee Sircca's sculpt name but another name called out to me first.

      I'm not opposed to naming dolls after their sculpts, especially if the name fits after you've personalized them!
    20. I enjoy naming my dolls. It's subtle, but they all have a theme. By changing from their sculpt to the names I choose, they become mine and part of the group.