[Namonaki Workshop] Discussion

Nov 28, 2013

    1. At first I was all 'dang son what even is there to discuss' - but then my pupils dilated and I looked to the stars and I whispered 'what isn't there to discuss. . . . . . . '

      But seriously; questions, comments, assorted pictographic miscellany - discuss away!
    2. I'm really impressed with the detail. I find the prospect of owning a middle aged man doll tantalizing. Unfortunately 1/3 scale is too big. I don't have room for a doll of that size in my tiny military barrack like dorm room. Still maybe smaller models will come out in the future? I'm really looking forward to seeing what else these guys can produce. Maybe a middle aged woman? More men? I'm pretty excited so far.
    3. it's cillian murphy and mads mikkelson?! so bizarre! they really are the spitting image.
    4. Wow! The heads look really incredible!
      Definitly a well-done job in sculpting <3
      Gratulations -^^-
    5. @tuna-chan
      I was thinking the exact same thing! xD

      The sculpts are very interesting and different, I like them.
      Awesome job. :)
    6. I kind of like him, and I'm excited for the prospect of finally getting some older sculpts! I've still got one character to shell, and this is the closest I've found yet, but I'm not sure if he's exactly the face I'm looking for. I might decide to go for it just to see how it works out, but I'm not sure how big the Soom SG bodies are. If the heads will look silly on a 60-63cm body, then it won't work for me, unfortunately. All the mature guys around are on the super-tall bodies, which makes me sad ;_;
    7. Really like these sculpts a lot. Which body would be best? Would there be a good resin match with any company?
    8. Thank you for all the kind words! Debating changing the title of this thread to 'discussion and middle-aged men fan club', lol.

      StacheRabbit - We're currently working on a 47cm male, and we have WIPs of him kind of haphazardly around our facebook page. But compared to a standard MSD, he's more like a small SD - his body is very big and bulky. YMMV? We don't have current plans for anything smaller than that, and whether or not we create some female sculpts will depend on the success of Mikkel and Murph.

      Edtel - Regrettably, I only have larger males in my collection so I would not be able to give you any input on how the heads would look on a 60cm~63cm body. But, the Soom SG body is 65cm. Mikkel is a smaller head at 7''~8'' around, so in theory he'd work out well enough - but Murph is a little larger at 8''~9'' and putting him on a smaller body might make him look unnervingly bobble-headed.

      cyberspacegirl - 65cm~70cm bodies with a neck circumference of around 10.5cm would be ideal for these guys. Our Fleshtone matches Soom from 2010 and 2011 and Dollshe Oriental, our Pale Fleshtone matches Dollshe Fresh, and our White is stark paper white.
    9. Thanks PegasusxCroquet

      Hm I have an OS Dollshe body...
      Are they cast by Dollshe?
    10. ugh i love Murph his eyes are so gentle he looks like a human version of a this humanoid alien character I have
    11. Finally there is a company to produce eldery BJDs. Are you gonna make elderly bodies in the future? (fat belly body or wrinkled hand parts maybe?) :)
    12. I loveee the idea of older heads and bodies... I've been looking for them for a while and the only other company who does it is Souldoll (to some extent)
    13. I'd love to see Murph and Mikkel with some face up and can't seem to find pics anywhere! Any owners willing to share some?
    14. The details on these dolls are so intricate x3 I'm fascinated by more realistic dolls ~
    15. I have been following you with great interest on DeviantArt. There is some excellent work coming out. Lots of character and a good likeness. Also liking the move towards realistic texture. A realistic sculpt benefits greatly from that.

      But, middle aged? Cillian Murphy is only 37. :lol: *hobbles off on Zimmer frame*
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    16. I knew instantly that was Cillian Murphy. No one else has that face. Amazing. [​IMG]
    17. Thank you so much for the compliments, everyone!

      We're really glad to hear the textured surface of our dolls is going over well - we were a little worried about how people would feel about it, but thought that, yep, a textured surface would lend itself better to the more realistic works we were hoping to produce.

      Sadly we haven't seen any owner pictures of finished dolls that we can share. We're really hoping that changes some time soon! But in the meantime, we're working on getting some of our dolls finished up properly. \o/
    18. The only thing I'm worried about is the quality of the work with a faceup. Not all of this is due to texture. I'm going to critique this sculpt as I love it, but have a few concerns. This is coming from someone who sculpts dolls and does extensive mod work so I'm sensitive to sculpt perfection.

      I'm not trying to be a jerk, especially as someone who hand sculpts it's really difficult to mimic companies like Iplehouse who use all computer generated symmetry for their sculpts. Symmetry is just more attractive to the human eye, and when we're talking dolls here. We like dolls because they're aesthetically pleasing to us.

      This disambiguation of my sculpt assessing is really thorough.


      This is just one for general symmetry I rotated the pic first off.

      A. Bottom lobe extends lower ( I also realized my line for the top ear isn't perfectly straight so the right ear may be a little smaller.

      B. the entire tip is off centered and uneven

      C. the chin shaping is uneven

      D. Right eye is much thinner and longer than left eye.

      E. Left nostril is higher, also the nose is slightly off center.


      1. The bottom of the lid that touches the eye directly is not smooth. This bothers me as this part is even in all humans

      2. this carved line hasn't been tended to properly and is jaggedy

      3. VERY uneven part of lid that touches eye (this is the part of the lid that touches itself when the eye is closed).

      4. There's a large dented area here (zoom to see or look at orig)

      5. When you indent into something soft like clay, with the indention you make, there's a part of the clay that is displaced on the ridges. This part of the clay has not been properly handled after this displacement has happened, wrinkles are usually rounded out on the sides on a human face.


      The ear in all of the numbers here has a LOT of clay that was not cleaned properly and thus turned into resin chips as seen in 8 and 9, 9 appears to have this ridge that looks like a crack or fold. The ear also shows intentions that are too deep and not "texture" as seen in 6.

      7. Back of headcap needs fixing to be even.

      10. Very concerning to me, the eye does not properly rest in the channel as there is a gap between the channel and the lid.

      If you look at side views of humans you can see the eye fully meets the lids, and that the area I mentioned is smooth even in older individuals. I would re-evaluate these areas if I were the sculptor on this project as I don't think they will take a faceup well or leave a good end result for an otherwise beautiful sculpt.
    19. I first saw Namonaki Workshop's heads on DA and The Joint and thought it would be very interesting to face-up such a realistic head, since I've already painted a lot of Minimees and other almost realistic sculpts. Murph's sculptor was also very eager to see one of his heads painted, so he gave me on of his junk heads for free to get creative on. Murph spent some weeks travelling and only arrived in Germany a couple of days ago. I gave him a face-up right away:

      [​IMG]Namonaki Workshop Murph by eviexm, on Flickr
      This photo is taken in daylight and straight from my camera. No enhancements whatsoever.
      I love how he turned out. He was great fun to paint. I smoothed the areas around the eyes an the lips a bit. The junk head has a strange color, so I blushed him quite a bit to look like a light tan. What I'm also trying to say is: I cannot answer any questions about color matching and such. :sweat
    20. evie the kid, congratulations,you did a fantastic job on this head! Realistic faceups always look good on minimees.
      He is a completely original character!

      I'd love to show my Mikkel as well - l've been a huge fan of Hannibal and mr. Fuller's amazing show from the start, so it was a complete surprize to see Namonaki Workshop sculpting Mads Mikkelsen! He turned out to be very recognizable and exquisite in detail, so I ordered him and tried to paint Mikkel as Doctor Lecter.


      Untitled by White Thesis, on Flickr