Update [Namonaki Workshop] Re-Opening - Return of Custom Sculpting Services & Discontinuation of Past Heads

Aug 29, 2019

    1. Namonaki Workshop: The Revenganceing

      After an all-too-long hiatus, Namonaki Workshop is proud to re-open its doors.

      We're officially back doing custom sculpted BJD heads with a much more clean-cut pricing;
      1200usd gets you "unlimited changes" to your sculpt, and 10 resin heads.

      We have partnered with a new resin caster.
      They are super fast and produce flawless results, so no more six month waits for casting!

      Pictured: A previous commission, an original character not based on anyone in particular.

      We've also moved to Etsy, and are clearing out our old stock.
      Once our old sculpts sell out, they will not be reproduced.
      If you've had your eye on any of our old stuff, it's now or never.


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