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Nan ...another tiny ...

Aug 8, 2005

    1. the person who listed the auction said that the doll was made by her or him. pretty cute though...i hope she makes more.
    2. I e.mailed them and asked for some more details , and if they would make more
      such a sweetie and Im so broke at the momment LOL
    3. Oh, dear!

      :::laughs gently:::

      Tinybear, before too long we're going to have to ship you off to Tiny Dolls Anonymous!

      Nan's a real cutie--I hope you get more info about her!

    4. I have come to the conclusion I have to stop looking
      my Husband has bought me a bucket to wear on my head ..so I cant see anything
      i-elf last week
      Pansy ...So-Soom ...the new Dollshe ...this one ..and not forgetting the Lait ..the tiny suntan one due out next month ....sobs ...so many tinys not enough cash

      .....my name is Carrie , and I am an addict :grin:
    5. Looks like a baby Ani!
    6. *love* :D so cute...

    7. I _Knew_ there had to be some talented Chinese dollmaker who would turn his or her hand to making original bjd's sooner or later.

      Good detail on a 12.5cm doll, all the little fingers & everything under 5". wow.

      Ann in CT
    8. Wah. :D
      I hope that s/he makes more of these - they are so cute~
    9. These new tinies are coming out at a very fast rate. (My credit card statement today proved it).
      But this one and Anu's Dollshe and the i-elf...they're just too cute. And there are likely to be more...though I keep thinking each one is the very last cute doll I'm ever going to see!
    10. She's so sweet!! wish i had the funds, I'd bid on her.
    11. Aw she is adorable. A baby Ani like Oxymoron said :D
    12. Wow. Very nice. And that little tiny dress is so ornate! Yes, this artist has talent. I really really really really don't need to spend another $200 on another doll right now, though, darn it. :(