Nanaimo The Mermaid

Nov 2, 2017

    1. This fresh babe is an adorable upcoming doll from MerrydollRound and I can't wait for her to be released!!!! They are just too cute!
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    2. Same! I’ve literally been counting down until the pre order opens up. I really hope it’s soon! I’ve been daydreaming about Nanaimo
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    3. SAME! I actually live close to Nanaimo too so its a little funny :) I'm thinking of making her inuit :p
    4. Oh man I've never really been drawn to little dolls but OH MY this doll! I wish I had the funds so I'm praying to the dolly gods to make her re-release her later next year.

      Can't wait to see owner pictures pop up though!:D
    5. I'm hoping for a cookie skin with an icy grey tail!
    6. Sounds great!! I can't wait to see how your little inuit looks.
    7. Anyone else order Nanaimo? :) I got a cookie skin human, and I am so excited! I've followed the pygmy line for some time now and Nanaimo was just so perfect for me.

      Hope to see lots of others ordering her too, she's so adorable :D
    8. Sadly not this time around, I wanted a grey tail with cookie skin
    9. I got a cookie skin human! Seems like this was popular from what Nuria said. :3
    10. Probably since I assume most people want her to be Inuit! I know thats what I want lol
    11. Hey! I need Nanaimo!

      Fingers crossed I will be able to get one of the extras!

      Does everyone know when they're expected?

      I want her in both colors, human versions.

      But I'll settle for cookie...I am so excited!
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