Napalm Dolls Choma

May 8, 2020

    1. I haven’t been able to find many pictures or a thread on this sculpt so I was wondering if anyone has it and what are good body hybrids?
    2. Looks like he's got a neck size of about 7.5cm, so any body with that *should* be okay. Fairyland has bodies with a neck that size. I don't personally have the sculpt but it is lovely!
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    3. I have one but his body won't be here for another month or so.
      I'm putting him onto the Resinsoul Tang body. I tried him on the one I have here and the proportions looked decent to me.

      Apparently he looks AWESOME on the dream valley body but as my head is "coffee" there was no way I was getting a match heh.

      I hypothesised he'd likely fit well onto one of the msd Dollshe bodies as well. That was my first choice but the wait times and the expense put me off.

      As it stands, he'll likely fit on most msd bodies but as his head is fairly narrow I liked a more mature body for him. Some msd bodies have really skinny or really fat necks too, or they're just flat out way too long.

      another thing to be aware of is that the hole in his head is REALLY small, as in, a standard msd S hook will not fit. Souldoll's teensy S hook did, he fit the souldoll body nicely actually if I remember rightly, but this means i'm gonna have to swap out S hooks when his body does arrive because yeah, that hook is like twice the size of the hole.
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    4. Thank you this was very insightful. I thought of Dollshe too but with the long wait times it really is a no from me. I'd love to see your hybrid when the body arrives.
    5. I’m really considering one in coffee as well, but I’m not in love with the Resinsoul body (I have a Tang body in dark tan). Does anyone know of any other resin matches for the coffee skin? I was wondering if Luts Real Skin Brown might be a match? Or Doll Legend or Doll Family-H?
    6. @kikihappy this is something I struggled with too. I ended up opting for a resinsoul for my coffee boy purely because I got tired of the stress and it was easiest.


      Luts real skin brown might be a touch too dark but it's not that hard to blush a head darker. I did also look at Dollshe's copper oriental.

      the coffee tone is VERY pale, quite a soft colour really. It's not very brown, it's more a sort of beige tone? I did try to get some comparrisons from people but I hit a brick wall there. I'll nag some dealers about resin matches again but yeah, I found it quite difficult to find anybody who was comparing the resinsoul coffee to anything useful.
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    7. @purple_monkfish Thanks for the information. I had a feeling that might be the case. I’ll keep the Luts in mind. I was starting to notice the lack of comparisons for the coffee tone. I collect mostly tan dolls so I have a few in my collection that I could try to match the head with. My Charm Doll and Gem of Doll tinies are pretty beige, so I’d start there. But I think if I do get him the Dollshe body might be my first choice.
    8. I should take photos shouldn't I? Choma's new wig came in. Turns out he doesn't really fit 6-7 wigs that well as he has quite a narrow head. He fits 5-6 wigs, though it takes a little careful finangling to get them on.
      So that's worth knowing.
    9. @Sighthoundlady on Instagram (and Youtube) has a lovely hybrid of a Dollshe body (Mystic or Arsene, I can't remember which) and a Choma head. It looks really good to me!
    10. My Choma came in today! He is so beautifully sculpted! I already love him a lot. Unfortunately he is not a match for MYou doll coffee, Charm doll tan or Gem of doll Light tan. The coffee resin is too cool of a tone, even my palest tan dolls are too warm in colour.

      So I’ll probably turn to Resinsoul too. I tried him on my Tang body and I do like the proportions. I’m hoping that they make a new MSD boy body sometime soon.

      I’d prefer the Dollshe body but I’ve already been waiting for another doll from them for a year with no updates, so I’m not too keen to deal with them again. Plus I’m not sure what would be a match. Maybe copper oriental?
    11. I was thinking copper oriental would probably be close enough. Rs light tan is a touch deeper but it's not too bad to my eye. Give me a bit and i'll post a pic of mine.
    12. [​IMG]
      The colour difference isn't too bad imo but the resinsoul light tan is definitely a litlte more saturated.

      I really like the proportions of the Tang body for him though. He has a fairly small head, he's actually wearing a 5-6 wig because the 6-7 was far too big. So be aware of that too. His eyes I think are 12mm?
      so his head is a lot smaller than my other msds but he doesn't look too out of place alongside them.

      I still need to sew him a waistcoat to finish off his look.
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