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Napi doll new version chesi

Sep 10, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      What is Napi? It's derived from the name of the god of creation.
      We are Korean company. Our Korean website is www.napidoll.com, and the English site is in the process.
      We sell antique and girly styled ball jointed dolls, clothes, wigs, and accessories...etc.
      There are four doll makers and we all have strong affinities for the each dolls that we make. The nicknames for the four of them are EA, Miaka, Yelide, and Ralph.
      Because our enterprise operation started not too long ago, we are making all our efforts to make various and special products.
      Our enterprise is trying our bests to make an in-depth study for the dolls.
      The current Body is in the process of development and it will be released in the next year(2009).

      chesi selling shop:

      chesi size SD~SD13(↑photo;SD13)