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NAPI DOLL:(vampire's prey ver)shane

Sep 7, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      New Type.Shane

      Victim of a vampire....​

      he has a 13 or 9-year-old normal skin body of a Volks.
      The body of another company of similar size, they will match

      (shane Information)
      - Head Size : 8.5 inch
      - Wig Size : 8~9 inch
      - Eye Size : 14 or 16mm
      - Skin Color : Nomal &White Skin
      - Fits on any : SD Boy, SD13 Boy
      - Included with : head only (Face up is option)​
    2. Will you be offering a body to match the head? If not, what bodies from other companies will match?
    3. They suggest Volks SD10, SD13 or bodies of a similiar size.
    4. Is he a limited edition run head?
    5. he's not limited edition
    6. Who sculpted Shane? Was it you?