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Napidoll Discussion Part 2

May 8, 2014

    1. You have a point! Lol XD

      I have no time to be antsy about anything, or even take pictures. ;_; lol
    2. I received a SD10 Swarrico girl body today for my Chesi! :) I had forgotten how much I love the Swarrico body.
      Now I hope to be able to get some proper pictures of her soon. Until then I'll just spam Instagram. Haha.
    3. Aww please spam here too Akatsuki! I love seeing Gerda~:aheartbea
    4. Good news! Finally received reply from Napi, they posted Rogebell on the 7th, and it's in Melbourne already, so should get my head on Monday!!!!

      Hope everyone else's arrive soon. :)
    5. Bandersnatch - Thanks you so much! :o I just didn't know, if people was sick of seeing her already.

      Here is Gerda on her new body. :D
    6. Akatsuki: Nooo, we're definitely not sick of seeing Gerda! I love how sweet she looks, but she also has attitude- what a great combination <3

      Xanadu Dolls: OOOOOOOOOOH! Congratulations! Let us know if she turns up today! I have my fingers crossed for you!

      ETA: OOOOH! I just checked my own order status and there is a tracking number! It's not working yet, but I'll give it 24 hours and check again, before I worry- hopefully, my ladies are on their way! *happy dance of excitement*
    7. Yay! More Gerda! :aheartbea She's such a cutie, I really love her style!! >w<

      Wooooo! That's so awesome Xanadu & Banshee!! :whee: :cheer
      I just checked my order status and my Dreamy Rogebell has shipped too!! :celebrateIt's just a little unfortunate that I'm in the middle of moving house and her body is tucked away somewhere in box mountain. But hopefully I'll have dug it up by the time she's made it home! ^^;
    8. I've been so busy getting ready to move I haven't had a chance to take pics of my ladies on their new bodies... T^T
    9. Bander and Xanadu: Any news on the ladies? ^_^

      My own girls arrived yesterday! *flails in excitement* They are way too cute for words and I LOVE Dreamy Rogebell's expression, she just looks so peaceful <3 I'm so pleased with them!
    10. Awe you guys are making me sad that I passed on sleeping Roge T^T

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    11. Oh! That's so exciting banshee!! You have to post pictures of them!!:aheartbea

      Ellie has finally made her way home too! *squeeeeeeeeeee~* :whee: So here is a craptastic phone pic I took late last night of the girls together, that does not do them justice... T^T
      I really really want to find some time on the weekend to take better pictures of them together~ ^^;

      Xanadu has your girl made it home too?
    12. Baw Bander!!!! They're so cute together!!!! XD

      But now I'm just jealous ^^" lol

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    13. Hehe, Bander! Cutie pies <3 <3 If we're posting phone pics, I'll join in ^_^ (Looks like our OE girls have similar taste :o !!)

      Aurora and Odette. Loving the fact that Napi did different hearts on their cheeks <3 !!!

      Please ignore Aurora's eye putty. >.<' Will put real eyes in her soon- my LTF's just got home with the girls' eyes attached to them :P

    14. New Roge's for everyone :D So much adorable <3
    15. Elsii: Whatchu doin up so late missy???!! Thankya though- LOOK! I GOT THE HEARTS <3
    16. Me? DOn't you have to be up and at work in, like, 6 hours?
      I love the hearts!! Though I must say I am adoring the simplicity of Banders' Ellie too. So soft. I want to cuddle them all.
    17. Yesss, I do >.> But tha's okay! NEW JOB ON MONDAY HOMG

      I really like Ellie's faceup too- so pretty <3 We can totally make a Rogebell cuddle day happen :p
    18. Sorry girls, not ignoring you, I have been very busy sewing. Yes, my Roge arrived as expected and is settling in with her body. The resin match isn't terrific but it'll do and I will post pics when I have given her a face-up. Love all the spam of your new arrivals, they are gorgeous! :)
    19. I can't believe Ive never heard or seen of this company before. Ever since Xanadu Dolls told me of her plans and of the head sculpt, I got curious and Im hooked to them ! I haven't seen anything remotely as cute as these sweethearts ! Im hoping they rerelease or sculpt newer heads because all Ive been seeing is sold out all over the page XD

      Bandersnatch - your girls are insanely cute. Congratulations on their arrival ! Ive been keeping my eye on this thread and I know how long you have all been waiting for them :)

      Second Banshee - Your Aurora really did me in - gorgeous ! Both of them are cute but Im just partial to Aurora <3

      Xanadu Dolls - Im happy she finally arrived ! Im kinda saddened to know the resin match isn't perfect, perhaps lightly sanding, or using the mr.superclean sponge all over the body to reveal a newer layer of resin color ? If Im being honest with you, I dont think that would make much difference since the body tone is almost exactly like my newer Volks dolls with slight mellowing. Im keeping my eye on this thread because Im really interested on seeing how your character turns out :)