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Napidoll Ricardo

Feb 12, 2010

    1. I like the shape of his eyes and it's nice to see Napidoll producing more heads. ^_^
    2. those teeth are cute, he really makes be doubt about a napidoll head for my new boy..
    3. I want him @_@ Though I need to know how long the ordering period will be, so I'm going to ask on the site.
      Don't know who he'll be, but... first to make sure I will buy him, I can be quite impulsive ^^;
    4. Do want! I think Napidoll has some of the most beautiful sculpts available. I love my Shane and I think I'll have to have Ricardo, too.:)
    5. The blue hair and gun remind me of the main character from Persona 3 XD

      But anyway, he's beautiful! I like his teeth :D
    6. xD I totally didn't make the P3 connection but you're right! ^^

      But I love that bloody faceup T__T I wonder if it's possible to order it at all D: The website says no blood as the option but idk if I could message them? *pouts and wants teh bloody vampire boy*
    7. He's so adorable! Aw man... ; ^ ;

      @diamondust :: Well in the faceup drop down list you can select the faceup with blood, and one without...? But...does this include the blood on the lips I wonder? For some reason I'm doubting it. :\
      Normally I'm not a fan of bloody faceups but I must say...he looks good with the blood on his mouth. XD
    8. Wantwantwantwantwantwantwant...want. :D

      >> -buys- 60$ face up makes me weep though. D:
    9. Just paid for mine, too! I usually don't care for vampires but this one really appeals to me. I sprung for the face-up, too, but no blood.
    10. Ooh, he's so cute, *Looks at empty penny jar*......but I hope the order period is long enough for me to save up and perhaps get him, there isn't alot of vampire molds out there that appeal to me.
    11. Oh, I love love love his mouth and teeth!
    12. OH crap :doh i have to add 3 new heads (Napidoll Ricardo:aheartbea+ SNG Ajeon&Milhwa:aheartbea) to my doll family and to start to go through hell to find matching bodies
    13. ;___; I must now proceed to scrounge around for money -shakes fist at Napidoll-
    14. Hello ^^

      The date to stop selling the product has not clearly decided.

      If there is a change in mold due to its excessive production, selling will be stopped.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me again. Thanks.

      Thank you.
      This is what they told me... so they don't even know XD
    15. O: I hope this means he'll be up for a bit of a time! A person can only save so quickly xD.
    16. I think he is just the cutest little guy! Gun, blood and all. :aheartbea He kind of remninds me of a Musedoll ReChe for the cuteness factor.

      I'm not sure if this is the head for me but I am sure seeing a Napidoll in my future. :)
    17. @Damon: Judging by photos the lip blood is only an effect photoshopped in rather than part of any faceup. I agree it would be a lovely addition though, same with the blood running down his cheeck from the blood. I'd attempt to do it myself but I get the feeling I'd botch it and there goes $70 *_*

      *oggles him s'more*
    18. He is gorgeous!
      Napidoll always has the most beautiful sculpts.
      I'm usually not one for vampires... but my goodness is he adorable!
    19. Awww, hes adorable! I hope hes on sale for a while, I might be able to save. :D
      I'm finding myself loving a lot of the Napidoll sculpts! Beautiful dolls, I think Ricardo and the Alice in Wonderland Chesi would fit two of my OC's perfectly. :aheartbea