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Napidoll Tinies Discussion - Part 1

May 23, 2017

    1. ● Company Website: Napidoll KR
      ● Blog: ::+:: NAPI's Workblog ::+::

      I haven't seen a discussion thread for Napi's tinies, Carol and Maron, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to start one. ^_^

      I absolutely love Napi's tiny sculpts. I got a Carol head from the last pre-order and I recently found a suitable body for him so he's finally complete. Here he is:

      Anyone else got one of these cuties?
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    2. I missed the time to order them! but I absolutely adore Carol!! She is sooooo CUTE XD
      I am saving up to bring her next year
    3. Which brand of the body did you use? color matches perfectly!
    4. @slsky8 He's on a Soom Teenie Gem body. Resin match is almost 100% and the body poses great too. I don't know how often Soom NS changes but their 2016-2017 NS is a perfect match. I really hope you can get a Carol in the future. I might cave in and get another one if Napi does another round of pre-orders. I really love this sculpt. :whee:
    5. In a few weeks i can show you my own little Carol, i had luck and adopted a very cute blank baby :D
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    6. Your Carol looks beautiful! Please take more pictures of him! <3
    7. I was looking at some of these today but not sure where now & thought they were really cute..love the little teeth but cant remember her name..Brown hair.
    8. he's cute !:D
      anyway what about volk yosd body for maron head,do you think it will fit??
    9. I've actually seen many Carol owners using the Volks body however the resin match isn't perfect. I can take a comparison photo for you if you'd like. But proportionally it looks great so if the resin match doesn't bother you, it would definitely work. ^_^
    10. yes please ,but i also thinking of using luts honey delf,do you think the skin color will match?
      anw i ask my friend to order me carol head yesterday,because i don't have paypal..but she not get reply yet :pout:
    11. I think Luts' NS is more on the pinker side so it might be a better match but I don't own any Luts dolls so I can't say for sure.

      Here's a quick comparison:
      The newer Volks resin is closer to Napi's NS but it's still a little yellow in comparison. I think Soom matches about 98%. It's definitely the closest match I got. It got a pink undertone just like the Napi NS. Switch NS is also a bit lighter and peachier. Hope this helps. ^_^

      EDIT: I actually found someone on IG who used a Honey Delf body for their Carol head and the match seems to be decent. Here's their IG: ChiCha Thelittletea (@chichathelittletea) • Instagram photos and videos
      #11 purplepaws, Nov 5, 2017
      Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
    12. wow! thanks for your information ~it helps me a lot :whee:
    13. No problem at all. ^_^

      Here's a quick shot of my little Alcor:
      by Cyamone ✿, on Flickr
      He's so cute, even the crappy phone photos looks good. :'D
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    14. woah alcor really cute :D
      anyway napi already accept my request and now i'm waiting for my carol ~yay !
      how long usually they process the head?
    15. Yay! Congrats on getting him!! The wait time was about two months when I ordered back in 2016. ^_^
    16. i see~thanyou :whee:!
    17. Napidoll has a new tiny sculpt: Kuri!

      He's so adorable. :aheartbea
    18. yess i saw it yesterday :D
    19. He reminds me of a smiling version of Miadoll's Soo
      I wonder how long he'll be up for sale. I don't see any dates on the website. If he's still available by January, I might get one. :daisy
    20. I agree he is a wee sweetie & a sort of human face..well imho anyway.