New Doll Narae 41cm fusion body full set with the head

Jul 22, 2019

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      Dear Customers.

      It`s been a while since I wrote to DOA last.
      I`d like to introduce you to my new works.
      You can check for details at the ` ` homepage.

      making process post Instagram - bimong11

      One selectable head
      4 magnetic jointed hands
      3 magnetic jointed feet
      Cotton Cover
      Metal Nameplate

      Height - 41cm

      *Head circumference - 6.5inch
      *Neck circumference - 7cm
      *shoulder width - 8cm
      *Chest circumference - 17cm(small breast)
      *Waist circumference - 12.5cm
      *Hip circumference - 18cm
      *Wrist circumference - 4cm
      *Foot size - 5.5cm
      *Ankle circumference - 5.5cm
      *Arm length(from the shoulder point to the wrist) - 12cm
      *Leg length(from the waist point to the ankle ) - 24cm
      *Eyeball size - 14mm
      *Wig size - 6.5inches

      Thank you for your surpport

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    2. Is she 41cm with the head or without the head?
    3. with head ^-^
    4. Is it possible to purchase extra bust pieces incase we want to switch them out?
    5. Yes, today I'll make menu for it
    6. This fusion body looks amazing! Can you tell me which skin is the closest match to Fairyland?
    7. New normal color is 90% match ^^
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    8. Do you show the different busts somewhere?
    9. You can see that normal&large breast pics next month^^