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Narae 43cm SkyDoll - Owner?:)

Jul 16, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      i love this doll :aheartbea

      who is an owner of this very beautiful narae?:)
      is this person perhaps from the forum?:) because I have a few questions:lol:
    2. It's my doll!!!
      Is very beautiful, eh?
      I say!! :aheartbea :aheartbea
      I'm France's comicker.
      This is my expo "Sky Doll" en Paris a Japan Expo....:sumomo:
    3. Excuse me for terrible english..I say.:...(

      This is page the my comic: Sky Doll

      My characther Noa:

      Here anothers images from Paris!
    4. Oh, Venusdea! I'm a great big fan of your art (ever since W.I.T.C.H, I made my sister prescribe to the magazine and then I stole all the copies)

      I've been trying to get the skydoll books aswell, but no luck so far. :Þ

      You're awesome!! <3
    5. wow! It's a pleasure to meet the artist of SkyDoll :D I only read 3 Volumes though >.< Not sure where I could find it!
    6. Thank very much !!! :dance
      Sky Doll will come published very soon from you in USA
      I not still sure when, but I can say that one of the greatest Big Publishing of Comics has bought the rights.
      And yes, I am also of the two authors of WITCH..;)
    7. Yep, it's a truly amazing Narae, I can just imagine how cool she must look in person. :)
      Noa sure is the perfect character to be "played" by a ball-jointed doll. ;)
    8. I love Skydoll. The artwork is simply amazing. I read the first two volumes but alas, the third one was never released in Dutch :(

      It's wonderful to see Noa come to life as a doll ^_^
    9. That's absolutely amazing! Skydoll is one of my favorite comics, too. It's awesome to see you here, and for you to have made a Narae into Noa.
    10. OMG O_O! I've seen Witch on tv [Jetix] and I've seen the magazing as well XD
      Wow I actually honored to know you are here on the forum and that you also own a doll! [I'm waiting for the same one haha XD]
      Actually...it was your doll that made me want to order a Narae again >_>!

      Please post pictures of your gorgeous Narae ^_^ <3

    11. O my goodness!
      I LOVE your art! And your Narae!!!

      I cannot wait until SkyDoll comes out in the USA.

      Do you have a gallery? I saw your website, but there are only a few pictures on there. I wish to see more! You have stolen my heart with your amazing art!
    12. How many numbers has left till now?:) i get nr 1,2,3 :D
    13. Your Narae is indeed gorgeous!
      How funny to know that you're one of WITCH's authors aswell, I read the magazine and own them all (except for the first one).
      Please post more of this Narae she's stunning.
    14. Thanks everybody!:aheartbea :aheartbea
      For your compliments, for my project and for my Narae.
      I didn’t know that Sky Doll was so famous also in the USA and in many countries other than France.
      I know it’s issued in 12 countries, also in Poland, I think ( for aya22)
      This delights me, of course.
      It will be published in English soon, don’t worry.:)

      In order to find Sky Doll: (in French, German, Spanish or Italian) in distributors like Amazon, Fnac and Virgin.
      Search with Google! You’ll find many resellers of my series.
      It consists of 3 books, plus an art book, plus a collective book hot off the press.
      Here is the cover the Sky Doll 3 and also Space Ship Collection... :)



      Concerning the website: I’m rebuilding it.
      In fall, finally after 10 years, it will be totally renewed, with tons of images.
      Alessandro Barbucci, SkyDoll’s and Witch’s co-author with me, and I are constantly VERY busy with the creation of new projects and with practical works, unfortunately to the detriment of our website, which has been left idle since 1999. But we’ll take care of it soon… ;)

      About Narae’s photos: I’ll take them soon and I’ll post them, ok?

      Here another Narae's photo :


      Thanks again for everything!!!:sumomo: :sumomo: :sumomo:
    15. I hope that Polish will also buy the licence on sky doll, are spending witch so it can also hehe.:)
      At the moment did 0,1,2,3 volume and something still come out?
      volume 0 it artbook?:)
      what you mean 'collective book'? because i cant find it:)

      I love your narae and im waiting for more fotos:D
    16. I love your artwork & character designs!! I have not read SkyDoll comics yet, because I only know a handful of words in French, so I am looking forward to an English translation. Ever since I saw the Skydoll art I wanted to make a doll of Noa ~ I'd love to see someone pick up the licence to sculpt a Noa bjd; but your little Narae version is so sweet also. It is great to see your talent here, welcome to the board!!
    17. Thanks for the compliment!! :aheartbea
      Very, very soon will be in production a Noa's doll and directly from Japan!!! :kitty2
    18. In this moment it is a project "top secret" and I cannot still say nothing, since we are to the contract, but you I write will be when the project is official, ok? :sumomo:
      It's one more important of the International Doll's Houses.
      I am very happy!!! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    19. OMG!!! I totally love Skydoll, and the minute I read the comic (in Heavy Metal) I knew I wanted a Noa-doll! So cool that the artist is a fellow collecter and that there soon will be an actuall skydoll in production!!! Eeek! Any hints on what size she will be in? *wink wink nudge nudge* ;)

      Did you make the outfit yourself too by the way? What materials did you use? It looks fab!
    20. Thanks very much for compliment!
      Off corse! Sky Doll is exited in english-version in HM in 2006's summer! :o

      Then, I would want one doll a 43 cm.
      And the material will be sure resin, like the greater part of the BJD.
      White Skin, obvious!:aheartbea