Narae and Narin 60cm Discussion part 2.

Nov 16, 2008

    1. Just like the title says!
      I'm more of a lurker, but would miss this thread like mad, so i thought I'd get it rolling again.
    2. I’ve always enjoyed making jewelry for my doll. Good luck Bwiel, show us what you make.
      I just adore my doll, but it bums me out that I can’t take her that out often. I’m too afraid of yellow. It’s kinda a pain, because I’m the kind of person who likes to have their doll out so I can look at them when I pass by. O’well it’s a good excuse for me to get a urethane doll. I’ve had my eye on unidoll Lily. I’m still a big fan of French resin, it look beautiful.
      I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but another reason I keep her in the box, besides yellowing, is because she is so darn pretty she make me jealous at times. Yeah, I know, it’s odd.

    3. anyone know anything about a possible new urethane order period?

      Ive been creating a character based on a Narae but i refuse to buy a french resin one.

      Im also looking for proper photo's of the Narae 60 faceplates.
      Because i want to mod my girl a bit.. but now i can't even make plans because i can't really see the dynamics of the faceplates..
      and the photo's are too small to photoshop... D:/
    4. Naiara - check with Joan or Catrina of Dollfair about the urethane order issue. They will get right back to you. I, personally, have had no problems with the French Resin and I have had my two big girls for several months. But, then, I blush them and seal them three times with the Volks spray. Maybe that has helped to keep away any yellowing problems. Also, I do store them in the dark!
    5. dollswest:
      Yellowing go's trough msc.. and msc or what ever sealer you use yellows a bit itself.

      But my Narae is gonna be a huge outdoor girl ... and french resin is simply to fragile for her chracter.
      Because i wanna do some crazy shoots with her. ^__^" guess im just gonna need to wait a bit longer.
    6. Just a qn for the owners, I've been looking for an answer to this for months but no luck. Has anyone a narin/narae in matte (pinky white or snow white matte) that they can compare to a Soom cream white? I just want to know which of the two skintones fits best. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    7. sorry, the soom i have has yellowed, and may narea is in french. i'm thinking of ordering a girl in matte. French is pretty, but i never take her out b/c i don't want her to yellow and it bums me out. :(
    8. Photo sharing has been moved to the [thread=275180]BJDopedia[/thread]. Please continue here with Discussion! :chocoberry
    9. Well I guess it is okay to leave links in our posts to guide us to the new thread where we can post our photos. It will take some re-training but it is do-able.

      I hope everyone will continue to keep up on this thread and post photos on the other one. These dolls are just so beautiful, it would be a shame not to share your dolls with all of us.

      I still have more outfits in the works for my two girls. I never thought I would be so into these big girls but as I keep saying they just pose so well and I love the more "grown-up" look you get with them.
    10. So sad to see this thread slip away. Guess I will have to keep knitting and sewing away for my girls so this thread will not end up in the bottom of the pile.

      I have another outfit to share that I did for my Ava (pinky white French resin, open eye). I truly enjoy these dolls. I must admit I need to focus on others for a while but I have more outfits in mind down the road, so "stay tuned"! And I am seriously thinking of a urethane version of this doll so she can be left out. I must admit having to hide them away in the box is not fun.

      So click here to see my latest creation called "Fit and Flare"!

      ps - I figured out how to do the "one word" link! Finally!!!
    11. I feel like I am the only one enjoying these beautiful dolls! I did see another post but it was deleted. Unfortunately one has to be careful when posting on this thread. So I will not speak my thoughts on that issue as I do not want my post to disappear!

      For those interested in viewing my latest creation, “Uptown Girl”, for my Alexa (French resin tanning, mature faceplate), please go to the link here

      I wrote Joan at Dollfair and asked when the urethane resin would be available soon. She did not know when we could order it. I know many are concerned with the problem of French resin. I have not had any problems yet. I plan to enjoy my two girls as much as possible. I do keep them “in the dark” when I am not dressing them.

      It will be a while now before I will be making other outfits for Alexa and Ava. I have my “little ones” to dress as well as a request for my version of the “Fit and Flare” sweater I did for Ava in the MSD size. And I have my Volks dolls that all want a change of clothes. I love them all and they are my therapy!!!
    12. Ugh, does anyone have news about when they will come out with urethane. I’ve looked at the site, but I’m hoping that someone knows more then what the site say, some who is more in the loop than I am.
      Dollswest, it bums me out too that these dolls aren’t as popular as I wish they were. I’m not in to anime looking dolls so I don’t like a lot of dolls that are posted on this site. Wish there were more pictures of big narae’s. I do plan to post more pics of my girl, I just that I haven’t finished with her new outfit yet. They really are worth every penny, and they have such wonderful expressive faces. When I have time and get enough dolls I would love to start a photo-story with all my big naraes one of these days.
    13. I was sure happy to see another post here. I almost gave up!

      Ghost Reflection - I wrote Joan at Dollfair and she did not know when they would be available to order. Then I read Catrina's post in the 43cm Narae thread. She said the company Narindoll was using for the urethane resin had financial problems. So they are looking for another company that can produce the urethane resin they want. I guess they do not want to use the ones that the other Korean companies use. I do not know how all of that works. I thought there are only a couple of molding companies in Korea that all the bjd makers use. But I could have that all wrong.

      I would love to get one in urethane now. Hope they can find another company to use. I love the look of my girls. I love their "grown-up" look and all the ways you can dress them. Right now I have girls back in their boxes as I hate to leave them out. But soon I will work up another idea for an outfit and post it in the gallery.
    14. I agree they are so beautiful, expressive and posable!!!! I find out more and more I am driven towards the less stilyzed dolls too... And I hope they start doing Urethane dolls again soon! There must be more Narin love all around!!! You are not alone Dollsweet and ghost reflection
    15. Glad to see you here Dhariana! Yes, these are such pretty girls. I think what I love best is the design of the body. I do not care for the "Barbie" doll body. The large, out of proportion breasts make dressing them quite difficult and not "normal" looking. The large Narae body is more like a typical "runway" model. They have enough shape that they look great in whatever clothes you put them in. And for some reason, the French resin on the larger body is so much prettier than the smaller Naraes. I have 4 small ones that I love to pieces but somehow having it more dense for the bigger body, well, it just glows more. However, I want a urethane resin one next as I do get tired of having to constantly cover them up or hide them away in their "box room"!
    16. Yay, more posters. The small ones are cute and have their own charm, but the big ones are total love.
      Dollswest, I 100% know what you mean. The French resin is beautiful, but I hardly every take mine out cause I can’t stand the thought of her yellowing. It would be so nice to have one that I did worry about every time I take her out. Yeah, complain about this a lot on here. It’s the bitter-sweet relationship with French resin. Thanks for the info, at least I know they are still going to come out some time.
      I do really enjoy their body shape too. I think they have a realistic shape, meaning you will find real people with a similar shape, not some exaggerated endowment of human, particularly male but I was trying to avoid sexism, fantasy. Hate to rant, but I get frustrated with these unnatural images of beauty.
    17. I thought this might be good information to add for future referencing. Last December my beautiful Narae 60 took an unfortunate fall and broke off part of her torso. I contacted Narin asking them how much it would coast to replace the upper torso. They finally e-mailed be back. The total for this part, in white French resin, is $160, and that is shipping to the U.S.
    18. Yes it is. Thank you ghost reflection!!! Here at my country I would be too much insecure having a french resin girl. One of our friends here ( a very careful one, mind you!) had her limhwa yellowed in 4 months!!! So as beautiful as it is, I can't have a french resin one... :(
    19. I finally managed to make a new outfit for my Ava (standard open, pinky white French resin). I do admit it is hard dressing other dolls since my large Narae girls are my favorite. I keep waiting for Dollfair to offer them in urethane resin. I look around at other SD girls but just cannot find one I like better than my Narae girls. What can I say, I am sold on them!!!

      To view the photos I posted, please click on the link below. They are located on the Narae and Narin 60cm photo sharing thread, at the bottom of page three.

      Click here