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Narae in 10mm eyes?

Sep 18, 2006

    1. Can Narae (43cm) wear 10mm eyes?
      I know 11mm fit beautifully, but only Masterpiece that I'm aware of makes that size. I don't like the 12mm because they don't look as realistic.

    2. I'd like to know too. I think bakemono put both 8 and 10 mm in her Narin, and there is a little bit of gap but I believe it would probably look more better with the smaller iris. Personally I would buy 10mm and put putty in the gaps if they where noticeable.
    3. I just bought 10mm for my Narin, but haven't recieved the doll or the eyes yet >_< I also bought them with the idea in mind that smaller pupils/iris might look better, or make him look more mature. This is the Narin twigling mentioned wearing 8mm and I thought they looked great, but yes there may be gaps we can't notice in the pictures.
    4. Yes, they can. I just bought some green and pale blue 10mm glass eyes from Antinas and they look great. I'll try to get some pics up for you.
    5. Marti has 10 mm eyes for her Narae for sure. I tried put them in Orofiel's head but... he looks somehow better in 12... maybe he isn't realistic then but he's himself ^^'....
    6. Here's Zamora in Ginarolos beautiful 10mm glass eyes.

      Narae Light Purple 10mm eyes
    7. beautiful eyes!!!