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Narae ltd edition question

Jun 17, 2009

    1. ive been interested in getting the 43cm narae, and read on the website that they are limited to 1000 dolls. what exactly does that mean? are there really only 1000 available and then gone? i cant buy one right now, but am worried ill miss out on this particular model if i dont. can someone help me understand this more? thanks!
    2. if anyone is reading this and wants to know the answer, i found it on another thread:

      "I heard that there are only 1000 Narae/Narins available. Does that mean that they'll be sold out soon?

      It's true that there are only 1000 copies available of EACH faceplate. The normal Narae (oldest faceplate still available) is currently somewhere in the 200's. So in other words, don't worry, you still have PLENTY of time to order your Narae or Narin. "

    3. From what I can gather a lot of companies will do limited edition dolls but in much much lower numbers. For instance I have seen ones that are as low as 10 and some that are up to 100. If you think about the BJD market in general 1000 is a rather large number to sell overall. Some companies wont even sell 1000 of a certain kind of doll through its whole production life span, or even sell 1000 of all their doll models in a single year.

      Because these are so expensive they are harder to sell so 1000 is a rather large number of dolls to sell and you likely have a good portion of time to still get one (unless its already been on the market a long time). Even if you don't I imagine you could easily find a used one without much price inflation, even if it is limited to 1000, 1000 is still a huge number thus not making it overly rare and capable of such high inflation. Now if they are only selling 10 world wide and all 10 are sold out then your chances of getting it in general are slim much less at a price close to purchasing price.

      The best I can guess is the limiting it to 1000 is their way of trying to prod buyers who are waffling over the doll, to go out and buy it since it will (in some sense) be limited. But it really keeps their profit margin in the green because they still have a lot to sell even if it is limited
    4. I've read somewhere that they've set the limit to 1000 dolls/face plate because that's how long they expect the mold they use to create the doll to actually last.

    5. thanks for all the good information! i just hope ill be able to save up enough money before the mold breaks! : )