Narae/MNF/Unoa slim mini shoe thread

Mar 21, 2008

    1. The idea of this thread is to post pictures of your dolls wearing various shoes, and let us know where you got them. Whether a shoe "fits" or not seems to be a tad subjective, since some folks are willing to use shoes that are a smidge too big and not let it bother them.

      Luts is no longer stocking MNF shoes, but those shoes should be available at Fairyland eventually.

      Here is a great thread for MNF-specific shoes. Thanks ooLaLark, that was a lot of work!

      So let the shoes march out!
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    2. I love this thread but I would really love it if you could write whether or not you feel the shoe fits well. Even if people don't mind a shoe that is a little big you could write "a little big but OK" or something like that. I agree that it is very subjective whether or not you like the fit but how much room is in the shoe is pretty objective. Something like "loose, tight, just right" maybe.

      zozolala I'm curious how the Ajumapama black boots fit. I know you've said some of the others were loose but you didn't mention these. Does that mean they are a good fit? I've been eyeing those boots on Ajumapama for a while now. :)
    3. Zozolala how did you cut down the soles on those boots? Did you use a knife, razor blade, file, sandpaper, or what??? I like the boots, hate the thick sole they come with. They look really cute on your girl.
    4. These are Dale Rae's flats for Unoa/Narae/MNF on a Serendipity 14-year body whose feet are more like Narae's (not like the old Serendipity feet). The shoes fit her and my Unoa body (and Narae since they are sold for Narae) but I am not thrilled with the way they look from some angles - the front is fairly flat and wide. However they are inexpensive and they come in a lot of colors.


      Dale Rae is away until Mar 26,2008 (notice on home page) - the shoes are here, on the bottom:

    5. I have edited my post, too - thank you, Laura!
      It seems that I'm very fond of loose fitting, cheap shoes and boots ^^ But I like to have different colors and styles for photo shoots, to try to match the outfits that I make. As long as they look good on my girls' feet I don't bother that much about the fit.

      They were the very first boots I bought for my girls, and they have been my favorites since. I think they are a good fit. A little bit loose maybe, depending on what you are used to, but I think that suits the tomboyish look. I prefer them over the Infinity Docs.

      I used a new exacto knife to slice off thin layers of the soles. It took a while but it was worth it :) I really love those boots, they are very soft and of good quality, and I like the pirate style and the buckle straps!
    6. Here's my homemade shoes for my mnf girl :)


      The sules are made out of super sculpey, witch later have been painted. And then I've glued on tha fabric and leather parts. All of you handy people should give it a shot! :D
    7. Okay a couple of mine:

      Low back sneakers from here: (Bottom of page) Fit is good but snug. Probably wouldn't work with socks but since they have a low back they are easy to get off without straining the foot. Also the laces help with the fit.

      Bat boots made for Goodreau. Fit is good and snug. Probably would be too tight with socks but might be able to squeeze on with thin tights.

      On Lusis (right).Black patent MJ's by Ajumapama. By far the best fitting shoe I own. These are wonderful on Unoa. I wish they came in more colors. I think they also have white or off-white which I will get someday.
      On Sist/AOD hybrid (left) Mimiwoo rust shoe. Big on Unoa. I stuff the toe a little and added a piece of foam inside the sole to take up some room. Otherwise they look cute once adjusted.

      Slip-on sneakers from Mimiwoo. They look big/long to me yet a bit difficult to get on and off. I like them better on my Narin. The size seems more appropriate for a boy.

      That's it for now.
    8. These shoes do fit Unoa and Narae but the heels are too high for them to stand in.
      I have some of these shoe and have cut off 1/4" of the heel so they can stand while wearing them.
    9. Penny - Wonderful outfits and shoes!

      I bought a pair of Gothic Ballerina shoes from Jpopdolls and they are too big on Unoa.

      There is no back on the shoes, they are too long and also too high in the toe. It may be possible to make them work with thick socks or an added insole and stuffing the toe.

    10. Great thread! :D

      Thought I should mention that as Lati Blue girls' feet are almost the exact same size as Unoa's I think it would be safe to assume Lati Blue girls' shoes would fit Unoa very well.

      Meanwhile, for the same reason, I'm using this thread to find shoes for my Yern. :)
    11. These are Cissy shoes (black velvety material) that I got off eBay -- Asphodel doesn't stand terribly well in them if her feet are together, but with a little creative posing, they work. The fit is secure but not so tight that you can't get them on and off.


      White angel boots from WeeThing -- I don't think the company is around anymore (at least their old site is dead), but they might still be findable on the secondary market. The low black ankle boots (also with wings) are super-cute, too. These are some of the best-fitting shoes I own for Unoa/Narae -- they were made with Unoas in mind.


      Black patchwork-leather DollHeart combat boots -- these are also perfectly-sized. (Sorry that so many of my shoes are out of stock/discontinued, I've been collecting for a while!)


      Black DollHeart calf-high boots -- these are a great fit, although it's a little hard for her to stand with the heel. These came in black, brown, white, and I believe pale pink.


      More in a minute!

      -- A <3
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    12. Luts black patent MNF-sized Mary Janes -- good fit, Unoas will stand well in them, although I had to punch an extra hole in the strap so that they fit tightly. These would be perfect with socks, a little loose with stockings or bare feet.


      I don't have any pictures, but I also have the similar style with an open back/back-strap -- those are too big, IMHO, and I don't know if I'll keep them (I'm too lazy to sell stuff, yikes!) Edit -- I'm wrong, I do have a picture -- Asphodel is wearing them, on the right. They're not a terrible fit, I'd just like them to be closer to the heel at the back.


      From left to right:
      DollHeart limited boots (came with the outfit) -- tight fit and hard to get on/off, but perfectly-scaled and lovely details.
      Luts Mary Janes referenced above.
      DollGa lace-up black/brown ankle shoes -- fabulous fit, love the style!
      Unoa high-heeled feet.
      DollGa black patent Mary Janes with pierced details -- again, love the fit. DollGa is a great company for Unoa/Narae shoes!


      Another look at the DollGa brown/black shoes:


      Luts MNF boots (perfect fit):


      Hope this is helpful!

      -- A :)
    13. Thanks Ashbet for all these shoe options. Are the Dollga shoes size GSM (67mm) or GSS (54mm)?
    14. They're the smallest size available (GSS, I guess?) . . . I screwed up and ordered the middle size (which turns out to be SD-size), and wound up having to do an exchange (which DollGa kindly permitted.) Don't make the same mistake I did, LOL!

      -- A <3
    15. I'm wondering if a DollZone MSD girl wouldn't fit the same shoos? Her foot should be 5.5cm

    16. My favorite super-cheap source of in-scale shoes for Unoa/Narae/Minisup is Teen Trends (Mattel). You can still find most of them on ebay, though not all of them fit and most are quite snug. Don't be afraid, just jam them on. ;) Here are a few of the many I have:

      India-style flats and black ballerina flats:

      Black knee boots:

      Beaded faux-thong sandals (don't clasp around ankle but looks ok):

      Brown slide-on sandals with mini sun

      Red slide-on sandals:

      Brown slide-on sandals with gold "studs":

      Black sandals with silver "studs" and thick sole....sorry, no pic.

      Strappy silver heels....sorry, no pic.

      Please note the various tennis shoes DO NOT fit and most of the closed, pointy-toe styles also DO NOT fit.
    17. [​IMG]
      I got these at Denver Doll, they got crushed during shipping, so they are a bit weird in the back still. But the fit is pretty good. I think a similar shoe is also sold by Castle Ann...
      These are by Wondermom.
      Dollheart MSD boots, great fit.
      These are also by Dollheart, as far as i can remember they were a good fit.