Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. I made Minjee a little hanbok and wanted to show it off. She's my space themed girl <3

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    2. Hello everyone!
      I need a help. What is Bimong’s “oriental” skin? I cannot find it in his web page :sorry
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    3. @Amfibrahij - You're welcome! I've visited Bimong's instagram a lot, and I knew I had seen a comparison there!
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    4. Just popping in with some September spam. I feel guilty for neglecting my naraes. T_T

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    5. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
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    6. Lovely picture! And Happy New Year!
    7. I Love all of your Narae’s! I can’t wait to get mine! Mine is the Limited Kitty N42c. Shes literally “In Transit!” I ordered her back in May for the last Pre-order. I still don’t see many out there even on Instagram and Flickr.....would love to see more compeatly finished.
    8. I am waiting on the limited Kitty one too. mine has not shipped yet and I ordered the first day. I keep checking the name lists but nothing yet. maybe next update. mine is oriental.
    9. Bimong mentioned something about the oriental skin recently. I believe the oriental was produced last but it shouldn't be long now.
    10. The first part of my order came in today! I can't believe how quickly it arrived - only 4 days in shipping!

      I bought the new body with the 406 head and the extra hands and feet in Pinky white skin. I LOVE the skin color - it is perfect, just what I wanted, not too dead white and not too pink.

      The other heads (including a 410 and the 6.5 Dandelion/Mindulrae heads) were not in the box, but I guess they are shipping separately. I'll confirm this with Bimong later.

      Anyway, the full doll and the parts are beautiful. There are some seam lines, but I think I can easily sand them away.

      The only problem I have is with one of the pairs of extra hands - the tips of two fingers on one hand are visibly yellower and darker than the rest of the hand, and the same thing has happened with one finger on the other hand. I haven't tried washing the color off yet (I'll do that tomorrow). All the other parts are fine, and the yellowing isn't horrible, but it is significant enough that when I first unwrapped the hand I thought her fingernails had been blushed.

      Has anyone else seen anything like this? I really hate to mention it to Bimong because he has been so kind, but I guess I should if I can't wash it off!
    11. I haven't seen any dicoloration. If it doesn't wash off you should ask him.

      The LE Dandelion head set comes in a nice cedar box, so they are shipped sepparately. The extra heads will probably fit in the box too
    12. Thank you @nancy_schroeder_ca!

      I'm sure you are right about the heads (I remember that the Dandelion heads come in a nice box).
    13. I'm a little confused : I know Bimong announced his retirement in April but I still see him constantly working on dolls on his Instagram. Are these all orders from the last preorder? Or is he back in business?
    14. Some of the videos show him working on orders from the preorder back in May/April/October.

      But he has also been working on a new SD (52cm) doll. She's a new version of his Mindulrae/Dandelion sculpt and will be available for purchasing sometime in January or February, according to his website posts.

      Even though he said he was going to retire, he can't seem to stop making dolls! I think he was originally retiring because of health problems (hand or arm issues) so maybe his health has improved enough to allow him to continue making dolls.

      Edited to add: he also had help to cast the dolls from the last preorder, so that might also have influenced his decision to keep on sculpting.

      He also mentioned in an interview on BJDplace that he was going to work on a new line of (if I remember correctly) 40-41cm dolls.

      Whatever his plan is, I hope he keeps making dolls. His work is so good!
    15. I was hoping for another list of shipped oriental skin dolls but nothing yet. Soon i hope. not that there will be nice weather for doing face ups anytime soon.
    16. I'm so sorry to bother anybody in here, I'm new well at least to posting, but I have been a bit anxious has enbody still hasn't received news of their doll. I ordered a narae40 big bust in normal skin tone, at first I didn't worry to much at first, until he send like 30 dolls and my name was not on any of the list. Does enyone by any chance knows if he still has dolls to send ?
      He seems that he is going to be very busy next month .
    17. I believe he still has dolls to send but I am sure you will get your doll. If you are worried send him a message. I find Instagram works well.
    18. Thank you, i will exercise some patience and wait a bit more before i ask him. I may have been just a bit nervous after that big update, she was supposed to be my very first bjd, but the souldoll juno i order later came first *_*, and now i'm completely, deeply, regretting not getting the head :atremblin on his last sale, a couple of months ago. I was that slow and now i'm scrambling to find a compatible head.