Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. Yes, he still has dolls to send. I haven't received any updates on my order either, so there's still more. And he keeps saying that his goal is to send all May18 preorders in January, so let's hope he can keep to that timetable.
    2. I'm still waiting too! I keep checking the site for updated lists but nothing recent yet. He does keep posting vids on Insta of him working on the new big girl though. she looks good so far.
    3. Today I received an email from Bimong with a photo of my EMS package. I ordered two oriental skin Naraes on May 16, which was pretty late (and I heard oriental skin was made last), so it's possible he is starting to reach the end of his orders.
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    4. @D795 the order period was from the 15th to the 31st, so you actually ordered on the second day xD

      I ordered on the first day and have a light tan skin and and oriental skin on the order... and I finally got an email yesterday that they'll be shipping next Monday \o/~
      The oriental skin likely delayed the order as a whole, but Bimong also asked in December what colour I want one of the extra parts, so I don't think that had been casted yet at that point.

      But I'm so excited~
      (And my bank account cries because the customs fees are going to kill)
    5. Hahaha I have been very calmly waiting since "I ordered late". Can't believe I got the order period dates so wrong. Thanks for letting me know!

      I've been worrying about customs fees too. Yikes!

      I look forward to seeing what clothes you will make for your girls. :)
    6. I've actually received my tan narae about a week ago, but with a new baby in the family, have not have chance to unbox.
    7. I just received my two oriental Naraes (with the best of luck too since I didn't get dinged by customs). I'm happy with the oriental skin, which to me is an ivory color, quite light and with no pink in it. I'm delighted with the shape of the new Narae40 body. I haven't got much experience with anything other than YoSDs, but I feel this body poses well.

      This was an impulse buy for me back in May and I felt less sure about it as time went on, but after seeing the girls I'm definitely keeping them.

      On a side note Bimong sure put a lot of cookies and candies in the doll box. :lol:
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    8. I just got one of my orders which had a pair of feet in oriental which I ordered to see the color. I really do like the oriental! Yes, the snacks are wonderful!
    9. Congrats on arrivals and notices! Please post pics here when you can.

      *crosses fingers for a notice soon*
    10. I'm still waiting. I ordered a tan girl. I know she'll arrive sooner or later.
    11. No luck still:pout: but congratulations on those that got their girls or notice:celebrate , is it because i may have order my girl with the big bobies?:lol: she is normal skin though.

      @Yenna congrats hopefully your customs fees aren't astronomical, i have hear horror stories about european customs :o.
    12. For those of you getting your oriental skin dolls in, did you get it on the old body or new? Mine is on the new body and I'm wondering if that is what is slowing things down. Otherwise I didn't get any extras, just head and body.
    13. The oriental skin Naraes which I just received are on the new body. I got one extra pair of hands, that's all.
    14. Well, then, maybe it was a good thing you thought you ordered late. :P I'm actually getting a Narae and a Narin (whose destiny is still a bit of a mystery, as he wasn't planned). My Narae won't be much for wearing a lot of clothes either. She'll be a partial mod. project and I really hope it works out, because I've really been looking forward to getting her.

      They'll be about 29% of the total value of the order, so I'd say astronomical enough. The only bonus is that Finnish customs are very consistent and I can calculate the fees down to the cent, so there are no surprises. I just have to be prepared beforehand (luckily I've had 8 months here).

      My oriental is actually a classic Narin so I don't know how that one fits into the speculation. xD I don't see that many Narin orders around...
    15. She arrived yesterday!!! So lucky I didn't start work until late so I could receive/assemble/play with her.


      The head is a Minisup Hayul. I think the size is perfect, and the resin is slightly more yellow but a very close match (it actually is less noticeable in indoor light).

      You know, I got several option parts and I thought one pair of hands (the ones in the photo, though the camera couldn't really catch it) looked slightly more yellow than the rest... I wasn't sure if it was just the fact that the parts are thinner than the torso and limbs and therefore reflect/refract light differently (the little elbow joint cup things also look lighter and less pink), or if I maybe accidentally got a pair of Oriental resin hands, or if it's just my imagination. It'll probably not show at all once she's got blushing and clothes (and honestly blends with the slightly-yellower Supia head nicely), but for now it's a tiny bit distracting and I'm not sure if I should ask Bimong about it? He's been super nice and communicated well and he's already sending me a replacement part for a torso piece that had a major casting error (the neck is completely plugged), so I don't want to bug him if I'm just imagining it.

      Edit: I did contact him, and he said the minor color difference (and it really is very minor) is just natural variation in the casting and it should even out with time.
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    16. My Dandeloion head in tan with wooden box and tan new body just arrived on the same day, though they shipped separately.
      The shipping emails were sent Jan 8 (larger) & 14 (smaller), and both packages arrived Jan 18 on the US east coast.

    17. @Kittzel - she looks beautiful! What a nice hybrid. I've heard that Supia and Bimong NS are a good match, and it sure looks like it!

      Bimong said the same thing when I asked him. In my case, it was only the tips of a few fingers that were slightly yellow (the rest of the hand matched perfectly in color). Blushing will cover it, I'm sure.

      @raggedyandroid - she is beautiful! I'm waiting for my Dandelion head - I have the body, but the character won't be really "here" until I have her head!
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    18. @Kittzel congratulations she looks fantastic and thanks for showing this hybrid i bought the body but i should have gotten a head :doh cause now i'm scrambling to find one that will match the body:atremblin. may i ask if that's the narae40 full bust body?:Dit's my first time seen it in pictures besides the ones in bimong account. i'm curious what tops would fit her since most of what's on the etsy market or otherwise is for fairyland msds or plain msds :pout: plus the narae full bust seems a bit bigger that minifee full bust, maybe iplehouse fashion doll tops would fit??

      @raggedyandroid that Dandelion in tan is so lush :aheartbea:aheartbea

      On this topic does anybody knows what bottoms will fit the narae40 body, i'm having a hard time finding pants or shorts for her and my souldoll new kids body :sweat, again awesome content for minifees but i bought some and well let's say i personally don't think they will get pass their thighs much less the booty :lol:
    19. @luckyhuh? Yes that's the large bust. Unfortunately I don't have a minifee to compare and haven't bought any clothes yet (i'm planning to make all mine), so I can't say what does or doesn't fit.
    20. If the new body full bust is close to the size of the classic large bust, you should try to look for clothes made for the unoa large bust. It's still slightly smaller than the Narae but much closer than mnf and I had fairly good luck with those when I had my large bust girl body in the past.