Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. Thank you so much @Yenna, I will hop on the unoa thread and see where can I get some.
    2. I get most pants for Narae from Brennil. Narin are a bit easier, because Tonner mens clothes fit.
    3. Got my shipping notice last night! Yay!
    4. My order is finally in the mail as well. There was a defective part that delayed the shipping for another week. Now I'm just hoping it'll arrive in Finland by tomorrow morning (should be a straight flight from Seoul) and that they'll put it right into customs so that I can pay and have a chance of getting it before the weekend. =___=;;

      Can't wait to get my hands on my girl!
    5. The Korean tracking site will show the flight number and when it departs the airport! 국제특급-EMS행방조회영문
    6. It does show the flight number but it's not that accurate. If it didn't make it today, it'll get on tomorrow or the next day, as that flight flies every day. That tracking just shows when it's been handed to the airport, not when it actually loads a plane. (Today's flight has landed hours ago, so either it didn't make it or it's still in a pile somewhere waiting for acceptance as sometimes there's delay). So, you really can't accurately estimate how many days it takes. It can be any number from 1-5 days in my experience before it actually shows up in our local tracking. So, all I can do is hope it's speedy and makes it before the weekend.
    7. Double post, but my order arrived today. <3


      The oriental skin is lovely and matches almost perfectly to my older D-Storic Narae. They're pretty much the same tone, but the oriental is a tad more pink -which will fade, so they'll probably end up pretty much the same colour. Just how I like it. :3 The light tan skin is also perfect, but I'm not 100% happy with what he's done with Naraes ankles though... The whole ankle ball disappears into the leg... it literally snaps in and doesn't separate even when the doll is unstrung. This makes the ankle have like zero movement and makes standing her a lot harder than any of my previous Naraes. I'll likely be sanding them quite a bit sometime. The Narin body is much less polished and has the old ankles and no stopper in the torso.. it likes to go into an arched back pose, unlike Narae whose default is a slight slouch. xD

      I hope I'll get to paint Naenia (Narae) tomorrow. As for the Narin, I have no idea what to do.
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    8. @raggedyandroid than you for the suggestion, but her/his seen to be dead :pout:.
      luckeegurl36 congratulations :dance
      Yenna They are are beautiful, that tan is lovely.:D

      So my body came about 3 days ago but it was a surprise because i didn't receive any kind of shipping email or notice and my name was not mention at all on the lists, but i'm glad she is finally here and Yep she is going to be a nightmare to dress:abambi:.
      Here is a quick toughs about the body.
      1-) Her resin feels a bit lighter than the new souldoll kids body, moreover the resin feels a bit more toothy than the souldoll as well.
      2-) Her shoulder joints and torso are awesome the range in her arms is fantastic :love
      3-) The torso is beautiful and probably one of the best big breast sculpt i have seen it looks natural and avoids the baby head or balloon syndrome.
      4-) the ability to pose is truly awesome.
      5-) Now i need to get a compatible head, i regret not getting the head but i was short on cash, and the price was scary at that time for a first time bjd owner like me, now that have a couple of months under my belt not so much:mwahaha:chomp:.

      Now, This girl would not stay straight, she would ether slouch like yenna says or her knee will bent, she just doesn't want to behave i guess:frownyblush: very rebellious :lol: in all seriousness i may have to re string her or i have to learn how to suede and wire *_*, i'm embarrass to say i may have been a bit spoiled by my souldoll body whose tension on the strings seen to be just right for a beginner like me, also may have to change the s hook from the head its big.
      also the hands have long s hooks than are difficult for me to change, since the elastic doesn't want to come out all the way.
      i can see some small color discrepancy on her knees compare to the rest of the body a bit more pinkishhh but not very noticeable, There are two small pink dots on her butt, otherwise she is fantastic:love.
      Ok this is the last think on my mind but i wish the thighs were a bit more shapely and define???, compare to the beautiful definition of the calves they seem a bit pain, one of the reason i though of getting a fairyland or a minifee for my first bjd was because the thighs are so aesthetically pleasing lol i apologize i am weird like that but the calves are unnaturally curved inward i can only think of bow legged syndrome:sorry otherwise i am soooo happy and pleased with this body, that the long wait seems not to be so bad.

      P.S sorry for the long post, rambles and typos. I need to learn how to post pictures so i can do a comparison between my new souldoll kids body, the model delf that its coming soon and the sadol cute40, im planing to get this or next month :chomp::chomp:.
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    9. I have a question about the new narae body that I'm hoping someone here can answer :lol: I've seen a few posts here and there about her posing abilities, can anyone tell me if she's able to squat? :) Thank you!
    10. Imo he strings the dolls with string that is too thin. The arm string is especially ridiculous and I wanted to change it into much thicker one but a lot thicker doesn't fit so I experimented a bit. Once the string is better quality and thicker, it doesn't have to be so tight and you'll be able to easily change the hands and feet. I really recommend a string change before going into any of the other options. Well, I usually also like to pliver suede my dolls, but my Narae will be in water quite a bit, so I didn't do that with her (but the Narin torso definitely needs some). If you have replacement string available (good quality, with a good 'bounce') you can just cut the old strings to avoid fighting with them any further. I actually had to cut the body string on both because they were strung so that the arm string was inbetween and the string got stuck on it once I let the head go (didn't even attempt my usual feet off first because they were so tight). I think I used 3,5mm string for the body and something a bit thinner for the arms (2,5mm maybe?). What I had wasn't very good quality for the arms but there are so many silicone bits inside that they pose well anyway.
    11. Well... sort of. She can certainly get in the position, but the one really weak point in mobility is the ankles. (I guess that's why he offered separate basic, heel, and point feet, because basic ones can't flex or point to save their life.) I think if she had heel feet and high-heel shoes on, it might give the right angle to maintain a squat? But I don't have any shoes for her to test that.

      Here's a selection of poses she can do:

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    12. I'm semi-finished with my Naenia for now. I still need to find her a better quality wig and take nicer photos, but I'm so so happy with her. (And well, actually I also need to sand her ankles if I want her to use the human feet.) She's a hybrid with the fairyland seahorse tail. x3

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    13. @Yenna WOW this is the most unique and beautiful Narae I’ve ever seen. The color combination is just stunning! I’m so impressed with your hybrid skill as well.

      I can’t imagine how you can take better photos than this. :) Come back and show us.
    14. I received some of my Narae back from getting their face ups. It's nice to have them in hand but I need to get some wigs and eyes in appropriate sizes. Bimong says 10mm eyes but I find them too small for the eyewells and you can see some putty show through the eye openings. I think 12mm, perhaps with a small iris, would work better.
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    15. Does anyone know of decent resin matches for pinky white skin? :) I tried to look through resin match threads but most images were so old they no longer work.
    16. My girls came in earlier this week! I can't find most of my MSD/1/4 doll clothes and accessories (a lot of stuff is still packed up). I'm hoping to start working on their face ups sometime in March or April. But I want to try to make them wigs.

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    17. I won a Narae N404 head from Bimong giveaway! I was going to buy a girl body for her, but decided to try it on my Dollshe Fashion Arsene body. The head is NS and a little lighter than the body. Arsene is Oriental but I was be able to match it with blushing! And I love the proportion!
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    18. That's a great hybrid! The proportions are very good.
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    19. Since the last dolls are getting ready to ship, it means my girl should be home soon. I can't wait. :D
    20. all these beautiful pictures are reminding me of 10 years ago when I was in love with Narae! and now I want a classic Narae more than ever haha xD can someone explain to me how to order from Bimong? how often does he take orders??

      I do own a Narae doll (she's back home though not with me right now so I only have old pictures)
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