Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. I'm not sure when or if he will offer Narae again but they are showing up in the marketplace. You need to apply for market place access. The instructions are in Rules, Marketplace Rules.
    2. yeah I just came back to DoA after a long hiatus and it seems like I have to wait for a bit before reapplying to the marketplace! hopefully I'll be able to find a Narae then ^^;
    3. I love seeing all the beautiful dolls as they have been arriving! My own Narae arrived end of November and got back from her faceup with @rianne last week. She's PERFECT! I seriously could not be more in love with my girl.

      This is Isolde
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    4. she's so beautiful!! good job styling this girl :loveI love how the colors are dark but somehow very colorful at the same time :aheartbea
    5. @Diana92 thank you! She is really special and I feel very lucky to have her!
    6. @malvinas Congratulations on getting your Narae! She's very pretty, I love the dark lips. :D

      I noticed that in the comments of one of his latest instagram posts Bimong is saying that he'll be making new versions of Narin & Narae in about three months time. I have conflicted feelings about this, as while I'm eager to see what he makes next... I really love his Classic style dolls a lot, too. ;__; :aheartbea

      Sadly I wasn't able to participate in last year's May pre-order to get a Narin on the Classic style body (I had been hoping for so many years that he'd bring back the original body and of course with my luck it happened during a time when RL took priority over the hobby) so it kinda feels like I didn't get "closure" in a sense. Not that it's the artist's fault, he has every right to decide what he wants or doesn't want to make. It just makes me sad that I couldn't get a doll that I really wanted. *sigh* I was also hoping on a tan Narae with the N406 faceplate on the new body... and I kinda had also wanted to rebuy my N401 and N411 heads in another skintone, too, but alas... I guess I'll have to see how the new dolls look like and hopefully I might like them. But a part of me is a bit worried because I wasn't really a fan of how he renewed the 60cm Narin, as I'm not really into muscular male dolls (I prefer my boys more on the lean side). ^^; But well, I suppose I shouldn't pass judgement until I actually see the new dolls.

      I've been meaning to redo the face ups of my Hisoka (N401), Saki (N412) and Yun Hee (N416) because they've faded/chipped over the years. For a while we had a really nice winter here in Finland, but of course now that the days are finally a bit longer and I'd feel like doing some painting for a chance, the weather got really windy and humid. -__-;;; I haven't felt like taking photos of them because I want to redo the face ups. I actually can't even remember the last time that I took photos of any of them, ahah... :sweat
    7. Yay! Bimong just sent me a photo of my small Dandelion and 410 heads, and they should ship in a few days! They are in pinky-white skin, if anyone is curious.

      Now I just need to decide if I'm going to buy faceup materials and attempt to paint them myself, or send the heads to an artist. Tough decision!
    8. Would love to see your Dandelion when you get her. Unfortunately missed out on this beauty.
    9. My kitty girl has been shipped! So at this point she may be here on Monday/Tuesday. <3
    10. I received mine a while ago and had a quick look. But only today got more time to opened the rest of them. And some of my orders are the wrong colour, the sleeping head and the extra hand part. Ordered pink normal but got tan instead. I guess mix colour order is confusing :(

      Not sure what to do.
    11. @marxwyn - contact Bimong! If you can message him on Instagram, he will answer very quickly. I've talked to him several times with questions. You could also email him - if you didn't get an email from him with shipping information, I have the email he used to send me my tracking number.

      Send him a copy of your order, so he can see what the colors should be. He works hard for his customers, and I'm sure he will make it right for you.
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    12. My kitty girl was just delivered a little bit ago! I can't open her until I get home (leaving here in an hour) and then I'll have photos to share. Yay!
    13. I received my own Narae 40 body secondhand today! I'm absolutely in love, my only really complaint is that you can't utilize all the joints in certain clothes so I'll have to be picky about how to dress her. I'm hoping to find a supia head to complete her but I'm so happy to have one of my own! :D
    14. I received my Dandelion heads today! Here's a first photo of the 6.5" Dandelion and the new Narae body. I really love this skin color (pinky white).

      [​IMG]Bimong Dandelion 6.5&quot; by StellaMarigoldArt, on Flickr

      The wig and dress are both too big (I made them for another doll) but she had to wear something!

      I also have some 7" Dandelion heads, so here's a comparison. The smaller Dandelion has a differently shaped head (the sides slope out a bit more at the top) and her eyes are slightly more detailed, but they are otherwise exactly the same as far as I can tell! I love them both.

      On a side note, in case it helps anyone, I received some Doll Legend MSD hands in Normal Pink today and they are so close in color to Bimong's pinky white! They are a slightly pinker, but since they are so new I'm sure they will mellow over time and match perfectly.
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    15. She is absolutely gorgeous!
    16. I received my violet skin Narae yesterday!
      She is SO gorgeous!
      The violet skin kind of looks different in different lighting,
      under warmer light, the violet seems more of a dark tan
      under cooler light, the skin looks greyer
      but under a well balanced warm/cool light, the "violet" reveals itself :D

      I've been so mesmerized by her beauty and just couldn't stop playing with her haha
      So far I only took some phone pictures and uploaded on my IG
      Hopefully I'll get to take pictures of her with the nicer camera my bf has soon :wiggle
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    17. I saw the pictures, gosh that resin colour is breathtaking!! I love how it changes in the light, and I'm so glad to finally see one of the dolls in the violet resin. Congratulations!
    18. @StellaMarigold wow dandelion in gorgeous. And does not look white at all, nice colour. Oh and thank you :hug: for your suggestion re: wrong colour parts. He is in japan at the moment but he will send me again in the colour ordered. ♡

      he is also reworking narae and looks like there's a good chance there'll be another preorder! (But you guys probably know this too :blush)
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    19. Thank you @marxwyn and @bugs6946!

      Dandelion is so pretty! And the pink white skin is a very nice natural pale "normal skin." Bimong mentioned on his website that he's discontinuing the shade and creating a new one, "milk white," for the new 52cm Dandelion, but I'm sure that will be a very nice color, too. He seems to make good color choices.

      I'm glad to hear that it will all work out @marxwyn! I hope you get the right color pieces very soon!

      @LuckyXIII - your kitty girl is very cute in those clothes! I love the little cat on her shirt!