Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. I have a good few questions about Narae, sorry for asking so many!

      What is the difference between versions 1 and 2 of the new narae 40 bodies? I read that some had silicon string, was there any other differences?
      If only 100 were made of them, does that mean 100 total including the different skin tones, or 100 of each? How can he be making more if they were limited, or would it be a new doll?
      Thanks in advance!
    2. The version 2 body was an upgrade of the version 1 body. The knees and ankles were improved. There may have other changes also. I would have to get them both out and compare them.

      The silicone string looked like an improvement but it turned out to not be as durable as elastic and he switched back to using elastic. It was used only on the early version 2 dolls. I am sure the limit of 100 applies to the version 2 body in all colors.

      The new Dandelion that will be offered soon is on an entirely new body. She will be 52cm tall. The current Narae is 43cm.
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    3. Hi, @MaudMAryFlynn - I'll try to help with your questions!

      There are some slight differences between versions 1 and 2 of the new body. For example, version 2 doesn't have small caps over the ankles and wrists, the thigh ball pieces have more narrow slits, the elbows and knees are different, etc. Here's a photo from Bimong's Instagram indicating at least some of the changes. I remember reading that some people had trouble with the knees in the first version (they buckled easily, apparently).

      (The tan body is Version 1, the pale body is Version 2):
      bimong on Instagram: “Narae40body limited 100 Before & after upgraded Order starting at midnight on Sunday.…”

      I believe that some of the Version 1 dolls were shipped with silicone stringing, but mine (Version 2) was shipped with regular elastic, although there are some silicone inserts in the thighs, neck, etc. for better posing.

      I am pretty sure "100 limited" means limited to 100 in total, including all the different skin tones. I don't know if he ever actually reached 100 before he discontinued that body, however.

      Bimong has stated in several places that he wants to redo the Narae 40 range. I'm assuming he's going to be making entirely new bodies, but I could be wrong! He might be going to adapt the existing bodies in some way. I just got the impression it was going to be a new series.
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    4. @nancy_schroeder_ca , @StellaMarigold Thank you both so much, your answers were super helpful!
      Did anyone here get the separating chest part? It's an interesting concept but I think I prefer the built in one.
      I got a pinky white body in the other day and just purchased a oriental skin 402 full doll, both seem to be the version 2 :)
      If I can get my hands on a tan 42c I can die happy :lol:

      These are my first ever Naraes, I never got into them because I found their bodies.. leaving something to be desired. It's quite exciting to be able to enjoy them, since stumbling upon a narae on eBay was how I discovered bjds!
      I've got a unoa head on my pinky white body for now, maybe if I can catch some daylight for good photos I can share them tomorrow.
    5. Gave Kitty a face up. May add more later but I have a meet up on Sat so I'll wait until after that incase I mess it up.
      [​IMG]2019-03-14 17.52.51 by Heather, on Flickr
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    6. It feels so good to have a N404 girl again!

      This is HaNeul sporting a sloppy face-up done by me. I should have taken my time with her, but I didn't. OTL
      I'll probably do something similar (but *ahem* neater) when I redo her face-up. However, I feel like she needs something else added. I know I want to try to add hair lines (brows and lashes) with gouache instead of watercolor pencil so they'll stand out a bit more. But I feel like that won't quite be enough? Any suggestions? I want to keep her sweet, soft expression.
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    7. I think she is beautiful as she is. Very soft looking.
    8. @bugs6946 thank you! But it's pretty bad. I think I just managed to hide a lot of the problems with the wig.

      I used an airbrush to seal her face-up and unfortunately I think I was too close AND over-sprayed. There's a spot where the sealant dripped and took some of the pastel around her eye with it. One of her cheeks looks like she has a sunburn. And her eyeshadow was smeared.

      That being said, I do want the next face-up to be similar to this one. Just neater.

      ETA: Here's what her face-up looked like before I sealed her. ;-;
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    9. I do like her soft face up!
    10. Here's a different crop from my recent outdoor photoshoot of my light tan N42C.


      I see on instagram it looks like Bimong is sculpting a new 41cm girl body. I'm hoping it fits the existing heads as I have a floating head I'd like to have its own body.
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    11. Wow, she's beautiful!!! Great photo! :)
    12. I don't think I ever got to share a photo of my girl here on DoA. Her name is Fay and she's a Narae 410 :aheartbea


      She's supposed to be a fox, but I haven't bought her a pair of ears or a tail yet.. :sweat
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    13. Calfuray, she's beautiful
    14. @Calfuray Oh so pretty! I hope to see her with her ears and tail too. :D

      The snows have finally melted and weather's gotten warmer so that I was able to take better photos of my newest hybrid girl:

      I'm so going to travel there again in the next few days (I hope for nice weather tomorrow) to take some more, because this was so much fun. I posted more to the gallery.
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    15. @bugs6946 thank you so much :aheartbea

      @Yenna thank you! Your girl is truly stunning too! Is that a Fairyland tail?
    16. @Calfuray What a dreamy shot!

      @Yenna, I adore your hybrid <3 Her colors are just superb.

      I dragged my little rescue narae out and did some of the heavy modding work she needed (internal stuff, nothing you can see here). Next step is freshening up her aesthetics a bit I think.

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    17. @scripple I love that shot. She looks like she's in the jungle!
      @Calfuray what a lovely portrait of your girl. She looks divine!
      @Yenna I took a look at your gallery thread for more pictures of your mermaid girl and they are stunning. It looks like you both had fun playing in the water.
      @rianne can't wait to see what else you do with her. She looks so sweet.


      I repainted all my Naraes yesterday. I had been trying to sell the modded N406 on and off for the past three years, but she's staying now. I love her new face-up. The last one I gave her wasn't very flattering to the sculpt so this one is much better! I just have to figure out her name. Any suggestions? I'm looking for Korean names.

      This is actually HaNeul's (N404) third face-up. I really like how it turned out and I think I'm going to keep this face-up on her.

      Regarding the olive skin: In person it is a very lovely color, but it's hard for my phone camera to pick up the color accurately. It usually shows up pinker or more orange than it is in real life. It doesn't match any doll I've ever owned.
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    18. She looks like a Hye-jin to me. ^^

      Finally got my little rescue put back together and refreshed. Meet Tanit, my sole narae these days. X3

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