Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. Sorry to spam, but here's a better photo of Tanit <3

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    2. @Jordana Thank you! I love photographing her. <3
    3. Hey guys! Dropping by to ask for your help once again. I just saw on the website that the new Narae Fusion body is available, with an option for the sleeping head, and a different set of skin tones that I do not remember being available last time I visited. My current Narae is a "white skin" (Korean Ivory in her certificate) from D-Storic, but as some of you may know, D-Storic has been notorious for fudging up skin colors between batches, so she's lighter than other pink D-storic's ivories. :sweat And since she's from 2013, she may have mellowed and lost her pinkiness if she had any to begin with.
      I'm trying to see whether the oriental skin Bimong is offering could better match my current girl, since the normal skins all seem to have a pink/red undertone. Has this skin color been offered before? Could someone provide picture examples please? Its a long shot to ask for comparisons with a D-Storic white skin, but any info on the oriental skin from someone who has it would be really helpful ^^ Thank you!
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    4. The oriental is a very pretty pale color, a little lighter than the classic normal and not pink. I think it would be a good choice. I have some feet I ordered to see the color and D-Storic Ivory but not D-Storic white.
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    5. I have a D-storic Ivory girl from 2012 before they started making it really pink and then split it into yellow and pink. So, I'm not sure if she's close to yours, but the oriental is a near perfect match to my girl. It's slightly more pink but that will fade fairly soon. My friend also has a nice comparison entry of the different D-Storic Ivory tones and my girl is definitely closest to the Ivory from 2012 and Ivory yellow tones from 2013. I think she originally had a slight pink undertone but that's long gone.

      The blank Narin is oriental skin from this year and the Narae is my D-Storic ivory girl from 2012.

      If all normal skins are too pink for you, then this is definitely the option. It's a beautiful pale tone that ages really well. It's been offered several times already in the past few years, but for some reason it's not popular at all.
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    6. Thank you both for the info! :blush @Yenna Your friends post was really helpful!! I think I'm going to take the plunge and place an order for the fusion body in oriental skin, but get a 3 part layaway because its really not easy on the wallet :XD: Worst case scenario, if the body is a little on the pinkish for my Narae, I'll mellow it out a bit in the sun.

      I hope the body proves to be as good a poser as the photos. I was really impressed by the first version of Bimong's Narae60s but it proved to be really heavy, clunky, and a huge headache to pose because of the triple joints. And I'm excited to finally get the sleeping head as I've wanted one in a colour closer to my current Narae for so long and didn't want to get an entirely new doll and repaint it. On one of Bimong's instagram posts, he mentions there will be 3 different sleeping heads soon too :D
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    7. I ordered Narae 402 faceplate with fusion body in light tan. I'm exited, she's been one I thought I'd only admire for long and not buy. I'm quite exited and thinking about her clothes. I think Minifee could be a good fit?
    8. @Chamillia You're welcome ^^
      @xaya Congrats! MNF clothes will be too small unless they stretch. At least the classic body is more Unoa sized than mnf, and I assume the hybrid body is the same. All her measurements are a bit bigger than mnfs.

      I've been taking some underwater practise shots of Nae and posted a collage of them to the gallery. Preview:
      The rest can be found in the gallery thread. <3
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    9. @Yenna Thanks for the tip on the clothes, I somehow thought she'd be smaller than Unoa but I like that size too. :) And I already have plenty of things around I'm sure some of it will fit her, just try them on then. And your underwater photos must be hard to photograph since the sand are floating but they surely are beautiful! <3
    10. Beautiful shots over on that thread :D What a brave shoot! How'd you get the wig to stay on and not float away?
    11. I just love your girl at the right, she is amazing :o

      Personally, I just ordered the new fusion body for my N410's head, in old normal skin ! I am so excited to see my girl become alive *___* I think this new body is really great, I love bimong work !

      @xaya I thought too, that the new fusion body fits with Minifee clothes ! I think shoulders are the same, the feet too ... Maybe some clothes will fit ! I hope so ^^
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    12. Nice to hear that people has ordered new fusion bodies! Please, post a lot of pictures when they arrive! :D

      I am so tempted to order one too with 402 faceplate that I love. The new body seems so nice and would fit nicely with my other dolls by it´s size. I am also waiting forward to see the new 38cm body that Bimong mentioned on his IG. Maybe that will be more minifee sized?
    13. I agree with you, it seems amazing, so I am very excited ! Oh yeah I just saw he talked about a 38 cm new body ! In reality I don't know when he says 41 cm if it's with or without the head ? In all cases, I am sure there will be only a little difference between those two bodies ! What I like, is that the bodies have long legs ahah, I love long legs on doll, it's so pretty *-*
    14. [​IMG]
      I settled on a look for LeighAnn a while ago. I plan on blushing her and the other girls' hands once my workspace is set up. I'm really excited as I've never blushed hands before. Narae hands are so expressive anyway, I hope I'm able to do them justice.
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    15. @taixonay LeighAnn is lovely! I need to get some of my dolls together!
    16. Is there a chance that Bimong might create a dandelion head again for the MSD Narae? I would love to have one. Don't use Instagram or anything else but facebook and the web. TIA
    17. I don't believe Bimong ever made a Dandelion head for the MSD Narae body. But you never know what he will do in the future! The new 53cm head is not a lot bigger than the MSD Narae head. I would compare them but all three of my new heads are off at the spa.
    18. Thanks Nancy