Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. @nancy_schroeder_ca , thank you so very much for taking the time to answer, this is great news. Really, you are an angel to give me some hybriding advice as well - can you read my mind?^^ Because I was secretely wondering if Supia would work, I love their bodies so much. I would be overjoyed to see my quest for Narae come to a happy ending after all these bad experiences.
    2. I don't have easy access to the parts anymore so no photos, but the hands looked awkward to me. They technically fit in the socket at least. He posted photos recently of his jointed hands and I assume they are similarly sized. You can judge for yourself if those proportions bother you and ask him if the magnetic ones are the same size ball.

      The feet were a total lost cause though. They would not even stay in the ankle socket unless they were pointing directly down (as in soles parallel to calves) as that let the hook slide into the groove on the feet and made for the least tension on the elastic. Any other position and they just snapped out of joint.
    3. How do layaways work when buying these dolls? I see where it says you can pay two or three times, but can’t find any info on how the whole process works...
    4. You would have to send a message on the website with your Order number and let Bimong know that you would like to do a layaway for your order, he would then send you a invoice with Paypal each month.
    5. There is a payment option on the more expensive items now I did look back at a layaway I did and he did sent invoices.
    6. Thanks guys. I actually ended up dm’ing him on Instagram to ask. Wow is he super friendly! Very pleased with my interactions with him so far. :):love
    7. Wow it is really helpful. Thank you very much for your answer, now i need to think if i want to take some risk or not xD
    8. How long does Bimong keep his dolls up for sale? I saw the listing for the Narae basic set and really like it, but need to save up another month first before starting payment. I couldn't seem to find where he says how long the listing would last on instagram or on the site?
    9. Can anyone recommend sites where I might be able to purchase a kimono for my MSD Narae
    10. Alice's Collections or maybe Etsy for MSD size clothing, seems like Minifee size might fit our Narae, but I have not tried any outfits yet, been busy working and had no dollie time.
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    11. I can finally come in here and say hi. My Tegan, a 412 hybrid girl came!


      Here is the box opening if you care to see more pictures.
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    12. Congratulations on your new Narae. They have such beautiful faces.
    13. [​IMG]
      A little more pic spam of Tegan. There is more of her and her sister in the gallery.

      @bugs6946 Thank you, I'm enjoying her immensely!