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Narae resin match for WS AOD? Narin match for Limho?

Jan 28, 2008

    1. Does anyone know if one of the Narae/Narin skintones matches well enough with the White Skin (WS) Angel of Dream (AOD) bodies?

      If not, can you recommend matching skintones of heads from other companies with mature mini sculpts?


      Also added that I'd like to know if Narin skintone goes well with Limho and if so, which type?
    2. Here there are links to a Unoa faceplate on Kaye headback plus AOD white skin body:

      Some others have used the AOD normal skin body for Unoa hybrids. Faceplates from the preorder in early 2007 seem to be pinker than usual. The faceplates on the hybrid linked above seem to be less pink.

    3. Thanks so much for the link - they're beautiful!
      Although Unoa is nice, my ideal would be Narae. Any chance for info on a Narae match? Or should I infer that if Unoa works then a certain skintone of Narae will too?
    4. I am interested in this information as well. Does anyone have a Narae/Narin hybrid or have a Narae and dolls from other companies to compare the skintones?
    5. I know this is a year old but....I was wondering if anyone knows of a resin match for the golden beige Narae? The Mini Fee isn't yellow enough and the bobobie is too pink. Any other Ideas? I can't keep buying bodies and testing them out. Help!!
    6. You should check out this thread and ask there as well. :)