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Narae Skintone VS Unoa Skintone

Dec 25, 2005

    1. I was thinking of getting a Narae and putting a Unoa Large bust part on her, has anyone tried this, or considered whether it would match/fit?


    2. I think Narae might be too pink unless you go with the beige skintone.. i think it might work. Unoa resin has a yellow tint to it, so pinky white and snow white wouldn't work very well, imho.

      I put an unoa large bust on a serendipidy sharmin- you are most likely going to have to do some modifications. I had to carve and sand the inside of the large bust torso to have it fit on the sharmin waist.
    3. Thank you! ^_^ I haven't seen either in RL really, so that really helps to know:) I was all set for a Unoa Lusis, but Narae is really so lovely:)

      hmm... I have seen the Sharmin that you modified and she looked lovely! <3 Thank you for the inspiration. I am hoping that it won't be too much work, otherwise I will just give up the idea of putting a large bust on NaraeT.T
    4. The resin is totally different. I have a doll of that French Resin and it's very different from the other resins. Plus, the joint on the Narin is low....the Unoa joint is higher.
    5. Oh, 'scuse me for barging in but here is my latest shots of the skin tones for both 60 and 43 cm Narae and Narin


      I am a Unoa owner as well; I have both the normal Unoas as well as a white.
      I adore them both, but it's a misconception that the Unoa and Narin doll are interchangeable.

      Of course I have compared them in all ways, side by side, and find them to be very different dolls. The resin is one very dramatic difference. In the Unoa, the resin is opaque (can't see thru it) and without spray it is shiny and smooth in texture and quite heavy. The Narin dolls are made of a translucent French resin which gives them not only a glowy look (the sun goes thru the hands, as well as their heads just a little bit) but also a matte texture. When you put them side by side the difference is quite dramatic.

      In addition, there are dramatic differences in the sculpts (though to read older comments on this board from those who didn't even see them in person, you'd think they were popped out of the same mold! Quite an untrue rumor!!). The Narin dolls are taller, have longer necks, different head sculptures, different head construction, different torsos, more slender legs and hips, and different feet types. Hands, arms are different as well. The hip joints are totally different in that the Unoa has a pin which stops movement for posing, as well as glued in ball joints on top of the hips. The Narin doll has no pin, as well as unglued tops. Having no pin allows the Narin doll to assume a greater variety of poses. Currently the Narin dolls do not have moveable eyes. But in the past they had a device which allowed the owner to move them *using a magnet* from outside the doll...whereas the Unoa of course has an eye gimmick *using a lever on the head.* Moveable eyes have been around a long time, perhaps several hundred years. I'm also a vintage doll collector, and I don't see the big deal here. I doubt those old doll companies would make such a fuss.

      I could go on and on with the differences... but to wrap it up, I would not put a Unoa big milk part onto a Narae.... I doubt it would fit, the resin is dramatically different, and it would also look really out of proportion with a more slender doll.

      I know.. bummer. My suggestion is, get a Narae and pad her bra. We won't tell. LOL
    6. Yah!
      I've had both dolls... In fact I sold my Unoa 'cause she couldn't hold a candle to Narae resin-wise.

      Unoa's resin: opaque and yellowish/ivory
      Narae's resin: glowing and translucent (whichever color)

      I had a white Narae... but I couldn't see ANY Narin doll resin matching colors with Unoa (I used to have a Sist).

    7. Catrina,
      I lurve you! you are absolutely the most amazing dolly lover who happens to help other people get their lovelies!

      Thank you:) I guess I would be investing in a wonderbra for my future girl then, since the resin match would probably be horrendous;_;
      I will definitely be coming to you once I can decide on a skincolor and faceup~

      Thank you very very much!!!! <3

    8. Raven :D
      I did NOT pay you for that testimonial. LOL

      I think the BJD world is big enough for both, and benefits from both of course. I LOVE owning both. But let's please remember they are different dolls and not interchangeable. Both creators are brilliant geniuses and we owe them that recognition.
    9. You are welcome!

      Knock whenever you are ready to get your girl.

      Helping others get their dollies makes me happy.
    10. As a long time owner of both Unoa and Narin dolls, I have to chime in my own two bits here.

      If you are going to group the Narin and Unoa into the same collective "gene pool", why not add Sharmin and Minifee, after all they are all the same, right? WRONG! They are all like a mixed bag of candy; they are all sweet in their own way, yet totally different from one another.

      I love both dolls very much, but there are distinct differences and their parts are definatly not interchangable.
      To start with, when I stand them up side by side, Narae is taller and has a long slender neck, while Unoa has a shorter, thicker neck. Unoa has a kind of a "shelf around their lower waist part, while Narae is smooth. Narae has a more curvier, more developed upper body, more like a 13 year old, while Unoa's upper body is like maybe like a 10 year old, but their alternate part is more like an adult and on the poor little Unoa it looks like a child had implants.
      I can go on and on about the differences...
      Like I said, very, very different dolls...

    11. Quote Dollyholic:
      I am a Unoa owner as well; I have both the normal Unoas as well as a white.
      I adore them both, but it's a misconception that the Unoa and Narin doll are interchangeable.

      Photos would be nice...^^
      Let's see the pics of your Unoas and the Narin dolls....so we can see the resins together.
      The resin is different...not the colour, however, that maybe tough to match, too.
    12. I think both the color and the texture/ nature of the resin is different.

      I think it would be difficult to photograph the resins and capture the opacity vs. translucency as well as the colors. It's truly something I didn't understand until I held the dolls in my hands and was able to see them.

      Again, I love both dearly and my point in the posts was that they are not interchangeable. Although they are both in the mini category.
    13. I agree, Noriko.

      Actually in the latest pre-order I got both my Unoas with big milk parts. Since the Unoa girls have thicker thighs and wider hips, I think the big milk part looks more in proportion for them (but of course the breasts are huge yet who can resist the fun?). On Narae though, the big milk part sized breasts would look way out of place. The ones Narae comes with are what Steph G. calls "champagne glass sized." Very womanly and sexy but not into the Anna Nicole Smith range. Again, I love 'em both! :D
    14. Catrina, no photos? I'd love to see them together....for comparison sake. ^^
    15. I have mixed feelings about this. Let me know your thoughts, but I'm not sure if it would be very professional of me to show other brands of dolls next to the ones I have available. I think despite the fact I am a collector and lover of both brands, some might misconstrue my intentions and start to flame me for comparing them. My mission is only to give information and let people know they should not buy Unoa parts for their Narin dolls, and vice-versa...they'd be terribly disappointed with the results.

      Again, i love both... it's a bit like asking me to take pictures of two of my kids to compare them (eek!).

      I imagine in the future we will see shots with comparisons from owners.
      Please don't think I'm wimping out.
      :- )
    16. There is a regular Unoa Sist now next to a snow white Narae in Gallery now.
      Both owned by Kittytoes.

      You can see how different the dolls are in scale (head, legs wider in the Unoa, etc.). Of course they are undressed, but you can get an idea.


    17. Thanks for letting us know..:D
      I'm interested in that so I can't tell really if it's ok ro not for sure. Or rather I have no idea how ppl feel about it.
      In my opinion yes it's ok.. You're not testing them or judge.. just one shot of skintones.. that's really nothing bad just statement of a fact..
    18. Yeah, I don't think it would work because of the difference with the resin. Of course with the new Unoa 1.5 bodies we're not really sure about the resin...supposedly it's a pinker tone. Plus Narae looks so young already...it might look awkward.

      While Narin are not from the same mold as Unoa, I think it's safe to say that the artist of Narin was definitely strongly inspired by Araki's work imho.

    19. Zalem, you are right that there seems to be quite a bit of influencing going on in the MSD sized dolls. The photos here really are shocking:

      I'm not sure if it's a case of two countries side by side, or lots of ferocious competition, but anyone off the street might think they were all made by the same company!

      For myself, I have both Unoa and Narin dolls, and I love both. I think those who have Narin dolls will back me up that you can't really tell what a doll is all about until you hold it and see how it works, moves and feels. I feel in person-- side by side comparison-- the differences are quite striking. Hopefully I can get to some conventions this year with my guys so everyone can give them a taste test.