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Narae Unoa Hybrids Resin Color matches

Jul 14, 2008

    1. I was wondering if a Narae head would fit on a Minifee active line body. Any suggestions?

      ......mod notes........

      This is a discussion thread to find other bodies that work with Narae or Unoa faceplates. Some company resin colors have changed so be aware of that for hybrids.
    2. I am making this thread specifically as a reference for people looking for good resin matches when making Unoa or Narae/Narin hybrids. I will keep adding as I find more stuff and I hope others will add information about the face plate version and bodies they've matched it with, specifically relating to color rather than other mods. My hope is to have the information in one concise thread so I dont have to redo my research on matches through threads hundreds of pages long... Photos appreciated!

      The 1.5s are just slightly pinker than the 1.0s.

      Unoa B-el (1.5) on Cherish Hope girl body normal skin($136) - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2245925&postcount=94

      l-bi on a latidoll blue body in normal skin ($200) - perfect match - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1864616&postcount=39

      Unoa with Angel of Dream normal resin ($130) - good match - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2277238&postcount=111
      & http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2315868&postcount=87
      Unoa - Angel of Dream http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2979008&postcount=192

      Unoa with Bobobie normal skin ($108) - good match - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3273334&postcount=787

      Unoa 1.5 with minisup regular urethane resin normal skin (Supia doesnt sell bodies separately) - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2249692&postcount=98

      Sist 1.0, pretty close in color to the Limhwa body but not a perfect match; Limhwa is whiter. There is a difference in the quality of the resin; Limhwas are French resin, somewhat translucent, very different to Unoa resin which is more plasticky. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92701

      Unoa with Dollzone normal ($198)

      Unoa with Dollmore but I dont know which Dollmore skin tone...

      Unoa 1.0 on old Sharmin normal resin body

      Unoa 1.5 on Lati bodies
    3. I have been searching like a mad person for compatible tanning resins for the Narae Urethane. Does anyone know of any bodies that match the tanning Narindoll Urethane? I saw pictures of the Narae next to Limhwa the other day and that definitely does not work, not even a little bit.

      Also, I will want a Narae classic or open eye in the snow white or pinky white urethane in the future and would love more suggestions on hybrid-suitable bodies that match (Bobobie, ResinSoul and Angel of Dream specifically).
    4. I have a White Narae head on a White Bobobie body and the match is nearly perfect. Having also seen the AOD WS in person (though not physically comparing it to Narae WS) I can vouch that it would NOT be a good match. The AOD white has more of an ivory tone to it.

      I actually have several Narin/Narae and one Unoa hybrid in the works and will be posting a thread for them in the next few weeks. I think a lot of people will be interested to see how well they work! :-)

      - Virginia
    5. ForeverVirginia, I am DEFINITELY interested in what you have to show as far as Unoa and Narae hybrids go. I want to make a couple of each.

      For those following this thread and the others about Unoa and Narae hybrids, here are the other links I have been collecting:
      Narae/Narin 43/44cm discussions v.2!

      Comparison DZ/BB/Resin Soul -Nudity

      Unoa hybrids? Other bodies that work with Unoa face plates

      Unoa/Narae/Narin bodies compared with Bobobie 43cm bodies

      The Narae/Narin 43/44cm FAQS

      Body comparison: Unoa/ Narae/Narin ?

      Inanna- Unoa sist hybrid :) - Bobobie body with Unoa Sist face plate

      Unoa Sist, Let em SHINE!!

    6. Here's my two Unoa/kid delf hybrids, both on the right. Both match not bad unless they are under very bright light then the bodies are a bit pinker. The girl is a bit harder to notice the difference since she has the unoa big bust too.

    7. I have both of these resins and they are definitely NOT a match.
    8. Does anyone have a Unoa or Narae with DOC (Dream of Doll body 2) hybrid? I just saw those bodies and I REALLY like the mature proportions.
    9. Hmmmm...this seems like a good place to ask:

      I'm wondering about a Narin head (but a female character) on a minifee body, specifically a Narin head on an A-line active small bust body. I don't think any of the urethane resins that Narin use would math the Minifee normal NS resin, so how about the white version?
      Can anyone give me any idea if it would be best to use the Narin snow white or pinky white? I could blush the body a bit to look better with the pinky white I guess.

      Absolutely any help / ideas / suggestions would be great.
    10. I just got my AOD body off the forum this week to go with a beautiful Sist face I also bought in the marketplace. The match isn't exact but it's close and I'm delighted! The face is slightly yellowed, it's a 1.5 version and the body is maybe the yellow-normal? I'm not 100% on that.

      Here are a couple of snapshots - Ivy does not have a headback right now so the darling little face is just balancing on the wig. I ADORE her!
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Left: Bobobie NS body next to AOD Unoa hybrid, with flash.
      Right: Without flash

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Precious little face - left without flash, right with flash.

      I also have a pinky white Narae face on order and a Bobobie normal skin body coming for her. Does anyone know if the color is right or should I have ordered the white body from Bobobie? After seeing the AOD body I'm wondering if I dont like like them better. It's REALLY a nice body.
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    11. Good image of a Unoa fp on a dollmore body (normal skin)
      And I have resin comparisons under different lights. Also the faceplate is a L-bi from 2007.
      Natural light
      Artificial light
    12. Bronwen Your Sist on Angel of Dream body NS looks great! She is very cute ! lovely faceup.
      Bobobie WS is paperwhite.

      Hybrid Sist Raffles on a new Angel of Dream body 2nd gen WS the match is perfect ! did not need to blush her faceplate, its a 1.5 fp from the last parts preorder 3-2008.
      I dont have a good pic of her, the weather is teribble atm its too dark.

      Old Pic no face up ! taken outside natural light.
    13. NOT a match of resin to any of the tans (old, french resin, or urethane) or pinky white or white. So... no. :(
    14. I have a pinky/white matte urethane match suggestion: Castle Anne normal resin body. On the left is my open eye face NARAE (urethane resin in pinky/white) w/custom face-up by Tiffany/*Meee* and she's on a pinky/white matte urethane Narae brand body w/the org./old style knee system. On the right is my "hybrid" Butterfly NARAE (pinky/white urethane resin) w/custom face-up by Tiffany/*Meee* and she's on an original normal skin Castle Anne brand body. I did shorten the Castle Anne neck about 3/8 inch, but that was just my preference.
    15. eeek so excited just got my luts kdf body today and the match is great willo add photos later (with lusis face plate) ♥
    16. DM female body with Kaye faceback...perfect match....ROCKSTAR is a hybrid...if you'd like more pics, I can....perfect match, actually!
      small bust

    17. Unoa Lusis 1.5 on a DZ NS (yellower tone) body, Kaye headback fits well on here, but the head looks a bit small on full body pics (which I didn't remember to take...)



      And on the new MNF A-Line body in NS:
      The headback is a bit small on this body and slides forwards on the neck, and the neck looks super long... So a bit of modding to either the headback or neck would help the fit.

    18. That would not work, at all. Unoa heads (male or female) are all just too small even for 1/4th size to be putting on a 1/3rd size body. HOWEVER, there is hope. There are two very similar faces from the same sculptor (Gentaro Araki) and they are called "Unoa zero" or "Unon" for short. They are already 1/3 size and they are absolutely lovely. Currently you can only get them secondhand or wait until Crescent shop announces another pre-order. Fairly certain at this time no one knows when that pre-order will be.
      Hope that was helpful.
      \ Oh and if you would like to look up the faces they are called Marion and Latea.
    19. I've got a question - I've got unoa hybrid on kid delf body and it is very weird but her head goes upward.
      this annoys me a lot!
      it looks like the headback is too small for the circumference of the neck....

      anybody has the same problem?