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Narae's Basicline Face-Up

Jun 8, 2007

    1. Have any of you guys optioned to get the Basicline faceup when purchasing a Narae? If so, how is it? Which sample did you choose? Do you guys have piccies?
    2. Oh wow, thanks so much! You were very helpful!
    3. One general thing to keep in mind. Most or all of the Naraes shown on the Dollfair site were painted by Kim Kyu Yun. He has a distinctive style - he can do other colors, even pale and ghostlike, but the style of his features is distinctive (the straight across eyebrows, the way he does the lips, the look of his eyes).

      From what I have seen, Basicline tends to have a more glamorous style, and it may show through a bit even in a natural faceup. They can do a more natural style but it won't look exactly like Kim Kyu Yun. Basicline tends to slant their eyebrows (I asked for straight across and showed straight across KKY eyebrows, I got slanted). I found the Basicline sample photos to be pretty useless for me (a long style sheet you may come across on DOA) - the faceups are all very intense, and I don't thing any of them looks much like what most of us get. There is one interesting stock faceup they do that is not on the sheet - Framboise - a faceup with rasberry pink lips and pink eyeshadow. You might want to try to find photos of that one to see if you like it. Here is a member's Framboise:

      One other thing - if you do not want dark paint in the lip corners then specify "No dark paint in outer corner of lip". otherwise Basicline may tend to add that (I do not know if KKY does).

      Be aware that your faceup description will be translated to Korean and then sent to the painter - use simple sentences, common color names.


      And hey you're getting a Narae - congratulations!
    4. You know, the face up I am looking for might fit the flashy style of Basicline. I was hoping for a dark, glossy shadowy eye and glossy red lips. Hopefully it'll come out looking okay.

      I am very set on getting a Narae, but I'll have to wait until next month to order her to collect some money together. I just wanted to get as much research as possible beforehand.

      I am excited though!
    5. Sorry for the hijack, but does anyone know if there's also a request thred for face-ups by Kim Kyu Yun? I tried to search, but with the 3 letter limit, his name doesn't bring up much *sweatdrop*
    6. I have 2 face plates, both by Basicline, for my Mia.........
      This is her original face plate..........I bought her secondhand, but was told that it was a special "Mia" style make up done for one of the conventions or events........... it's very striking and I don't think I've seen any other like it.......
      Here is my second face plate and the one she wears most of the time. I didn't request anything in particular just wanted a basic color palette that would go with lots of outfit combos..........