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Nari-Pon clothes and Orientdoll So

Aug 26, 2007

    1. I've noticed, that even though they are different heights, some of the measurements are similar, and I love some of the nari pon clothes. Has anyone tried Nari Pon clothes on an orientdoll so?
    2. They would probably fit widthwise, but would most likely be short (same with Kelly clothing). Pons are pretty small in height, and chubby. The closest fit clothingwise to Pon is probably Lilica, imho.

      Good luck :)
    3. Thanks! That's about exactly what I was figuring, based on the measurments I read. Was hoping someone had actually tried it.
    4. The default clothes of the Nari-pon (the crochet clothes from Notdoll) is stretchy and fits Orientdolls very well.
    5. hey would the wigs be a tight fit?

      and why are they all sold out???????????
    6. Does it stretch lengthwise? Or are they just long? My So is taller than my Lilica, and I thought Lilica was taller than a Pon, but I don't actually own one (cuz Pons scare me).
    7. I saw pics on one of my lifejournal friends and she had her So in the Pon clothes - it surprised me (she had pon clothes out of nowhere) but they looked nice and she said they weren't too hard to get on and they looked pretty normal.

      Clochette - wow, you don't have a Pon? *head spins* But you do like the happy dolls.

      Repost of a PM - I hate doing this since all of this is somewhere on the tiny forum and too many people give up on their searches too early: Question was about the Pon wigs on So.

      "Naripon heads are smaller. I would recommend against their wigs but they do stretch. The overall shape of the Orientdoll head would want a slightly longer fur wig and the naripon wig would look real short. I don't want to stretch out any of my Pon wigs to test the theory.

      Orientdolls really take smaller than a 4 - some American websites call them RD4. There are some cute wigs out there - I've been meaning to pick up the braids wig from denverdoll.com and anything that's meant to fit a "Riley" head, will fit a So. Make sure it has a Riley in it since the other 4 is too big. The site has a 3/4 which should work too.

      Also keep in mind there are no wigs that stay on without some tape or glue or a tiny piece of velcro. I really wish Notdoll would sell the wig they put on there singing Pon - it's a real wig and I bet it's big on the Pon and would be perfect for the So. "
    8. I've seen pics on flickr of So's in nari-pon wigs... no time to find the link right now though
    9. My Orientdoll So In wears a Nari Pon wig. Out of a dozen it's the largest I have and the only one that fits! She wears some original Notdoll crocheted clothes, but she does stretch them a bit, so the Pons are not willing to share their whole wardrobe with her.
      http://flickr.com/photos/athanassia/sets/72157600399304833/ That's her photo set.
    10. I've found that RD4 wigs work really well for So, as do Volks Dollfie wigs. I've tried to get 3/4 fiber or mohair skin wigs I originally bought for Lilica and Elfdolls to fit on So, but they never really work right. I imagine if the Pon wig is made out of that stretchy fluffy "fur" that I've seen on some, it might stretch to fit a So. Audrey's is a good source for RD4 wigs.

      Yeah, Rosa, there's something about Pons that really doesn't click with me. I don't even like to handle them...just this nagging sense that they're plotting my death or something <G>. Plus, I prefer a less "chubby" body style...they're tubby little things. But, others think they're wonderful, so that's good.
    11. Pons scare me too...

      And i did read all those threads...i dislike the organization on this forum and only have so much tolerance to look at a screen.
    12. I searched for nari pon orientdoll and didn't find my question, so I posted here. and what I thought was a nari-pon wig was actually a Lati Doll Pury wig on Flickr... (I'm fairly clueless)
    13. Ah...LatiWhite wigs should fit fine. Even though they're technically smaller, they have large heads and wear about an RD4, which is what So wears.

      Pon, Lilica, Banji, Elfdolls...they all have teeny heads, so you have to get a 3-4, which aren't as easy to find.
    14. My little so wears an parabox wig that fits him perfectly. It's the PW27-SHM-SB short cut in shining brown. It's a PAIN to get on but once you do it will not move at all. I did have to trim it a bit so that he could see as it was a bit long for my taste in the front. The only thing is that it has a tendency to take the headcap with it when you take it off.