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Nari-pon restocked at LUTS

Aug 10, 2005

    1. Hello all,

      I am not sure if any of you are looking for Notdoll Narin-Pon but I just checked and LUTS had those stocked.
    2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

      time to flip a coin Notdoll or Hypermanic :D
    3. tinybear: Yup! I know your feeling...I have been checking every single day for them to restock those cuties for the past month and finally! I thought my computer was loading too slow for the 'out of stock' sign to show up...but nope, they really are in stock so I ordered one! :grin:
    4. I did ask Davonna from Shop4 dollsand bears , if she could get me one ...if she cant I will order one from Luts :D
      I love their service ....and I can slip in a pair of Luts Cutie boots in the order LOL
    5. Resistance is futile. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!

    6. Oh gods

      *attempts to eat card*

      Anika is going to be on soon with picture of Honorine soon isn't she...*resist resist*
    7. Oh no the anit-tiny cute weapon isnt working :o
      (The orange B&Q bucket I am taking to wearing over my head when Im trying to resist ) :o

      .....must have Pansy must have So-Soom ...grabby hand towards credit card

      ...one last time my faithful Cahoot ......aaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
    8. Hehe, you are funny with your "resistance is futile!".

      I just purchased a Nari-pon Daisy and is waiting to hear back from LUTS.
    9. Yay, another Daisy! That's three on the board, eh? Or have I missed some? And there's milkeye's Periwinkle, and gothiclibrarian's getting a Periwinkle, I think, and Sher's getting a Pansy... Nobody wants poor Violet?

      Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together with our Nari-pons?

      We could have a Grump-Off! :D Grump-O-Rama? :D Oy, I'd better go to bed...
    10. Quit it! You guys are making me want a Daisy SO BAD *_* *_* *_*


      :daisy Dena
    11. Prepare to be assimilated into the Nari-Pon collective!

      (Sorry, no new photos today...I have a new outfit for Honorine though that I was hoping I could hide and give to her new sister instead...but the brat found it and is demanding that I allow her to wear it. Rather than face her wrath, I shall relent. Pictures to come...)
    12. I have been Assimilated
      I am Nan-Pori
      we are 1 of 12

      hehehehehehehe Pansy is comming home :D
    13. I have NO RESISTANCE!!!!!!! *_*

      I just ordered the last Daisy in stock at Luts. :love

      :daisy Dena
    14. Hooray! Go Dena and Carrie! You won't regret it...

      GL, shouldn't that be the Nari-pon *hive*? :lol:

      I can't picture anything but miniature calamities when I think of Honorine's roommate arriving. I hope the windows at the Chateau are safety glass. :o :D
    15. There's 2 more Daisy's and 2 more Pansy's in stock on eluts!

      :daisy Dena
    16. :crushed
      I want my lil girl
    17. Me too! :cry:

      I just e-mailed Notdoll to see if they had other wigs and outfits available - and they sent me a great e-mail back with loads of extras that you can buy for the sweet little Nari-pons. I'm ordering a ton of wigs and clothes! I love my little girl and she isn't even here yet! And I have no idea what I'm even going to name her *_*

      :daisy Dena
    18. Sooooooooooooo . . . my Hounds and I look . . . is the picture of the cute little bumble bee a Notdoll Narin-Pon??? Is she part of the collective take over? *laughs* :D
    19. Yes - that's Salena's Nari-pon Daisy named Moy. Isn't she a sweetie!?!? She is definitely one of the leaders (along with Honorine) in this collective take over. :grin:

      :daisy Dena