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NARIN Classic heads: History + Comparisons + Introducing Paulina!!

Jul 9, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      HI everyone, there has been so much interest in the classic Narin and Narae 43 heads now available from Narin Creative. But what do we know about the original dolls, and how do they compare with the dolls of today?

      I did some research, and that included getting a new painted classic head from Narin Creative, as well as one of the first Narae 43 dolls which arrived in the US. I'd like to warmly thank Karin Bussman for letting her girl come live with us.
      Here is Karin's doll, who we have now named "Karin," which arrived in March of 2005. Karin held the first group order for Narin dolls, bringing over her pretty girl as well as several others. Karin carefully kept all the paperwork in her doll's box, which has helped us get this story for you. Thanks again Karin!

      So there was a doll artist in Korea named Bimong, who had his own doll academy named after himself, and he made dolls and did everything himself... including the customer service in English. Things got busy to say the least. It took months to get a Narindoll, and Bimong was really stretched trying to keep his school running while filling all the doll orders. In April of 2005, he formed a partnership with a group of doll lovers from many disciplines-- photography, videography, fashion design, and others. "Narin Creative" was born. Bimong then took many months to remake the 43cm doll faces, as well as create two completely new 60 cm dolls, the larger Narin and Narae. These were offered by Narin Creative in late Fall 2005. The original "Narindoll" company was no more, but Narin dolls lived on!

      Here are the innovative features of the original Narin and Narae. This is why the current 43cm dolls have holes in the backs of their heads... so owners can make their own "fragrance sponges" and drop fragrance inside the head part.

      Since Narin Creative was formed, the fragrance sponge and magnetized eyes were discontinued. The heads still connect with a magnetized front head part though. This makes switching out faces very quick and painless.
      Classic faces are interchangeable with the other four faces being offered: open eye, sleep face, 1/3 open eye, and 2/3 open eye. So now you have five choices for your doll's face style.

      Now let's look at some visual comparisons between the old heads and new...





      TO celebrate the re-release of the classic Narin and Narae heads, we have commissioned a special facepaint by famous Korean doll artist Basicline.
      PAULINA is now available to have painted on a classic face by Basicline for a $65 fee. The classic heads are available as optional heads (no body) or you can order one as a regular doll, choosing the classic type for your head choice. They are also available in all four skin colors: snow white, pinky white, golden beige, and tanning.


      Paulina was named after my friend Paul, who is a regular here on DOA. Paul was the first one to fall under Paulina's spell. She is shown here with Masterpiece eyes and a Hermione wig from Narin Creative. I invite your questions and hope you enjoyed reading the story!
    2. classic Narins face is not as long in the chin area is that correct?

      Also is it possible to have a classic Narin head put on a girl body? how does the size of the head of the classic narin compare to the classic Narae? Is the head larger?

      Is the other Artist also available you normally offer two artists one is more expensive and seems to do a softer style.

      I love the idea of the eyes moving based on a magnet in the hand!!! oh I wish that was still there so unique!
    3. Hey Lore,
      I'd have to say generally (of course depending on paint job) the classic faces look more asian and more youthful than the regular faces. So yes, I believe the angles on the faces are a bit softer for the classic faces. I have not measured the chins, but I'd say it's more a matter of the features being softer than shorter.

      All 43 cm Narin faces are swappable between Narin and Narae.

      Yes, there are two artists that Narin Creative uses to customize dolls. Basicline does the more dramatic modern looks. Kim Kyu Yun does the pastel work which is softer and more ethereal. Basicline is increasing her price (up $15) on August 1. But Kim Kyu Yun will always be more expensive. He is a very famous Gene doll customizer who earns hundreds per Gene doll paint.

    4. I'm curious about the same sort of "head swapping" question as well, but from an ordering standpoint - since (to my knowledge) spare Narindoll bodies are not available for purchase, is it possible to order a Narae body with classic Narin head? I would love a classic Narin girl. :D But, at the same time I'm a far way off from being able to think about getting another doll! heh. I still need to buy new eyes and some shoes for the one I currently have, poor Lucy's going barefoot!
    5. Thanks for the good question---

      ALL heads fit BOTH newer bodies. Boy and girl heads and bodies are all interchangeable in the 43cm size. The classic heads now sold were re-engineered to fit to the headparts of the newer dolls.

      So if you want to think of it this way:
      You can choose one of ten different head expressions now (boy and girl x 5)
      and then from those, you can choose any of four resin colors. Along with all the faceup requests, it's never a fast job putting orders together : - )

      You might want to go for the shoes and eyes... and take your time thinking about all the options you have for your next one!
    6. I love the stronger colors with the paler face of the classic Narin. I also really like the idea of magnetized eyes, which would make changing their direction much easier than with the putty.
    7. It's a shame they discontinued the magnetic eye mechanism, but I am guessing they liked the look of puttied eyes best-- which fit more tightly to the eyewell than the eye mechanism types. To allow for movement, a little space is necessary, so there is less realism with it. But... I think the innovative magnetic eye mech and the magnetized hand and fragrance sponge really were fun elements in that doll. I doubt many of the original owners use them, but they were fun to play with. When Karin's Narae arrived, I really enjoyed moving the hand and seeing the eyes slide around.
      But then, I am easily amused :D
    8. Thank you! When Paulina first arrived, I was really really impressed with her.

      But the Classic faces can be painted to look very different, just like the regular ones.

    9. I may already have asked this, but is it possible to get a different custom face-up for a classic Narae/Narin?

      I really like Karin's one and also the girl face in the example photo.
    10. Sure, you can a face painted any way you like. We just have examples because we liked them!

    11. Catrina,
      I missed this thread when you started it, glad I stumbled on it today. I have two dolls named after me now!! How exciting! A couple of years ago when Anu still worked for Custom House, she did a special doll for charity and named it Karin! I don't see her at all, so it is nice to see your Karin.

      The eye mechanism was fun to play with and amuse yourself, I did too! But in all honesty, putty eyes do fit tighter and look nicer.

      Thanks again, see you in September!
    12. Thanks Karin!

      I neglected to mention that Karin was painted by Karin herself... and she is very modest, because I think she came out really cute and photographs very well.

      I am looking forward to meeting the real Karin in person this September in Texas!
    13. Would it be possible for you to get comparison photos of Classic and Regular Narae with similar faceups and skin tone, and both facing the camera? I find it hard to compare the two heads with the photos at different angles.

    14. I'm bumping this thread to gain some wisdom regarding the face plate that is called the 'regular' head here - does that mean the current 'open eye' face-plate? I'm a bit confused since there's nothing about a 'regular' face-plate on the Dollfair site, although that's how it's referred to in this thread. So the Classic face-plate is a rerelease of the original Narae?

      Also, if the Classic face-plate is the oldest one, what is the order in which the rest were introduced? And, my final question: my Classic Narae is no. 751, does that mean that that's how many of the new Classic Naraes have been sold OR that's how many Naraes (all face-plates put together) have ben sold?

      Could just be that this thread is just really old, and that things have changed, but I'd be really grateful for any info! Thank you in advance! :)
    15. "Regular" seems to be how people refer to the newer "open-eye" faceplate. And, yep, the "classic" faceplate is a reissue of the original Narin/Narae.

      I can't help you about the numbering, although Catrina might be able to. She's super-busy right now, though, so you might not get a reply 'til after the holidays!

      -- A <3
    16. In the beginning the was only one faceplate with open eyes for each doll (it is now called the original faceplate) and there may have been some more closed-eye plates.

      Then the original faces with open eyes were discontinued, and replaced with a new open eye face. I think at that time the new faces were just known as Open eye or the new faceplate.

      Then the original faceplates were (I think) resculpted and brought back as the "Classic" without dropping the previous "new" Open Eye faceplate.

      So the order of release was:

      ----- which was discontinued for...
      Open Eye (aka "new" at the time)
      Classic (a remake of original)

      Open and Classic are available today.

      Re "regular" - In that one post (#4) I think Catrina was referring to Open Eye as the "regular" faceplate because when Classic was introduced Open Eye was the regular (non-sleeping etc.) faceplate.

      And BTW - they no longer come with a movable eye mechanism.

    17. Hi Catrina, I asked you this on an email but maybe this would be the perfect place for it so everyone can know the answers. Of the sample paintings for the Narin group, which ones are "open-eye" or regular, which are classic? I can the the butterfly one, but have trouble telling the classic and open-eye apart because of the different way they are painted. It would be great on the site if besides the sample number you could tell us which head style it is.

      Thank you so very much. I know you are so busy but hope you got my email telling how very much I love my Narae!!! I have played with her all day!
    18. Thank you, Carolyn.S and Ashbet! Your answers were really helpful! I'm beginning to find that we just have the nicest people here on the 'Narae squad'! :D
    19. Hello!

      Alex and I have finally updated the Narin facepainting pages with the faceplate types labeled as well as possible. I'm hoping we did ok! It was a little challenging at times.

      The Narin Team page

      The Kim Kyu Yun page

      We are worried that some people will think they must match a faceplate type with the facepainting, so if you see a question like that on DOA, please tell people they can have *any* of these styles on *any* head, either 43cm or 60cm, and any type faceplate.

      I'm glad everyone can see the insides of the Narin heads again... with the removable eye mechanism, magnetic hand, and sponge.. I think they were quite innovative and a lot of fun to play with.

    20. Oh wow! Thanks for all the helpful info!

      I plan on getting a Narae but I have a question about the new UV thing in the resin. I know that French resin yellows quickly so how much do you think this will slow down the process of yellowing? (sorry if you get asked that a lot or if the answer is somewhere else)