Narin Creative/Dollfair Waitlist and Resolution

Oct 16, 2010

    1. This thread is for those waiting for resolution to their Narin/Dollfair order. Please update and discuss the situation here.

      Those who are NOT involved in these transactions may NOT post in this thread. Mudslinging and postings by uninvolved parties will be removed.

      Bimong is the sculptor Bimong, who sculpted the Narin Sculpts.
      lovelovedoll is a translator working on behalf of Bimong who formerly worked for Dollfair's primary translator.
      dollyholic is Catrina, owner of Dollfair International.
      These are the only people who can make official updates for any of these parties.

      Please update the DoA Wiki with your order status whenever it changes:
    2. Catrina emailed me yesterday to say that she is waiting for some funds to clear and the refund will be sent next week.
      Will update when this is done.
    3. i would like to know if Catrina casted the neferti heads and if she will keep his word and ship them in this month. if not, i want a refund.
    4. This. Many times this. I was reassured about the status of this until reading posts in the now-locked waiting room in which Bimong claims that Dollfair cannot legally produce the Neferti heads. At this point, I absolutely require that there be some form of confirmation as to whether I can receive my doll, or whether a refund is the only recourse I have now.
    5. I just want my 43cm Narin doll head I ordered at the end of May with Day facepaint, the only reason I ordered since the price of the heads was on sale....hopefully I will get a answer soon.....
    6. :S Added my details to the wiki. I was feeling okay about this until the copyright thing came up. I really would like to know what that's about and whether I can actually receive my doll.
    7. Added my details on wiki too!
    8. First, I apologize that people are waiting to hear back from me - I am doing my best to both catch up with the huge volume of emails that I have received and arrange a solution to this situation that will take care of everyone who ordered. I will be writing with news as soon as possible.

      In response to the questions about the Neferti head - I haven't been on the forum in a few days, so this was the first I had read that Bimong would not be permitting us to produce the head. He has not contacted me personally about it, either through phone calls or emails... so at this point, our plan is to continue production as we were instructed in writing in September of 2010 when he sent us the master for production.

      I will be posting more about this situation and the circumstances that lead up to it as soon as possible. I will begin processing refunds on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week - please hang in there, we'll get through this terrible situation together.
    9. I'm happy to wait a bit longer if the nefteri's are being cast, at the moment I want to have the head more then I am worried about my money. Catrina, I don't they are still going to be ready this month, can you give us a loose esimated time as to when we could see the Neferti's shipped out all thing going smoothly? If you awnser here everyone waiting on Neferti's can see. Thanks
    10. Thank you for the update Catrina.
      You hang in there too :)
    11. A few weeks ago, when things seemed to be going from bad to worse, I asked for a refund. Catrina assured me I would have the refund within a month. It didn't take that long. I believe it has been about 2 weeks since my request and I have now received a refund from Dollfair for $596.44 which is a little shy of the $605 I paid. I assume the difference must have something to do with the Canadian dollar rising in value against the US dollar? Not sure about that $8.96 difference though because the refund showed up on my Visa statement with no further comment from Catrina.

      I've now happily rerouted the money to Fairyland. Hopefully I'll have a couple of their dolls by Christmas.
    12. Catrina e-mailed me five days ago, saying that the refund would go through this week and that she would be sending me another e-mail confirming my refund. no sign of it, so far. :/
    13. Added my information to the wiki as well.
    14. Also added my infromation. No email from Catrina about my refund 235$.
    15. Added the information for both of my order to the Wiki.
      Still didn’t get a single replay after sending a few e-mails to Catrina. I don’t mind waiting for both my 43cm Narae and Neferti head to be casted but if casting the dolls is impossible, I’ll be asking for a refund for both of the orders.
    16. as far i've understand, you have the master mold from more than a month now, so, the question is very simple: are you able to keep your word - did you already casted the neferti heads, and will you ship them in this month?? we're already at 18 oct.
    17. Haven´t got any reply to my PM and emails asking about the refund from Catrina and I will not accept personal reasons as an apology. One has to deal with his customer´s problems when he wants a professional and successful business.

      I am very disappointed about this transaction and I want it resolved quickly.
    18. I am hoping that I get my doll head, but the later this continues I am re-thinking if I should wait or get a refund. Bimong has told me he will resolve this, but according to his website he asks all involved to get a refund from Dollfair. I am more confused as ever now.