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NARIN DOLLS- new default pictures just released!

Nov 14, 2005

    1. Hi everyone,
      I just got one of the long-awaited emails from Narin's president with the default pics.
      They are releasing them today. :D

      First, I have to eat a slice of crow pie on the default 43 Narae picture. The one on Ebay WAS the correct photo. How that was obtained before Narin released it... well, cloak and dagger, eh? LOL :cry: Nobody was supposed to have it or use it before Narin did their own web site release.

      Anyway, here they are:

      Default Narin 43 in his default skivvies

      Default Narin 43, face shot

      Default Narae 43 in her default lingerie


      Default Narae 43

      Default Narae 60

      Default Narae 60


      Default Narin 60

      Default Narin 60

      Wig and eye color, random.
      The face paint might not look exactly like these photos, it could differ.
      Custom face paint is available-- you send a picture and we can get you a quote for it.

      They didn't send the optional face part photos yet-- I just reminded them.
      They also said that the skin tone swatches got messed up during photography and they weren't happy that the colors were as true to the actual colors as they want them to be.
      Those will come tomorrow.[/img]
    2. YAY! :D can I change my order of a custom face up to the default one?
    3. Yep! Please PM me with your ordering name, cause I have to tell you-- it gets really confusing :? with DOA names vs. people's real names.

      But your real identity is safe with me! :D
    4. Is there a close-up pics of 60 cm Narae?

      They really do look lovely!! :D
    5. Hey, you win the eagle eye prize! I forgot to load that one.

      Seriously, I need some sleep.

      Hope everyone enjoys them.

    6. Hehe, thanks for uploading those pics. Narae looks so lovely!! *in love*
    7. I do not see any eyelashes. May you request that they put some on and what color they should be (ex. white eyelashes or light brown)?

    8. That's not a problem. Anyone who wants to add something to their doll order, or ask for a quote on something to be added, please email me at narindolls@dollfair.com

      Please tell me your legal name, and I will put that into your order file.

      If you are asking them to add anything to the default face paint, be really specific (as Lishe did with the eyelash color) and I will have it all translated to Korean for you.

    9. Hi Lishe,
      One extra ping from me. It just occurred to me, they have different lengths of eyelashes.
      Seems like sort of average length, then the long-long ones. Along with color, please let me know what sort of length you have in mind. Would hate for you to be disappointed if they select the wrong kind! :cry:

      I think both lengths are interesting-- gives a really different look to each head.
    10. :drool :drool :drool

      Narin is just so perfect in every conceivable way! I'm 100% sure that he will be mine soon... I've never had a doll for a preexisting character before, but with a tiny bit of work, he will be peeeerfect for my boy that I wanted to have in BJD form. :love

      I'm so excited! Yay, thank you for posting these! I definitely wouldn't mind more pics once you've got them. :D

      A couple of questions, though... if you don't want any makeup at all, is it the same price as if you'd gotten default makeup? Also, if the eyes are random, can you still ask for a specific color in case they have it kicking around somewhere? Edit: Oops, thought of another! If you don't order makeup, can you still have eyelashes included separately?

      Thanks! Will be eagerly awaiting more info! :3

    11. Hi Kalmia. Join the Narin boy fan club....
      Here are some answers:
      1. default is the base price. Blank is actually an option, but possible during the ordering process. I know they sold blanks in the past as a default, but they changed it.
      2. You could request an eye color if they had it. I have no idea if "random" means they have a big box of them and they just grab an eyeball and ...LOL!! Anyway, all of those who order have their own file here and each doll has its own part number in the ordering process. There are so many different requests, I do try very hard to make everyone happy.
      3. Eyelashes do not appear to be part of the default paint. The lower lashes are painted on though. I could ask if you'd like to buy a set though. Tell me color and length preferences. They might send a small extra charge for that.

      Let me know when you are ready to get your boy : - )
    12. I love her (60 cm Narae).

      But since I won't have the funds for the initial preorder, I'm wondering if you will have another one after the holidays. ?

    13. Yes, I plan to put in one in early December, and at least one a month after that.

      I'm hoping also to have some face parts in stock on my site, so if anyone starts craving a face they can get one straight away...
    14. Oh my, these are some gorgeous new photos! X3

      I'm in love with Narae 60's hair! Do you know if I can buy the wig on its own somewhere? o_O sorry.. i'm quite clueless about these new ranges and their websites.. ^^;;;
    15. Oh, that's great.
      Boy, did he/they do a great job on the default makeup, clothes, and hair!
    16. Fachtna will have underwear ^when I order him.. thank makes me happy :P

      ::urges savings to increase faster so she can order him ;_; ::
    17. Cute little skivvies, eh?

      It's briefs, not boxers.... imagine BJD boxers, LOL. I think the briefs are a lot cuter.
    18. Well, we are asking to be able to buy those burgundy - red long wigs for several who are interested. Not sure if you will have to cut and style them yourselves...
      I think in the future, Narin's offerings will expand greatly. I'm happy to be able to offer everything on their site to you. I love those wigs they have! Hopefully they will have them soon and I'll be sure to let you know when that happens.
    19. *sighs* this makes it very hard again. I had ruled out all of these dolls because I did not like the faceups especially for Narae 60 cm in her school girl outfit with the western painted eyes. But Narea 60cm with the simple Asian faceup . . . now that I like!! :oops:

      Heh you just threw a moneky wrench in my great no plan to resist all dolls for a while. :wink:

      The basic dolls are lovely. :chibi