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Narin Dolls Pre-order 1.5-- this week

Dec 18, 2005

    1. Hi everyone,
      Our first pre-order is coming in now and everything has been spectacular.
      There are a couple of customized Narae dolls in Gallery which were from this order.

      As I finish up this pre-order, I will have to send in the reimbursement to the faceup artists. In that bank wire, I could also add in a few things if anyone is interested in getting something from Narin dolls. So far we have a few dolls being ordered, but you could also get face parts, clothing or shoes off the Narin main site.

      To see what they have, please go to: www.narindoll.com
      Some of it is also on my site www.dollfair.com but not everything yet that you can see on the main Korean site.

      If you want anything, my prices are the same as Korean retail + only domestic US shipping. Accessories ship free if you buy a doll.

      I plan to do a full pre-order in January also.

      Thanks and
      from everyone at Dollfair International and Narin Creative of Korea

    2. I guess you don't have enough to do already that you need to place another order and keep track of more things than dolls?...lol

      I'm off to the website to look...teehee


      EDIT: Do you have a link to the english site?...I can't get anything to click...pooh
      and I totaly need 2 cans of Mr Super clear
    3. Do you have a Mac? The site doesn't work with all Macs (the Korean site).

      I have MSC in stock. If you want something from Narin, I can toss in a couple cans with that. It has to go UPS ground though (wah, what a pain) because of the spray cans.
    4. A Tatooed Narae. OMG I'm done for. Maybe I'll just rob a bank...You don't do layaways do you?
    5. No Mac...just the PC...I don't know why I can't get in...sigh...I'll try later tonight...I have a meet up here today and will try to get on later...

      can I totally get those 2 cans, like, now dudette?

    6. OK, I usually sell them on Ebay so PM me an offer I can't refuse. UPS in a box is usually around $7.70 due to the weight. I could get those out to you on Monday.


      P.S. I have to load all that Narin Dolls stuff onto my site-- hope to do that the next few days. I will then be able to take non-Paypal visa, MC, AMEX, Discover and Telecheck. As all of you know, your regular credit cards offer you better protection than Paypal.
    7. Hi Catrina! Did you get my PM, asking about ordering hands for small Narin? And also, about paying for the faceups? Thanks! :daisy

    8. Yes, if you like I can order 2 hands for your guy.. I think he's golden beige, does that sound right? I will be sending out faceup invoices today since it appears we are closer to arrivals of the final shipments.

    9. I have to pay for all the dolls up front when I make an order, so it's not possible for me to order first, have the doll made, and then take partial payments. The other thing is, they are all custom dolls really... so it gets sticky having layaways of custom dolls. Hope you understand.

      I will PM you with some ideas. The dolls are LE of only 10 each, so might sell out soon.

    10. yes I do understand, it's just as well. Originally I just wanted the smaller Narae, I'm just not sure which skin tone to get. Please PM mw with your thoughts
    11. Here is my skin choices page.
      There was much confusion about the skin colors, so I wrote up this page to help everyone. I also sent photos to Korea and had them identify the skin color of the dolls everyone has seen. So far the only one I haven't seen is tanning... but those will be coming this week.

      "golden beige" is more of a normal skin tone, perhaps a little bit of honey color in there. It's very healthy looking and warm.

      "pinky white" is the most common skin color for Narin dolls. I think they recommend it for Tattooed dolls because a little color underneath the painting shows off the skin contours better. You would not want to blush over the painting, eh?

      "snow white" is really pretty.. the lightest color. I really liked it-- very striking and it does not come off as chalky because the French resin is luminous.. so they kinda glow like moonbeams : - ) Yum yum.

      Which do I like the best myself?? I like them ALL for different reasons. It all depends on your personal preferences and plans for your doll. That's the beauty of these dolls-- you are building a custom doll just for you with all your favorite options. You can also get a custom face paint. With the Tattooed dolls, that comes at no added charge.

    12. How much are the cans usually? I don't even know!

    13. Yes, please - I would like to order hands for him! And I do think he's golden beige. Thank you so much! :)

    14. Hi Steph,
      I put your request on my sheet.

      I don't know how much they want for them yet.... will let you know.
      I do think Perrin is golden beige. It's such a pretty color!

    15. are there optional hands?? O.o i didn't notice.. >_> How many cans of mr super clear do yuo have? my last can is low and I'm going to need one for Fachtna's battle scars..

      PMing yooouuu
    16. There are no optional hands at this time, but hopefully in the future!

      However, if you are a current owner and you drop your doll / lose a finger or something... I am the one who gets you replacements. I hope to eventually have a stash here so it can be done very quickly if your doll has an accident.

      Future suggestion: that they do optional hands for sale. Hands are probably the hardest things to sculpt, and cast.... so I'm sure it will take some time but they would be fun!

    17. They should have one that gives the middle finger >_> hahahaha. it would be awesome.
    18. omg shoes! *runs to look*
    19. Hey how about the Spock's Vulcan greeting hand? "Live Long and Prosper!"

      Then the L for Love...

      The Party hand... index and little finger up...

      We could really make some fun suggestions. I do know that culturally some of these things mean different things in different places.

    20. Again, this will be a small order, and I expect a very snappy turn around..
      I asked Narin about when these could ship and it might be as soon as the first week of January now that the holiday rush is past. (whee!)

      Anything on the Narin site is up for grabs, including shoes, clothing, optional heads... whatever you need.

      email me for details
      Thanks, Catrina