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Narin head and Variation on Narae at NarinDoll

Sep 4, 2006

    1. The new Narin Charisma head is delicious and the variation on Narae, called Zoall, seems to include an open mouth and similar hands to the mini version *stares for hours*

    2. Hmmm.....there are only red x's...did you see a pic before? I want to see! :...(
    3. Here you go Steph, a few pics to give you an idea until the dreaded x's go away!

      I think everyone can see the pics on narindoll.com, so as I need the room in my picture hosting, I've taken them down.
    4. oh my... *drools* I'm so getting a Narin next! Good thing Aina is in the next room, otherwise she would demand loudly that I get him for her right this minute! *gulp!*
    6. Zoall, I'm guessing, includes everything pictured, but I don't understand if both the face plates are included. She is 1,650,000.00 Korean Won so around $1700.

      Even if there's a regular edition, I'd have to let other BJDs go before I could seriuosly consider her...but she has such potential *sighs and looks at wallet/CC/piggybank/under mattress*

    7. What! New narins! OMG! How big is the girl? runs to check website...Oh a big girl. She's unbelievably beautiful, but my monies are safe!
    8. :doh Well, lol...that lets me out! I can't do $1700... I seriously love her hands, though - and her closed mouth face, as an alternative. *sigh* Well, it's nice to see her, anyway! :)
    9. Hi guys,
      Here is the info from Narin. My translator must have been up early this morning because he just sent it to me!

      There will be quite a few new dolls coming up from Narin Creative.

      First, they will release more faces which will be variations on the current faces available. The first one is Narin Charisma, who is available as a head only ($220) or as a doll ($650). They can be ordered to be customized in Korea.

      Zoall is the new 52 cm doll by Bimong's famous student Gu Mi Jung, who owns Narsha Doll. Gu Mi Jung and Bimong work closely together. She is now working with Narin Creative and offering her first large BJD through them in a limited edition of 200.

      We will be sending in a letter with some questions, so I invite any of you who have questions to post them here and I'll try to get them translated to Korean soon.

    10. I am completely in love with that Narin's face. What will his price be?
    11. :aheartbea OMGosh!:aheartbea

      Zoal is beeeuutiful! :love and Charisma Narin is sooo handsome! After just buying Limwa my husband would kill me just for looking! LOL!

      I can dream..and miracles can happen! .....I want them too! Waaa..:...(
    12. I have looked at Zaoll, and can confirm she is the new Narsha 52cm girl.
      (I don't read Korean well but the artist name is Gu Mi Jung, and it doesn't list Bimong as the artist).

      Narsha Doll artist Gu Mi Jung is Bimong's first student. She has her own line of dolls which are smaller. I knew she had been working with Bimong this year and also knew she had a new larger doll in the works. I was really anxious to be able to see it!

      Here is a close up of the hands and face from Narsha's site:


      Above is the A-type, closed mouth Zoall face.

      When I get more info, I will post it here!

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    13. Thanks Catrina,
      I love that you are ALWAYS so helpful and on top of these dolls.

      PS: Still in love with my Narin 60cm boy I bought from you.... he's SO dreamy
    14. I love how the hands and nails are painted!
    15. Looks like you can Narin Charisma 60 for the usual head price of $220.

      For a full doll with head, it's $650. I'm not going to offer them until I can get their email to me translated. It's a long one so of course I am dying to hear everything!

      It seems like a more mature head with longer lines. I will have to take a peek at them side by side, but seems to me Charisma has a longer, straighter nose.

      And as usual, you can get them painted by either Basic Line or Kim Kyu Yun.

      I think Kim did the facepaint you saw in the examples.

    16. wow Zoall is beautiful!! out of my budget..but still beautiful..I love the little knickers and halter top...
    17. OMG that new Narin is gorgeous. :love I've been debating on getting a Narin... he just might have tipped me over the edge. >.<
    18. Omg! Thanx for posting this!
      I've always like Narin. Oh wow! I think Bimong has made a grown up version of Narin. He's about 20'ish maybe
    19. Gorgeouse- very gorgeous
    20. :o wow. (is an understatement) they are both gorgeous. sorry if i just missed it and read over it without reading it but are these dolls available now? later? do we have time to save? when?! :eusa_pray

      :D i am seriously in :aheartbea