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Narin Head?

Jul 3, 2007

    1. I am considering getting a 44cm Narin head. What are the other body types I can get for it since they dont sell the body. Like a MNF body.

      I want/need a mature body.
    2. Limhwa Limho. :) Someone on the board has a Narin-Dragonfly head on a Limhwa Limho body.
    3. Thanks! :aheartbea This does count for the 40cm right?
    4. Limho is either 44.5 or 45.5 cm tall (I can't remember which)- the body is the right size and looks good with a Narin head, but you can't buy a Limho body separately either. I've never seen a Narin on a MNF body, but the resins would not match (Narin is french resin and MNF is urethane.)

      Your best bet, if you want either a Limho or Narin body for him (there really aren't any other good options) is to find a person who would be willing to split a doll with you- you take the body, and the other person takes the head.
    5. Thank you so much! ^_^
      ^_^ :aheartbea
    6. Just so you know, then resin wont really match at all. Narindolls are made out of French resin that is more translucent than normal resin.