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Narin / Narae 60

Nov 29, 2006

    1. Hello - sorry if this is elsewhere. I'm having some issues with the internet and searching isn't working past the first page of results :| anyways!

      I'm looking around and realizing that Ducan Homme isn't the doll for me - I need a doll that's more my speed, a doll that's going to fit into a "lounging at home" scene or what have you. So. I'm looking at Dollmore and I see Narin & Narae.. first of all, someone needs to fire the photographer or something, most of the pictures have too much light which make the dolls look really washed out - thank god for their clothing or I would have skipped over them thinking they were paper white - that and they're all pixelated - SO! My question is - does anyone have pictures of their 60 Narin/Narae?

      So far I'm wishing I could stick the default Narae head on a Narin body >_<;; but I'm hoping that better pictures could help. Both dolls are beautiful, it's just that all the extra heads and what not - and the faceups on the special edition ones, as well as the pictures are making for a very confused newbie!

      Any and all help would be great - and if anyone knows of other guy dolls that have the same sort of look that'd be great (not nessicarily looking for an Asian look, just more like, "every day people" sort.) :) thanks so much and sorry for the long schpeal!

      edit: also - the pictures of them on the tattoo edition - anyone know if that's the same sort of body they'd use for the normal one?
    2. Here's a pic of my Narae from about a year ago. I'm not a good photographer, but it's in natural light and a good likeness.

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    3. You can't swap heads/faceplates between Narin and Narae 60, they are different sizes. Also Dollmore is not the best dealer to go with. Catrina at Dollfair.com (her nickname here is Dollyholic) has better prices and much better communication.

      You can also buy just the heads and put them on other bodies.

      The tattoo edition has the same body as the regular version.
    4. ahh thank you both very much - that picture is so much better than the ones at Dollemore. Too Beautiful - and I'll definitley check out Dollfair! thanks again :)
    5. That is a gorgeous Narae! Such a subtle, lovely face-up.:aheartbea I was wondering if any of you Narae/Narin owners know what other bodies would fit a Narae or Narin head? I ordered a Narae "mature" head on impulse (definitely can't afford the whole doll at the moment), and was wondering if any of the Volks or Luts bodies would work. Hopefully I will be able to afford an entire Narae sometime next year, but until then I would like to give the poor dear some type of body. Thanks!
    6. *comes lurking in the thread*
      I wonder if anybody has a Narin 'charisma' yet... I'd LOVE to see owner's photos of that mold *__*
    7. a bit offtopic here, but you can swap with the smaller ones, right? Having a Narin head on a Narae body is possible as long as they're the 43 cm version, right?

      they're gorgeous dolls, but a bit confusing ^^;;;
    8. Here is the guideline:

      You can swap any of the 43cm faces.. there are six Narae faces and soon there will be seven Narin faces. They can swap boy-girl.

      The 60cm faces cannot be swapped boy-girl, but you can swap faces bought for the same sex doll. So Narae Mature can go on a Narae 60 body, just like 1/3, 2/3 and sleep faces.

      Hope that helps!
    9. Here's another vote for Dollfair, and Naraes and Narins. My plan is to get a snow white or pinky white Mature Narae next, I already have a tan small Narae. They are the most beautiful dolls, they actually look as though they are alive. And Dollfair is the best shopping/buying experience ever.
    10. Thank you very much :D