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Narin & Narae (New Dolls)

Jan 20, 2005

    1. Hello!

      Petitepoupee is a shoe shop for all kinds of dolls, especially ball jointed dolls.
      It also introduces fantastic dolls, Narin & Narae.

      Why don't you visit it once?
      Here we go..........

      -> www.petitepoupee.com

      :grin: :daisy
    2. [​IMG]
    3. Oh! This looks really nice. Lots of cool shoes.

      Thanx for posting!
    4. ahh.. hmmm though..

      if you buy it direct from the narin site its $485 i think. They accept international orders but ONLY bank wire transfer. So maybe this is an option for those who can only pay with credit card (if they accept it?)
    5. :grin: I do hope they will have more Narae in stock, what types of payment do they take? I looked but I don't see any info on it unless I am looking in the wrong place.
    6. wow ...hpe they accept credit card LOL
      I would love a white boy to got with Precious later in the year
    7. I reallyreally want narin, but... big doll damnit.
    8. They only accept wire transfer and international money order. You can find this info in their "How to Use Your" section. http://www.petitepoupee.com/shop/use.asp

    9. Are they only selling white skinned Narea?
    11. Yes, they only come in that skin type
    12. The only differences I see are...The site says they include maekup and clothing. I ordered my Narae from Narindoll - but the face up was extra and there was not any clothing. Not sure if that is worth the extra $170. But that appears to e the reason why it is more.

    13. Thanks a lot~ for your commments.

      You can buy directly Narin & Narae from its website as well.
      As you already may know, its original price is about 480 U$.
      Pesonally, I believe Narin & Narae in white skin are more beautiful.

      The differences that Petitepoupee.com now makes are make-up, shocks, shoes,clothing and delivery fee. They are all included in the price. As a starter, we really appreciate your critical comments. ^^

    14. Do you have these regularly in stock, or do you have to order at a special time of month? Do you have any pics of the clothes they come with? I couldnt find them on the website. Do they come with the human hair wigs?

      (iirc, the makeup option from narindoll was a bit expensive also, and you can only order from the 1-7th each month, which is always exactly when I dont have money.)
    15. It looks like the Narin/Narae on the site come with clothes and shoes and wig etc...That's why their price is $650. Or maybe I missed the normal dolls? hehe

      Anyhow, I think they are gorgeous.

      Thanks for posting!
    16. :grin: Well a international postal money order is not bad at all (the one from the post office). Which one tho the pink ones or the green ones?
    17. pink ones is international :)

      Yeah, i didnt realize it came with wig + clothes + faceup. I guess it makes up fo rthe difference :)
    18. There are two ways to buy Narin & Narae.

      One way is that you can order them from its original website 'http://www.narindoll.com/'. It will take several days ( about 1 month from your order in case of this january). It costs about 480 U$ excluding delivery fee. Make-up is optional.

      The other is that you can buy them in 'www.petitepouee.com'. In this case, you have to pay 650U$ but the price includes shoes, shocks, make-up, clothes and delivery fee. They are already in stock so it is possible to be on delivery in 24 hours.

      Good......... days!!!