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Narin Tattoo 2: Kwan-Yin Dragon Goth Rocker Discussion

Jun 30, 2006

    1. :nosebleed You're killing me :nosebleed
    2. Is that Kwannon (also spelled Kannon) there with the dragon? It's a BEAUTIFUL tattoo~! If only I liked his face more...or Hea Yoon Kim was commissionable.*le sigh*
    3. I think the name for her is different in Japanese and Chinese...

      Kwan Yin is the compassionate savior and rescuer according to Buddhist beliefs... here is a link to a picture I found of her with her feet on a dragon.

    4. She's still basically the same lady though. That's so cool that they incorporated her into it~! Can't wait to see the next Tattoo Narae, now, if only for the tattoo.
    5. Yes, you are right! She is the same but with different name due to the different languages.

      I think she is a kind of good luck figure, someone who will save you from danger or disaster with her compassion and mercy....
    6. kwang yin in chinese.... she nice :D :D

      hmmm *counts the monies in the bank*
    7. WOW!!!! He looks awesome!! Those tatoos are just stunning.
    8. ...And Kwan Yin AKA Kannon (female) is also the same deity as Avalokitesvara (male in India). :) The Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion / The Goddess of Mercy. ("Good Luck" is usually the province of Hotei-san, the fat dude with the bag and gold pieces who is usually mistaken as a laughing Buddha.)

      In monochrome on that resin, those gorgeous tattoos look like scrimshaw carvings. o.O
    9. That is so awesome. I love his tats. He must be a 60cm size, yes? Too bad, as he would be perfect for my BBAlice, otherwise.
    10. I'd love to see that tattoo on one of the tan Narins.... *so much love*
    11. Please tell me they are not going to do a Narae version.
    12. They usually do, unfortunately :D

      We can only wait and see....

      I know, evil!!

    13. Too bad he's limited...I'd never have the money in time.
    14. What i can do for limited dolls is start a layaway for them. I have a sheet I send to Narin Korea with each order, and it has each limited doll on layaway with the doll's type and the customer's name. This way, Narin reserves a number in the edition for you so the doll doesn't sell out before you have finished your layaway.

      Lots of people have done it. There is someone who has started a layaway on a Space Force Narin, and he is now sold out. But his Narin will be waiting for him when the layaway is finished.

      Catrina (the enabler : - )
    15. wow, he's gorgeous..that tattoo is so beautiful, and with that wig and face-up..I love the more evil looking Narin's..*squeels*
    16. hmm i wonder what the female version of him would be....
    17. You are terrible...I wish I could, but paying on a dream doll...