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Narsha Doll *35 cm* ~ *EDIT*

Dec 27, 2004

    1. *EDIT* April 25th, 2005
      Narsha Doll no longer accepts orders through their website.
      LE Narsha Dolls are now available at:



      Body type: aesexual
      Skin tone: white

      - 1. Height: 35cm (13 3/4)
      - 2. Wig size: 6.5 inches
      - 3. Eye size: 12mm, 13mm, 14mm
      - 4. Head : 17cm
      - 5. Bust :15cm
      - 6. Waist : 14cm
      - 7. Hip : 17cm
      - 8. Foot : 5cm
    2. First I've heard of them, but they're 35cm, and they seem to be made by Bimong, the maker of Narin & Narae dolls--I think they're *very* cute! Hopefully someone weill have more info, or will at least help with translating the site!

    3. ohh! bump!

      I want to know more about them, like how to order, ect. I can't read korean XDD
    4. Ohhh I remember seeing those on ladoll.com!
      They kind of remind me of Petite Ais... But i think they're bigger.
    5. Oops that was me!!
    6. They are adorable! I hope someone can give us more info on them! They remind me of Petite AI's as well. I love how the make artist blushes their faces... looks like flushed real little children :)
    7. I placed before order connection unoccupied ground in homepage.
      Manythank you for your a lot of interests.
      Happy new year~~~~^^*

      www.narshadoll.com :grin:
    8. I wish I had found them sooner...I really like this type of doll, they are very me! And now only Dollmore has one, but she looks too sad for me. Anyone here owns one?
    9. Did they really sell 400 already? I've wanted one since this topic was posted, but didn't want to do the bank transfer. Now, of course, I regret it. I sent Dollmore USA an e-mail to see if it was possible to get a regular edition Narsha, but I'm not hopeful. If anyone knows where to find a non-limited Narsha, please let me know.

    10. I received a reply from Hyon at Dollmore USA. From her response it seems that it may be easier to get a Narsha, but I'm still not clear on the availablity of the original regular edition. Hopefully Hyon doesn't mind me posting this-

      "Sometime this week, we will introduce new Narsha face as
      regular line. Scarlett Letter Narsha was a movie charactor &
      was very popular in Korea so she was introduced to many movie fans
      since they recognized the face.

      You can also always ask for custom make up as original looks.
      We should have more update about her very soon."

    11. I just ordered her from dollmore, and I should receive her by end of May. I had inquired and was very excited to purchase Narsha doll when she first came out, but I didn't have enough money at the time, and I wanted the one with the dress, but they didn't offer her with the dress at that time either. She is just perfect for me this time, and I was finally able to get her. I'll post pictures when she arrives! By the way, if you redo her eye brows and make it rather rounder and even, she won't look so sad.
    12. Oh good. I'm not too fond of the Scarlett letter doll but I like their other girls very much.
    13. I really like her, but $600 is just too steep. I hope the regular line comes out soon!
    14. she is cute though
    15. And now there's a blond girl too. They look really pretty.
    16. Wow, the blonde one's just beautiful!
    17. OE I like th one with the black hair..but >< I don't like the body!!

      But her eyes are so beautifull!!