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NASIA: What's up with her?

Jun 30, 2007

    1. I found Nasia on the Volks International site, (not the LA site) and there is a page with a link to order her. However, when I click the link all I ever get is the "sorry" page. Is she out of production or simply out of stock? Anyone know what's up?

      Thanks:D ...(I think I'm falling in love!)
    2. Technically Shinsiya, Misia, and Nasia were released Dolls Party 6 (9th December, 2001) in oldskin. Both sites have been selling the remaining stock as standard models

      Right now Nasia is sold out on both sites the only way to get that head is through FCS unless volks decides to release her as a standard pureskin model
    3. Hi
      You can occasionally find Nasia on Yahoo Japan.

      In FCS she is mold # F-11

      Check out Cassiel's excellent FCS website:

      You can only get an FCS if you actually physically go to a Volks store and order one. The closest is in LA, though of course they have them in Japan too. Info about the LA store (hours, location etc) can be found here: www.volksusa.com

      Good luck!
    4. Thank you all so much! After I recover from the Dolpas I think I may put a WTB in the marketplace. Yahoo Japan is still a bit of a mystery to me. Or.....perhaps they will re-release her one day. That would be heaven!

      And especially thanks to Raven for the mold and the link to Cassiel's site. I may actually do that!
    5. Thats exactly what happened to me. I saw her on the International page, looked her up over here. Saved about half the money, then decided to buy her and got the error page. It was really quite sad. I will have one someday, even if I have to do it through FCS. That kit is really tempting though. I just signed a lease to move however, I dont think I should be buying more dolly stuffs.