Natalia Loseva Dolls Discussion

May 20, 2016

    1. Hello everybody,

      Let's discuss about mini dolls made by artist Natalia Loseva.

      The dolls are amazing, looking natural and realistic and they have a singular beauty.
      The clothes and accessories are so cute!

      Natalia's work links:

      Flickr natalia loseva dolls
      Live Journal Мир живых кукол
      YouTube Natalia Loseva

      Ps. I don't found any thread about this. If already exist, I ask apology :(
      If you know more links, let us know too.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. Wow, I hadn't heard of these dolls before. They're stunning!
    3. Beautiful dolls!:love I've been admiring them on the artist's Flickr. What size are they? And where might we find prices? The Livejournal site still appeared only in Russian even after I clicked on English language.
    4. @vermont chick The dolls are around 38 cm.
      It seems to me, to know prices, make an order or ask questions, you should talk to Natalia by Facebook.
      She responds quickly on Flickr too.

      I do not know if the prices are customized, if vary in each order.
      I have the impression that she sells full package: faceup, body blushing, clothes and accessories. But that is just my doubts and speculations.

      Ps. Natalia has a profile here. Maybe you talk to her by PM.

      @Eiko82 I also met these dolls recently. I love them!
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    5. Nice to see a thread about these dolls! I've been watching her work for a while now.

      All of her dolls are OOAK. Pricing is $3,500.00 plus shipping. You can ask to join the mailing list if you're interested in purchasing one of her dolls. They are sold only as fullest set.

      For anyone interested, I'd recommend joining her email list. Hope this helps.
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    6. @mdonline03 These informations helps a lot!
      But I have a question.
      What is OOAK indeed? The set is OOAK (in each order the coomposition is different). Or the doll face is OOAK (the artist makes a different face for each order)?
    7. Thank you, @PriscilaVi. I'll try to reach her via PM. I'm not on Facebook.

      I hope you meant to write $350.00. The other price is more than I paid for my first car!
    8. @vermont chick I was scared too! hahahaha

      But I think these dolls cost U$3.500,00 indeed. If they are OOAK... I think it is possible.
      Converting to my currency (BRL), it will cost around R$12.500, a small fortune. It is also enough to buy a car here :lol:
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    9. I confirmed that it is indeed $3500.00 for the fullset. :aeyepop:
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    10. Ouch! :ablink:I'll have to admire them from afar.
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    11. Natalia posted a new doll on Flickr, Serge.

      He is so beautiful! I love <3
    12. Yes,her dolls are wonderful,but i don't the price.$3500 is reasonable for a full set.
    13. Ivan and Serge

      I love the wigs made by her!

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    14. Wow! This dolls are so beautiful and real! Russian artists are very talent, great job!
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    15. Oh wow... they're truly gorgeous and I'm sure they have their market, but at that price it's truly a "display it in a glass case in the gallery wing of your enormous mansion because you are insanely rich" kind of purchase, heh. By which I mean, it's more of an art doll, versus a hobby doll.

      Very inspiring to look at though! :)
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    16. I think these dolls are truly works of art, though if I had a chance to buy, I would play a lot with them. I think that when something is expensive you have to enjoy a lot to be worth it.

      I would pose them a lot. They must be great to pose and photograph, because they are small and light.
      The most difficult should be sew for them, but nothing that it can not achieve with a few tries.

      I think these dolls would be large in a 1/6 diorama, but still I would like to try one day.

      It's been a long time since I would to get some dioramas, but I have not decide if will be 1/6 or 1/12, it will depend very much if I will find the right doll. Particularly, charmed me a lot Fleur from Rose Garden (1/12).
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    17. Wow, she is stunning. Can you change the eyes and wig on these dolls?
    18. thank you!
      Yes! The eyes and the wig can be changed.
    19. just found these beautifull dolls on google. fab. very beautiful and unique
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