New Company NB-Conception/ Multiverse Doll : BJD Roller Trucks

Apr 28, 2021

    1. :aheartbea
      I am soo happy to announce the creation of " Multiverse Doll" in collaboration with the company NB-Conception.
      "Multiverse doll" offers accessories for BJD and other dolls, designed by Alixir for the pleasure of the hobby!

      The final co-working design is manufactured and sold only by the French artisan company "NB Conception" (3D resin or PLA printing, wood, fabrics).

      The first accessories available for sale are Roller skates trucks (Rollerblades trucks) to customize your existing BJD shoes.
      :goldstar 2 styles trucks : "Classic" or "Street"
      :goldstar 13 colors and more soon for kawaii, steampunk, casual and more !
      :goldstar More Sizes : 1/6 P/B , 1/6 , 1/4 , 1/3 uncle and special possible for more doll!

      Products are currently available to order.
      Why no stock? To respond in a reasoned way and allow you a personalized, unique choice for your doll !:3nodding:

      alixir SD17_rollers_patins_zoom.jpg alixir_bjd_msd_roller_skates_glow_dark_zoom_simple.jpg Alixir_yosd_rollers_patins_chaussures-antique-vintage.jpg alixir_MSD_bjd_rollers_patins_zoom_vert.jpg alixir-SD17_rollers_patins_cote.jpg alixir_bjd_msd_roller_skates_glow_dark_zoom (1).jpg Alixir-blythe_Pullip_rollers_patins_rose_zoom.jpg alixir_gamme1_doll_bjd_roller-skates.jpg

      Some colors available, more soon!

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    2. How do they attach to shoes?
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    3. I love the idea of them.
      Can you consider adding a size between 1/4 and 1/3 uncle?
      1/3 for around 60cm dolls would be great.
      And I am also interested in how they attach to the shoes :)
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    4. @Pyoko I believe “special” covers custom sizes.
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    5. * Fixing possible by you with double-sided tape ( All the presentation photos were made without problem and we were able to easily remove the shoes and roller scotch tape.after 2 weeks) , fixing paste or hot glue, to be removable. (Not provided
      except as a gift if we have any).:)

      We do not have an SD doll and shoes which did not allow us to make a prototype.
      We will try if the concept pleases to offer some but as there is SD girl, SD boy, SD13, SD16 so we are currently propose"special size (and 1-2-3 colors)" order. Just tell us the desired length from the sole of the shoe.
      We had feedback from a person who ordered the 1/4 size and it looks good on her SmartDoll (– Length of the steel sole 1/4 MSD girl = 5.7cm~)


      Thanks for your interest!:aheartbea
    6. @Alixir
      Smartdolls are actually the dolls I want the skates for xD
      Perfect to know the 1/4 will work well.
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