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NDLC - Elysium

Mar 13, 2007

    1. Shion




      Hello. Everybody~

      We introduce the Elysium - Shion, Elia, Shain, Elshy

      Have a lot of interests and loves to our dolls.

      Thank you so much!


    2. They are lovely!

      Are they gonna be available without the outfit, so only a basic doll?
    3. Aren't they just Elfdoll dolls with custom face-ups and outfits? :3 So surely taking away the outfits would just leave you with the Elfdoll basic line.
    4. She's the Soah. ^_^ She's quite purdy in dark make-up.

      So as to make this less chatty:


      A standard Elfdoll boy with a face-up is $545, and a girl is $525. The sets price in at $750 for each of the dolls. They don't include shoes... but those outfits are miiiighty shiny.